On January 2nd, we met Ms Liu from Jiang-xi province. At that time, she seemed not recognizable. She had a big red swelling ball on her forehead. Her two eye-rims were also swollen. One of her eyes had congestion. Her face had many bruises. After Ms Liu took off her pants, we found that her two thighs were black and purple in an area bigger than two palms. Her shanks and kneels were full of black and purple spots. Ms Liu told us her experience in Beijing.

On the morning of December 22, seven of us practitioners from Jiang-xi province came to the Tiananmen Square. At about 10am, another two practitioners and I started to practice Falun Gong exercises. In only a few seconds, the police rushed over to arrest us. The police officers started to beat us and search us as soon as we were pushed onto the police van. They ordered us to take off our clothes and they also bumped our heads against the windows. Meanwhile, they pulled down the window curtains to avoid "bad effects" (e.g., their violence being caught by foreign journalists).

We arrived at the Tiananmen Square police station before we put on our clothes. The police started to interrogate us one by one and asked us where we came from. A practitioner said that he came from the universe. When the police officers asked me, I refused to tell them where I came from. They thus ordered seven of us who refused to tell them where we came from to stand facing the wall and then bumped our heads against the wall. Later the police officers ordered us to lift up our heels and stand on the tiptoes. After that, the police put a photo of Teacher Li Hongzhi under my heel. At that moment, I felt very calm and I kept standing on my tiptoes to avoid stepping on the picture of Teacher Li Hongzhi. I didn't know how long it had passed before some practitioners took off the photo under my heel. Then I stepped down to have a rest. Later the police ordered us to "fly" with our bodies bent down and hands rising up from back to punish us physically. The police officers said that I was young and should raise my two hands higher.

At 1:00am of December 23rd, a police officer named Zhao came in. As soon as he was told that I had not revealed where I came from, he gave me a heavy punch on my forehead. I smiled at him without any hatred or anger. When Zhao saw someone doing the mediation, he kicked his feet and legs until he could not maintain the lotus position. Zhao started to interrogate us at 2:00am. He ordered us to take off all our clothes except the underwear. Later I meditated on the ground with only a pant. After Zhao interrogated us for a while, he started to read "Hong Yin" (a collection of poems of Teacher Li Hongzhi). As he read he talked about his understanding, "I have read Zhuan Falun (the main text of Falun Dafa). You are all good people. I usually do not beat Falun Gong practitioners. I only beat criminals. I won't beat you for no reasons." After a while, he said, "Your teacher is using us police officers to upgrade your moral levels." At 3:00am, he went to sleep. I asked him, "You have not interrogated me. Haven't you claimed that you won't sleep until I am forced to reveal where I came from?" He said, "I am too tired. I need to go to sleep."

At 10:00am of December 23, many more practitioners were sent in. The police did not allow us to talk. If we talked, they would beat us using a stick. A lady in her 50s had her head beaten bleeding. The blood bled onto the ground. Some fellow practitioners immediately started to help her stop the bleeding using tissues. The blood soaked the tissues very quickly. I picked up two towels trying to stop her blood, but that still could not do. I thus shouted, "Where is the chief officer?" The police officers were shocked upon seeing this and dare not say a word. Then a fellow practitioner said, "We are all practitioners. We should endure the tribulations calmly." Later I used tissues to stop the bleeding. I walked in front of the police officers with bloody towels and they dared not to say a word. I told this suffering practitioner, "You are now okay after enduring this tribulation. You are in a very good spirit."

On the afternoon of December 23, the police officers ordered a patient with mental illness and two other criminals who were detained for selling faked receipts to beat me. I smiled as they beat me with no hatred or anger. The police officers thus poured a bottle of water into my clothes when he saw me smiling. Later he ordered us to do the "flying". This time it was the reverse "flying" with head downward pressing a pole and two hands pulling a pole, and two legs stretching out.

Later, I was interrogated again. I saw some practitioners being backhand cuffed (an extreme physical torture with one hand coming down from the shoulder and the other hand coming up from the lower back, and the two hands handcuffed together). I knew they were going to do the same to me. After they handcuffed me in the same way, they also plugged a bottle into my handcuffs to make them tight. However after a while, the bottle dropped down. The police officers also beat our hands. I counted the number when they beat other fellow practitioners. In general, each round consisted of 20 beatings.

On December 24, a police officer continued to interrogate me, and asked "Why do you all come to Beijing?" I said, "Because Falun Dafa was banned and defamed by the central authorities in Beijing." "Where are you going after you are freed tomorrow night?" I answered, "I take everywhere as my home." "Who beat your face? Are they police officers? "The police officer constantly asked me who had beaten my face. I said, "Never mind. I have no hatred towards anybody." The officer said, "Why can't I tell where you come from? Why don't you go home?" I said, "I will never go home before innocence is returned to Falun Dafa. I came here nobly and I will walk out nobly too." In the end, the police officer said, "Your wish has been fulfilled; your goal has been achieved. Now you can go."

January 3, 2000