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My Amazing Experience of Recovering from Epilepsy

Feb. 7, 2024 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996, and I improved quickly within my group cultivation environment. Every day, I joined group exercises and group study, and life was fulfilling. Recalling those days, I always feel so joyful.

The miraculous experiences of eliminating karma at the early stage of my cultivation remains engraved upon my heart. They touched me deeply and I can never forget them. They serve as a testimony of how great Dafa is and always motivate me to do better in my cultivation practice. Master once described how difficult it is for a person to find Dafa and practice it. It may appear as a coincidence in this lifetime. But in reality, one may have been preparing for this through many life cycles and enduring lots of tribulations. We should indeed cherish it.

When I first read Falun Gong, my excitement was beyond words. Besides reading Dafa books in earnest, I also spent lots of time memorizing Dafa teachings. In addition, I joined other practitioners for group study and group exercises every day. However, it is not easy for a human being to cultivate considering the huge karmic debt we all carry.

One night in 1997, while asleep I seemed to find myself lying on the floor. There was deathly silence around me; in the distance, someone was talking, checking my pulse, and taking my blood pressure... A person in a white coat said softly, “It’s okay, it is epilepsy; he will be fine shortly.” A vague sense of consciousness left me again.

It was already the next morning when I woke up. I was still lying on the floor under the covers. Looking at the ceiling, I couldn’t recall what had happened the night before. My family told me that after I came home from work, I suddenly passed out on the floor without any warning. They called an ambulance and a doctor concluded that I had epilepsy. What? Epilepsy? The news crushed me.

What’s epilepsy? Thinking back to what I saw as a child: someone lying on the ground, covered in dirt; one’s whole body twitching and shaking into a ball. The misery of the condition was hair-raising and spine-chilling. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I could have such disease karma.

The harsh reality of the situation suddenly reminded me of some physical abnormalities that I had noticed. When linked together, they formed a clear explanation. A few years before that, my left hand started shaking inexplicably, and I couldn’t control it. I even used my right hand to hold it down hard, trying to stop it from moving, but to no avail. I just couldn’t control it. But after several seconds, it returned to normal as if nothing had ever happened.

I did not understand what was happening and it felt very strange. Since everything appeared to be normal afterward, I simply dismissed it. This continued to occur just once every few months or so. I got used to it and didn’t take it seriously as time passed. Now, I finally understood this was a sign of epilepsy!

Facing the brutal reality, I had nowhere to hide and just had to endure it. I began repeatedly studying Master’s Dafa teachings regarding sickness karma. When one lives in the mundane world without the restraint of one’s heart for the sake of fame, profit, and sentimentality, one could compete, cheat, harm, and hurt others. How can one not generate karma?

Nothing happens by chance; I had no one to blame. I had to pay for whatever karma I had generated over past lives. Being able to practice Falun Dafa in this life is truly a blessing despite those misfortunes. My only way out was to seize the moment to study the Dafa teachings and do the exercises.

There are several types of epilepsy, which is a brain condition with many different causes, symptoms, and treatments. Since the cause of the disease arises in the brain, it is challenging to cure. Most of the time, it stays with a person for the rest of his or her life.

The initial shaking of the limbs did not bother me too much. As the disease progressed, however, the shaking of the limbs intensified. The shaking became more violent in nature and the duration considerably more prolonged.

Even so, as my study of Dafa teachings deepened and my faith in Dafa increased, epilepsy did not burden my mind. During those years of eliminating karma, it did not affect my daily work, group study, or the exercises. The other practitioners did not notice that I had such sickness karma.

Strangely enough, whenever a seizure occurred, it always happened after work, in the middle of the night, or over the weekend. I remember one time, just as I was about to teach a technology class, I suddenly felt that my sickness karma was about to attack. I quickly hid in a corner where no one was around. After a minute or two, I went to lecture as usual.

Sometimes, when I felt that I was about to have a seizure late at night, I would quickly hide in the bathroom so I wouldn't disturb my family members--I tried not to let them see me in such a miserable state. But the sickness karma had its course; strong rhythmic spasms caused a great deal of pain. But the worst pain is the mental distress one experiences as a result of losing control of their body.

I clearly remember the worst and final seizure episode I ever experienced. It was late one night in 2002, when I was feeling bad and about to have another seizure. I rushed to lock myself in the bathroom so as not to disturb my family. When the seizure started, the right side of my body began to spasm rhythmically and gradually expanded to the upper body. Each time it became more powerful and violent, and soon spread throughout my whole body.

I subconsciously tried desperately to keep my body balanced so that I would not fall down. The violent spasming of my upper body disrupted my breathing; I was gasping for air, feeling like I was choking and suffocating, and close to death. The only remaining thought was that this seizure was eliminating sickness karma and I would be all right.

Right at that moment, something unexpected happened: Just after that thought, all the trembling in my whole body came to an abrupt halt and the sickness karma suddenly disappeared, leaving a feeling of relaxation throughout my entire body. My tensed body slowly relaxed like a deflated balloon and I could finally take a deep breath.

An unprecedented sense of excitement as if returning from the dead came over me. I could hardly believe it myself: Was this the end? The end of the sickness karma? So surprising! Immediately, the joy of overcoming the karma and gratitude to Master filled my whole being.

My understanding was correct and I did pass the tribulation! It has been 20 years and I have had no more epileptic seizures. Whenever I recall my experiences, it touches my heart because it’s so amazing and unbelievable!

Falun Dafa enlightened me about the sickness karma and gave me the courage to defeat it, allowing me to eliminate my fear with righteous thoughts during the process. My gratitude to Master is beyond words.

Thank you, Master Li!