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Elderly Liaoning Woman Incapacitated After Police Raid Her Home for Practicing Falun Gong

Feb. 6, 2024 |   By a Minghui correspondent in Liaoning Province, China

(Minghui.org) Ms. Zhang Ruixia became healthy after she took up Falun Gong 26 years ago, but she is now suffering from stroke symptoms and is incapacitated after the police confiscated all her Falun Gong books in November 2023 and refused to return them.

Falun Gong is a mind-body practice based on the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and many people experienced significant health improvement through practicing. Ms. Zhang, an elderly resident of Qingyuan County, Liaoning Province, is one such example. She was widowed at 33, when her younger daughter was still a pre-teen. She struggled to raise her two daughters and developed many health problems. All her symptoms disappeared after she took up Falun Gong at the end of 1997.

The Chinese Communist Party, however, launched a nationwide campaign against the spiritual discipline in July 1999, out of fear of the practice’s increasing popularity. Ms. Zhang felt compelled to tell people that Falun Gong was nothing like what’s depicted in the communist regime’s hate propaganda. She thus became a target for persecution and was monitored by the authorities.

Her latest ordeal stemmed from a simple act of hers on November 15, 2023, when she distributed three calendars which contained Falun Gong information. Hours later, two policewomen from the Henan Police Station, as well as a community worker surnamed Zhao, showed up at her door. They ordered her to go to the police station. She refused to comply as she did not break any law.

The two policewomen then called in about five or six male officers, who forcibly took Ms. Zhang to the police station. They ordered her to sign a form which stated that she “disturbed social order.” When she demanded to know the reason they came to her home, the police said a community worker recorded her distributing the aforementioned calendars and then reported her.

Ms. Zhang refused to sign the form and the police did not insist. They then offered to give her a ride home. She declined and took a taxi to see one of her daughters. After staying there for a while, she returned to her own home, accompanied by her daughter.

Unbeknownst to Ms. Zhang, the police followed her to her daughter’s home and then back to her home. As soon as her daughter was ready to leave and stepped outside, she saw about six or seven officers, including chief He Dongyang and deputy chief Zhang Minghui from the Henan Police Station, their subordinates Wu Donghan and Zhao Xincheng, as well as a few officers from the Qingyuan County Domestic Security Office.

The police said only two of them would enter the home and take a look. Ms. Zhang’s daughter believed them and opened the door. They all barged in and raided her mother’s home.

The police searched everywhere and everything, including a small chest of drawers. At one point, Ms. Zhang’s daughter yelled for them to stop but they ignored her.

Knowing how Ms. Zhang restored health through practicing Falun Gong, her daughter implored the police to spare at least a copy of Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Gong. The police refused to listen and confiscated all of Ms. Zhang’s Falun Gong books, as well as her laptop and the music player she used to do Falun Gong exercises.

With no Falun Gong books to read and no music player to do the exercises, Ms. Zhang felt empty and sad. She went to the police station days later to seek the return of her confiscated items. Chief He refused to return anything.

Ms. Zhang has no appetite and her blood pressure shot up. She began having trouble using her right hand and arm and struggled to stand up. She had to be hospitalized and the doctors said she had a stroke. Her condition did not improve despite treatments. After she was discharged from the hospital, her daughters had to take time off work to take care of her around the clock.