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Cultivation Enlightenment: The Power of Kindness

June 13, 2023 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Experiencing illness karma is not something practitioners choose to do, and they need the kindness, support, and righteous thoughts of their fellow cultivators. Please treat your fellow practitioners kindly using the compassion cultivated from Dafa instead of ordinary people’s thinking.

A family of three practitioners were arrested in 2020 after they were spotted distributing truth-clarification materials in an apartment building surveillance video. I decided to write a letter to the director of the police substation to rescue them.

The father in that family had been sentenced to 12 years in prison for his belief in Dafa, and the rest of the family had a difficult time for many years. But the wife started practicing Dafa during that period of time. The director of the police substation who ordered the arrest of the father was a classmate of mine. She was promoted to deputy director of a district police station and continued to persecute Dafa practitioners until she ended up in jail herself for corruption.

I had compassion for the current director of that police substation and for the practitioner family who had suffered so much over all these years. I put myself into the letter I was writing and I was in tears many times. I finished writing it around midnight.

The following day, I heard that the family had been released so I didn’t send my letter. Although my letter was not sent, I had a sense of heartfelt relief that I’d written it. I think this was the power of kindness and righteous thoughts.

In another instance many years ago, a mother practitioner was imprisoned, and the grandmother had to take care of her two granddaughters. However, people from the local police substation often harassed them. I didn’t know that family well, but I couldn’t allow the authorities to continue to harass them so I decided to write an article to expose their evil deeds. I searched for the names of those responsible and enumerated what they had done. When the authorities stopped harassing them, I stopped writing the unfinished article and never told anyone about it. But I know that I had played my part.

Two days ago, I called a practitioner who was taking care of a grandmother practitioner experiencing sickness karma. I was told that the grandmother might only have a few more days to live, because she could only drink a little milk and couldn’t speak.

I was saddened. The grandmother practitioner had a tumor in her abdomen for years. She tried to study the Fa and do the exercises more to eliminate the tumor, but it continued to grow. Recently, her daughter, also a practitioner and a medical doctor, took her to a hospital to remove the tumor. After the surgery, she refused chemotherapy and rejected painkillers. She wanted fellow practitioners to study the Fa with her, because she had severe pain and couldn’t study the Fa alone.

Some practitioners didn’t want to be with her and they complained that she took medicine and carried a drainage bag.

Her daughter said that she was a very diligent practitioner who clarified the truth well and was able to memorize the Fa. The daughter also admired her mother’s ability to clarify the truth and said that she often could explain things to a stranger in a few words and help the person quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

I am very aware of the suffering of this fellow practitioner, because I have also been suffering from illness karma for many years, and I have not overcome it yet. I know very well that the evil uses this method to consume my willpower and attack me when my righteous thoughts are insufficient. I know the psychological pressure of failing to pass the test for a long time, failing to improve, failing to validate the Fa, and the pressure of the family environment. The physical and mental pain is beyond words.

I firmly believe that I am a Dafa disciple, and I must completely deny the sickness karma, strengthen my righteous thoughts, and cultivate myself at all times. I also very much hope that fellow practitioners will study the Fa with me more and send forth righteous thoughts with me.

To help fellow practitioners, one must first firmly believe in Dafa and Master. Only when a practitioner-in-need and the helper are both on the Fa can the pair work together to eradicate the evil.

The above is only my personal understanding.