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Fifteen Falun Dafa Practitioners Tortured in Shijiazhuang City’s Second Detention Center

June 11, 2023 |   By a Minghui correspondent in Hebei Province, China

(Minghui.org) Shijiazhuang City Second Detention Center in Hebei Province, located in the city’s Zhaosanjie Village, has been one of the most aggressive places in the persecution of Falun Dafa since the persecution began in July 1999. Currently, 15 female practitioners remain detained in the facility. Because the authorities often deny practitioners family visits, their lawyers and family members know little about the torture they are suffering inside. 

Among the 15 practitioners, seven are from Shijiazhuang City, and include Ms. Wang Bingcheng, Ms. Liu Peng, Ms. Liang Yening, Ms. Pu Xingchi, Ms. Liu Shunzhi, Ms. Hu Yuexia (in her 60s), and Ms. Wu Xiumian (73). 

Another seven practitioners are from Shenze County, and include Ms. He Hongyan, Ms. Liu Xiaomiao (76), Ms. Liu Yuru, Ms. Jiao Yaqin, Ms. Ma Tongxin (79), Ms. Tian Xuan, Ms. Yuan Wenge (77). 

One of the practitioners, Ms. Wang Guili (74), is from Xinji City. 

Seven Practitioners from Shijiazhuang City 

1. The police arrested Ms. Liu Peng and her daughter Ms. Wang Bingcheng on October 9, 2021 after monitoring them for over six months. They were locked in the Tangu Police Station for a month and transferred to the Shijiazhuang City Second Detention Center on November 5. Their arrests were officially approved and the hearing was held on April 13, 2023 at the Qiaoxi District Court. So far, the two have been illegally detained for a year and seven months. 

2. The police arrested Ms. Liang Yening and her husband Mr. Zhang Linyu from their rental place on January 23, 2022. That same day, the police arrested Ms. Pu Xingchi from her home in Qiaoxi District, and Ms. Liu Shunzhi’s family of four. Ms. Liang’s husband and Ms. Liu’s three family members were later released. 

The Qiaoxi District Court held a hearing on the cases of Ms. Liang, Ms. Liu and Ms. Pu on February 24, 2023. 

3. Officers from the Shangzhuang Town Police Station arrested Ms. Hu Yaoxia when she went to the town’s market to talk to people about Falun Dafa and the persecution on May 18, 2022. The police confiscated her Falun Dafa literature and used them as prosecution evidence against her. Her case was transferred to the Qiaoxi District Procuratorate on August 28, 2022 and heard at the Qiaoxi District Court on February 14, 2023. It’s been a year and a month since she’s been detained. 

4. After the persecution started, the authorities have many times harassed Ms. Wu Xiumian and ransacked her home in Gaocheng District. She was forced to leave home to avoid the persecution. The police arrested her when they saw her handing out Falun Dafa fliers in January 2022. They arbitrarily gave her six months of house arrest. 

Days before her house arrest ended, the authorities ordered Ms. Wu to go to the Kaifa District Police Department in June 2022. Fearing further persecution, she lived away from home, only to be arrested on July 2. It has been 11 months since Ms. Wu was taken to the detention center.

Seven Practitioners from Shenze County 

1. The police arrested more than 10 practitioners in Shenze County in the middle of the night on January 10, 2022, including two who were over 70 years old. The police put black bags over the practitioners’ heads and took them to a hotel in Jinzhou City to interrogate them. Six of the practitioners were transferred to the Shijiazhuang City Second Detention Center on January 27. They are Ms. He Hongyan, Ms. Liu Xiaomiao, Ms. Liu Yuru, Ms. Jiao Yaqin, Ms. Ma Tongxin, and Ms. Tian Xuan. It’s been a year and five months since they’ve been detained. 

The police submitted the practitioners’ cases to the Jinzhou City Procuratorate on May 5, 2022 and they appeared in the Jinzhou City Court on April 4, 2023. Their families were not allowed in the courtroom, and the verdicts have not yet been announced. 

Ms. Liu Xiaomiao, 76, was kept in the Jinzhou Hotel for 17 days. She had to wear handcuffs and a black bag over her head, and sit and sleep on the floor the entire time. This put tremendous physical and mental pressure on her. She could not eat, and got ill. She nearly died a few times and was rushed to the Shijiazhuang 2nd Hospital for emergency treatment. 

Ms. Liu was extremely nearsighted, and she did not have her glasses with her after the arrest. Her family delivered her glasses a month later. The police kept coming to the detention center and ordered her to sign statements to renounce her faith. Her health worsened and she was hospitalized several times. When the detention center authorities demanded that the police take her back because of her poor health, the police refused to do so. 

Another elderly practitioner, Ms. Ma Tongxin, was carried out of her home during the arrest. About eight officers from the Shenze County Police Department scaled her fence and broke into her home at midnight. She had to wear a black bag over her head for 14 days at the Jinzhou Hotel before being transferred to the detention center. 

2. Three officers from the Baizhuang Township Police Station broke into Ms. Yuan Wenge’s home on December 23, 2021 and arrested her. That same day, the police had her husband sign her detention notice. Her case was heard on March 28, 2023 by the Jinzhou City Court. The verdict has not been announced. 

In the past 24 years of persecution Ms. Yuan has been detained three times, tortured in a brainwashing center once, and extorted for 1,900 yuan. 

One Practitioner from Xinji City 

Ms. Wang Guili was arrested by officers from the Shifujie Police Station while handing out Falun Dafa fliers on November 6, 2021. She was released on bail shortly after. The police arrested her again on November 6, 2022 and took her to the detention center when her one-year bail condition expired. Although she was released shortly after, she was arrested a few months later on February 15, 2023 and sent to the detention center the next day. The Xinji City Procuratorate approved her arrest on March 1. 

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