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Near Death Due to Torture in Prison, I Completely Recovered Through Practicing Falun Dafa

Nov. 28, 2023 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I was arrested in 2008 for distributing Falun Dafa informational materials, and later sentenced to seven years in prison. Since I refused to renounce Dafa, I was subjected to relentless torture which resulted in a critical state of health and risk of death. 

Initially the guards turned a blind eye to me. But after seeing that my condition kept deteriorating and I was indeed dying, they finally took me to the prison hospital. The prison doctor said they were unable to treat me and ordered the guards to take me to an outside hospital. My family was asked to cover my medical costs.

After examination and a review of the MRI report, the doctor at the external hospital was alarmed: “Why have you brought this woman here instead of the ER when she is in such critical condition? Prisoners are also human beings!” The guard asked, “What is going on, what is wrong with her?” “Her condition can cause paralysis in her upper body, affecting her limbs and breathing, and her life will immediately be in danger. She is extremely strong-minded, and the pain is excruciating; not many people can endure that,” the doctor said.

Not wanting to cover my medical costs or have me die in custody, the prison finally agreed to release me on medical parole three weeks later. By then, I had served two years and seven months in prison.

Upon returning home I resumed doing the Falun Dafa exercises and studying the Fa daily, despite the enormous pain. With Master’s protection, I slowly got better. It was a long and arduous process, but I made it. I didn’t die or become paralyzed, but recovered completely!

Many people who knew me and my condition were astonished and commended my amazing recovery as a miracle! I say that Dafa made the impossible possible.