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North American Practitioners Share Their Thoughts on Reading the 20th China Fahui Articles

Nov. 19, 2023 |   By a Minghui Correspondent in Toronto, Canada

(Minghui.org) The Minghui website published 34 articles for the 20th China Fahui between November 5 and 15, 2023. These simple, yet profound pieces shared touching stories of Falun Dafa practitioners in China. Many overseas practitioners were deeply moved by the articles. Some were moved to tears, and others recalled their days in China, while others were alerted to take their cultivation seriously.

Adhering to Dafa’s Standards Amidst Trials

Upon reading “The True Purpose of My Life,” young practitioner Cato deeply connected with it, as the author’s age and experiences mirrored his own.

Cato said, “My entire family practices Falun Dafa. During our time in China, police harassed us frequently at home, yet my parents remained calm and kind, and insisted on telling them the truth about Falun Dafa. Despite the persecution, our family stayed harmonious. Our life was challenging, but we didn’t feel the hardship.”

In the narrative, when the author’s husband yelled at her, she continuously reminded herself not to engage in arguments. There were numerous instances when she restrained herself despite her urge to talk back.

Cato said, “I used to argue with my sister frequently. I realized I needed to eliminate my attachments to competitiveness and resentment. I made a commitment not to argue back when she blamed me. At times, her words infuriated me. She often grew more agitated as she spoke, and I often left without finishing my meal. I felt that by restraining my temper, Master helped me eliminate a lot of resentful emotions. Gradually, I found my sister’s words weren’t as harsh. I even found some wisdom in her words. I later understood I shouldn’t be moved no matter what anyone says.”

The article “Falun Dafa Practitioner’s Words and Actions Touch People” also touched Cato. The author worked as a caregiver for an old couple whose son held the practitioner in high regard compared to himself and his siblings. The whole family supported Falun Gong because of the practitioner’s kindness.

The author stated, “I realized that we, as Dafa disciples, embody the truth. To save people, we must do well.”

Cato shared, “At work, my supervisor asked me to train a new coworker who was new to the country. Many other coworkers looked down on him because he didn’t comprehend many things. I taught him everything and guided him when he faced difficulties. My actions moved him deeply. When I advised him to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), he readily agreed.”

Rediscovering My Pure Heart

At one point, Peter, a student at the University of Toronto, felt unable to focus on cultivation, due to academic pressure. He could not focus when he read the Fa and started to slack off. After reading “From Rage to Compassion,” Peter re-examined his cultivation state and committed to studying the Fa with a pure heart.

In the article, the author recounts his attitude towards persecutors, from anger, to kindness and compassion. He felt sorry for the officers who persecuted him, and his compassion and righteousness touched some officers. As a result, the situations turned around many times.

Peter had a deeper understanding of the power of compassion and Dafa. “I recognized a gap in my cultivation. Despite daily Fa study, I found I failed to comprehend the Fa principles. I examined my true motives for Fa study, and realized that my foundation for studying the Fa was not pure. My seeming diligence stemmed from a desire for a purified and peaceful mind, hoping for improved academic performance and a smoother life.

“I understood that I should not intentionally seek anything beyond the Fa study itself. After rectifying my mindset, I felt my righteous thoughts strengthened. China Fahui offered practitioners like me, overwhelmed by life’s busyness, an opportunity to identify gaps and strengthen their righteous thoughts.”

Being Kind and Patient and Thinking of Others

Elaine, a Western practitioner, is a piano teacher. The title “From Rage to Compassion” immediately captured her attention, resonating with her own occasional experiences of being angry.

The author initially became angry when the police officers harassed him, so he argued with them. He realized his reaction wasn’t rational or wise. In addition, being angry destroyed Dafa disciples’ image of compassion and kindness. Over time, the author realized that not all police officers wanted to participate in the persecution. Some were pressured to do so to make a living. He started to treat the police officers he encountered with compassion. Upon learning the truth, many officers stopped persecuting practitioners.

Elaine said, “This article helped me find the root of my anger. Whenever I faced trouble, and expected support from family members but didn’t receive it, or situations where I felt taken advantage of, my anger was stirred. It’s challenging for me to remain calm and compassionate in these moments.”

Elaine said, “The article made me realize that losing control and fighting when things don’t go your way is counterproductive. It is only with kindness, patience, and a heart for others that we can deal with the issues well.”

Recollections of a Harsh Yet Meaningful Era

Lynn, a young practitioner, said she saw the remarkable resilience of practitioners in “My Experience as a Minghui Correspondent in the Early Years of the Persecution.”

The stories revealed the necessity of maintaining high moral standards at all times, and the obligation to talk to people about the truth of Falun Dafa. Lynn was moved by the arduous process of collecting, organizing, and verifying information amidst immense pressure to relay the truth about the persecution to the Minghui website.

Lynn was deeply touched when she read how practitioners risked their lives to break through Internet blockades. “I’ve always been hasty and restless when I worked for Dafa-related projects. I realized that truth-telling wasn’t just about completing tasks; it’s about fulfilling sacred vows.”

The article helped Lynn remove her fears and negative thoughts. One short story recounted what an elementary school student experienced after school: She returned to an empty home after his mother’s arrest. This triggered Lynn’s memories of her boarding school days, fearing for her family’s safety whenever the home phone went unanswered. These lingering fears and worries persisted for years.

Lynn said, “I endured immense pain due to these fears. My fellow practitioners’ stories made me realize that my struggles were nothing compared to what others endured.”

Lynn said she missed her days in China. She said, “Cultivation is really like rowing against the current, demanding unwavering dedication until the very end.” She now seizes every moment to cultivate herself.