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Falun Dafa Cures My Son’s 10-year Internet Addiction and Depression

Jan. 22, 2024 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Young people in today’s world are fallible due to distractions on the internet, addicting them to social media and computer games. 

My son started to play online games in junior high and continued throughout high school. Playing online games did not seem to affect his academic performance and he was eventually admitted to a well-known university in China after high school. Therefore, we did not take his addiction seriously.

But soon after he started college, my son’s addiction to online games worsened. He played games day and night and never went to his classes. 

My husband and I had no idea about this situation until one day he suddenly came home with all of his belongings. He told us that he’d missed too many classes and had to drop out. He even said that going to college was meaningless. 

I felt as if I’d just been struck by a lightning bolt, and I could not believe it was real! 

Addiction to Online Games Led to Depression

My son was a completely different from the past—he was emotionally down and his eyes were lifeless. He hardly spoke and often stayed alone in his room. When he had to talk to us, he was very impatient and easily agitated. He avoided eye contact and refused to go out so he wouldn’t have to socialize. He lost a tremendous amount of weight, and his back became hunched. 

My husband and I planned to have him take the college entrance exams the following year, so we bought review materials, but he just couldn't concentrate. He continued to play games whenever we weren’t watching. Although he knew what he was doing was harmful, he couldn’t stop—it as if he was possessed by something. He told us that it seemed as if he was living in darkness and that everything disgusted him. 

Letting Go of All Human Emotions

My son had always been a good student from elementary school through high school. I basically didn’t need to worry about his grades at all. It was extremely painful for me to see what had become of him, and I really couldn’t accept it. 

I often wept by myself and couldn’t eat or sleep. During those days, I truly felt heart-wrenching pain. Then one day I suddenly remembered, “I am a Dafa disciple, and Dafa can help him!”

Having been taught the theory of evolution and to be an atheist from the time he was a child, not to mention the other CCP (Chinese Communist Party) propaganda he’d swallowed, my husband strongly opposed my practicing Dafa. As soon as I told him about helping our son with Dafa, he got furious and said that our boy had ended up like this because I practiced Dafa. My son denied it, but due to my husband's negativity about Dafa and his dominance in our household, my son was unwilling to know more about Dafa.

Unfortunately, after staying home for over a year, my son only got worse. My husband tried all kinds of ways to help him out of his depression but to no avail. I went to hospitals seeking help from psychiatrists and tried all kinds of conventional methods, but there was no improvement. My husband sighed hopelessly, “The child is a waste. His life is ruined.”

Gradually I realized my problem—being a Dafa disciple, I must rectify myself in the Fa. Looking within, I asked myself why I encountered such a big tribulation despite my rapid progress in cultivation and in helping people understand the goodness of Falun Dafa. Nothing happens by accident on the path of cultivation. I understood that it must be the old forces interfering—their goal was to destroy my will and interfere with my saving people and my cultivation. I had to completely negate the old forces’ arrangements. No matter how bad my son's condition appeared to be, it could not shake my determination to cultivate in Dafa. 

Everyone has his own destiny. My son was a Dafa disciple’s child, so Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, had already arranged his life’s path. I should take lightly the mother-son relationship in the human world, remove all my human emotions for him, and treat him as compassionately as I would treat any sentient being. With that enlightenment, I could feel my compassion arise and knew I just needed to do what I should do according to Dafa’s requirements. I felt relieved and my sadness faded away.

Only Dafa Could Save Him

After my thoughts were cleared up, other things changed. My husband said to me in desperation, “Please ask your people [Dafa practitioners] if they have any good ideas.” I told him that only Dafa could save our son. He agreed not to prevent me from helping our son learn Falun Dafa anymore. 

Master told us, 

“As a cultivator, your path of life will be changed from now on. My fashen will rearrange it for you.” “We regard cultivators as the most precious people, so we can only do things for cultivators.” (Lecture ThreeZhuan Falun) 

“The entire life of a practitioner has been rearranged. One’s palm reading, face reading, birth data, and all messages in one’s body are already different and have been changed. If you go to a fortune teller, you will believe him. Why else would you do it? What he can tell are some superficial things about your past. Yet their substance has already changed.” (Lecture SixZhuan Falun)

I recited these paragraphs to my son, telling him that only by practicing Dafa could he be saved. At first, he was very reluctant to watch the truth-clarification videos. I did not give up on him. No matter what he did, I continued to do my best in accordance with Dafa's requirements and was not moved by his emotions. It was very difficult and required tremendous patience and perseverance. 

Gradually he began to read truth-clarification materials. As time went by, he agreed to watch the videos with me. Deeply touched by the stories we watched, he commented sympathetically one day that people should know that Dafa disciples were being persecuted so badly. His attitude about Dafa was changing. 

He quickly learned to sit in the lotus position and could meditate for more than 20 minutes. We also began to read one lecture of Zhuan Falun each day. 

He’d injured his left shoulder in high school and it had hurt since then. While holding his arms up to do the second exercise one day, he could feel that the blood in his left shoulder was not flowing smoothly. After we had studied the Dafa teachings and practiced the exercises for six days, his back was straight and he told me that his left shoulder did not hurt anymore. He spoke to me calmly, and I saw confidence in his eyes. 

Within a few months, he gained over 30 pounds, almost back to his normal weight. He even picked up his books again to prepare for the college entrance exams. He talked with us more and started to smile again. He stopped playing online games, and the depression that had haunted him for years vanished. 

Master Removed My Son’s Karma

My son and I read Zhuan Falun and Master's other lectures together every day, and he studied for his college entrance exams the rest of time during the day. After more than two years of hard work, he was finally admitted to a prestigious university in a foreign country. He has now successfully completed his four-year undergraduate studies.

I know that it was Master who removed his karma, opened up his wisdom, and cleansed his body. He now knows what the goal of life is. This formerly arrogant, selfish, and narrow-minded child has become a humble, open-minded, and responsible young man.

My son was addicted to the internet for ten years and depressed for three. No conventional remedies could cure him, but practicing Dafa completely eradicated his addiction and depression. It would not have been possible had he not decided to practice Falun Dafa and truly cultivate himself. We are sincerely grateful for Master’s compassionate protection!