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Shen Yun Launches Taiwan Tour with Sold-out Performances in Miaoli: “They Shoulder a Divine Mission”

Feb. 28, 2023 |   By Minghui correspondents Sun Bai and Su Rong

(Minghui.org) Shen Yun World Company headed to Taiwan from South Korea to continue its Asian tour. Shen Yun presented four sold-out performances in the Taiwanese county of Miaoli from February 24–26, 2023.

Shen Yun is scheduled to present 32 performances in five Taiwanese cities from February 24 to April 2: Miaoli, Kaohsiung, Tainan, Changhua, and Taipei. Tickets are in high demand, as tickets for the Miaoli performances were sold out by early February and a number of the upcoming performances have also been sold out. 

Nearly 70 senior officials and elected officials from central and local governments, including president of the Legislative Yuan, You Si-kun, and president of the Examination Yuan, Huang Jong-tsun, sent their greetings to welcome Shen Yun’s fifteenth visit to Taiwan. 

Shen Yun World Company arrived at Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport on February 20, and was warmly welcomed by over 70 fans with flowers, banners, applause, and cheers. (The Epoch Times)

Chia-Chi Lin, conductor of the Shen Yun World Company (The Epoch Times)

“Very happy to return to Taiwan again. Because Taiwan is my hometown, I’m especially excited every time I return to Taiwan to perform!... We’re very happy that we’re able to bring a brand-new program to audiences every year, and that it has five thousand years of culture as the background. I hope the audiences like every one of our programs,” said Chia-Chi Lin, Shen Yun World Company’s conductor and a native of Taiwan.

“I’m pretty happy and also excited, since this is my hometown... Traditional Chinese culture in recent times has been completely destroyed by the communist party. Shen Yun’s mission is to revive the almost-lost traditional Chinese culture. We hope that Shen Yun performance can help people find their own roots back,” said Jason Pan, a principal dancer with Shen Yun and also a native of Taiwan. 

Shen Yun World Company’s curtain call at the Miaobei Art Center in Miaoli, Taiwan, on February 24. The company presented four sold-out performances in Miaoli February 24–26. (The Epoch Times)

“A Perfect and Outstanding Performance”

Dr. Hsieh Chi-Wen (Heart Man), 2022-23 District Governor of District 3501 of Rotary International and president of Hweymin United Clinic Center, and his wife at the Shen Yun performance in Miaoli on February 25 (The Epoch Times)

Dr. Hsieh Chi-Wen (Heart Man), the 2022-23 District Governor of District 3501 of Rotary International and the president of Hweymin United Clinic Center, and his wife saw Shen Yun in Miaoli on February 25.

“I’ve been admiring it for a long time. During these three years, I had wanted to buy tickets to come see it but the performances were canceled due to the pandemic. This time I grasped the opportunity to come,” Dr. Hsieh said.

“I very much respect and appreciate the creator, producer, and all the team members behind the scene. 

“A perfect and harmonious artistic performance... Shen Yun’s program portrayed the essence of traditional Chinese culture, and presented it through dance. In this program, it included three of the four classic novels of China: Outlaws of the MarshRomance of the Three Kingdoms, and Journey to the West... The program is rich and perfect. 

“The cooperation between the live stage performance and high-tech animated backdrop was truly seamless. Very clever and creative. Really left me in awe.

“This kind of artistic inheritance needs strong support and promotion. This is a perfect and outstanding performance. I hope to have the chance to enjoy it again in the future. I will pass on to my friends in my circle that ‘Shen Yun is such a great show and you have to come see it.’” he said. 

“A Calm, Warming Performance in This Tumultuous World”

Award-winning singer Ric Huang at the Shen Yun performance in Miaoli on February 24 (The Epoch Times)

Award-winning singer Ric Huang saw Shen Yun in Miaoli on February 24.

“It may be just a small movement, but every moment is not as easy as it may seem... All these dancers are performing together, and all their movements are synchronized and perfect. It was really stunning!” said Mr. Huang. 

“There are unique details in every part, and there’s always a different story being told... You can gain a lot from watching this performance,” he said. 

Mr. Huang, who is an influential musician in Taiwan, said that Shen Yun’s music has given him a lot of inspiration.

“The performance was very inspiring, especially the 3D animated backdrop and the mix of Western and Eastern instruments. To combine these elements with dance is very creative,” he said. 

“The beauty of Chinese culture can be seen in Shen Yun’s performance... There are modern elements in it too, which are interwoven with stories from ancient China. Shen Yun presents the beauty of Chinese culture, as well as the connection and emotional ties between one human being and another.

“This is a calm, warming performance in this tumultuous world. Chinese people overseas will be touched by this performance!” he said. 

Shen Yun’s songs that were performed in the traditional bel canto style also left a deep impression on Mr. Huang.

“The songs are capable of spreading many different messages. I’m sure everyone was moved by the messages presented throughout the performance,” he said. 

“Everyone needs to see this performance for themselves... There are many emotions I feel that are indescribable,” Mr. Huang said. 

Regarding the fact that Shen Yun cannot be seen in China, Mr. Huang thought this was extremely regrettable but said hopefully, “We will do our best to promote it, and perhaps one day, everyone will be able to see such a spectacular performance!”

“This is a very touching, very breathtaking, very profound performance!” he said.

“I Am Very Fortunate”

Vietnamese jewelry designer LONG (right) and his brother at the Shen Yun performance in Miaoli on February 24 (The Epoch Times)

Vietnamese jewelry designer LONG and his brother saw Shen Yun in Miaoli on February 24. He flew from Vietnam to Taiwan to see Shen Yun. He had seen Shen Yun in Canada once when he was 15, and was very touched after seeing it again.

“I think I am very fortunate... I am deeply touched,” said LONG. 

LONG said he was moved to tears by the faith of Falun Dafa practitioners presented on stage. 

“Humankind needs faith and religion to live righteously... This performance is the best way for the world to learn the truth about Falun Dafa. The traditional culture, dance, and meaning behind the story come together perfectly.” LONG said.

“People need to be united, and a righteous faith is the only way to unite humankind,” he said.

“They Shoulder a Divine Mission”

Dr. Chen Guo-shou, director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Wei Gong Memorial Hospital, at the Shen Yun performance in Miaoli on February 25 (The Epoch Times)

Dr. Chen Guo-shou, the director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Wei Gong Memorial Hospital, saw Shen Yun in Miaoli on February 25.

“Their skills amaze us! The most important is the smiles on their faces and that kind of beauty. It’s a sacred job and is completely different from regular performers, because it is a divine job,” Dr. Chen said. 

“We can see that everything displayed was flawless and commendable! And these things make people feel that they’ve quietly worked hard on it and at this time when the pandemic eased up, they timely presented it and allowed people’s hearts to have something to rely and depend on. So I admire it immensely. 

“I can clearly see that it’s a disciplined group. They also shoulder a divine mission. They demonstrated their faith in their work and their work demonstrated it and allowed others to feel this radiance,” he said. 

“The Performance Touched My Heart”

Former dancer Liu Fang-chi at the Shen Yun performance in Miaoli on February 25 (The Epoch Times)

Former dancer Liu Fang-chi saw Shen Yun in Miaoli on February 25 with several friends. 

“I just saw the performance and I’m so touched. The performance touched my heart... Shen Yun is a very high-level performing arts company,” Ms. Liu said. 

“Most dance troupes have more female dancers, but Shen Yun has many male dancers – their techniques and skills are superb, and their dance steps are lively and playful... Very appealing. It greatly resonates with and touches people.

“We often see some dances or ballet dances where there would be a very obvious female lead. Whether it’s the appearance, expression, or movements, it’s all eye-catching and (make audiences’) eyes follow her. But in Shen Yun, every performer is the lead and everyone is very outstanding. Every dancer is high-skilled. Everyone is very beautiful and has excellent character. It’s worth seeing over and over again,” she said. 

“It Truly Took My Breath Away”

Ho Chih-ning, influencer and head of Hsinchu City’s Puding Village, at the Shen Yun performance in Miaoli on February 24 (The Epoch Times)

Ho Chih-ning, a well-known influencer in Hsinchu and the head of Hsinchu City’s Puding Village, saw Shen Yun in Miaoli on February 24.

“It truly took my breath away... The music sounded so natural; it didn’t sound like it was forcibly trying to match the story, which really made it part of the story itself,” Ms. Ho said.

“That they have new choreography and new music every year shows how much heart they’ve put into it.

“I think we humans are like traditional culture—the kindness must be preserved and passed on. We must serve people with sincerity, and a lot of things must be tolerated and accepted with an open heart.

“Compared with other theatre performances, Shen Yun has balanced traditional culture with humor,” she said.

Ms. Ho recommended the performance for young people, “Come experience it for yourself at the theatre. This is a very great performance!”

Upcoming Performances

Shen Yun continues its 2023 tour with upcoming performances in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, February 28; Costa Mesa, California, February 28–March 5; Rockford, Illinois, March 1; Aix-En-Provence, France, February 28–March 1; Bydgoszcz, Poland, February 28; and Kaohsiung, Taiwan, February 28–March 2.