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China Fahui | Assimilating to the Fa by Memorizing the Teachings

Nov. 16, 2023 |   By Ruyu, a Falun Dafa practitioner in Liaoning Province, China

(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa before the persecution began in July, 1999. I tried to memorize Zhuan Falun, but stopped at page 21. I later tried to memorize the book again, and I memorized pages 21 to 67, but stopped again. I started memorizing for the third time in 2017.

This time I had a firm thought: I want to bring every word of the Fa back to my heavenly world. Since I am shouldering the mission of saving sentient beings, when I memorize the Fa and assimilate to the Fa, the sentient beings in my heavenly world will also assimilate to Dafa. How wonderful it would be if I memorized the entire book!

I had this wish, but it was not easy to do.

The other practitioners and I checked with each other before our weekly group Fa study meetings to see if we memorized accurately. Each week I memorized three to six pages. Although I recited the Fa well at home, in front of the others, I was nervous and often recited incorrectly or got stuck.

In order to better memorize the Fa and completely assimilate to the Fa, I recited the Fa whenever I had a chance—when I walked or rode the bus, and on my way to and from clarifying the truth to people.

When our Fa study group switched to reading Zhuan Falun I continued memorizing on my own. It took me three years to recite Zhuan Falun once.

I found that the key to memorizing the Fa is persistence. No matter how much or how little, I recited the Fa every day. The key is to truly learn the Fa. After I memorize one paragraph, I copy it down and then recite it again. I read an experience sharing article on the Minghui website where one practitioner said that every word in Zhuan Falun was printed in his mind and appeared before his eyes when he recited the Fa. I tried to do the same, and the result was very good.

After I memorized a paragraph, I wrote it down from memory and checked for any typos or wrong punctuation marks. I usually found eight or nine mistakes in each paragraph. One day, before I began memorizing I sent forth righteous thoughts for thirty minutes to eliminate any interference. I subsequently made only one mistake. It was a pity that I did not do this in the beginning. Now, whenever I have time, I send righteous thoughts for an additional fifteen minutes after the global time for sending righteous thoughts.

After I memorized the Fa for a period of time, I found I gossiped less about ordinary people’s things. Instead I looked inward to see where I could improve. In the past, I often used the Fa to measure others, but now I know to measure myself with the Fa. I also learned to follow the Fa instead of following other practitioners.

I had little patience in the past. I was eager to express myself, and if I was criticized, I rushed to defend myself and sometimes even exploded. I used to be domineering and arrogant. If anyone—fellow practitioners, classmates, teachers, family members, friends, or even my bosses at work—did or said anything that did not conform to my ideas, I expressed my opinion without reservation. I did not care if the other party accepted what I said, or how they felt. I lectured others, and everyone was afraid of me.

Slowly, by memorizing the Fa, these bad substance became weaker, and now they are almost gone. As soon as my human attachments surface, I catch them in time and I’m no longer led by them. Whenever my mind wanders when I do the exercises, I’m able to quickly eliminate the interference. My restless heart became calmer and purer as I assimilated myself to the Fa. My relatives and former colleagues also noticed my changes. I no longer lose my temper and I’m much calmer.

When I heard that some fellow practitioners had started to memorize the Fa as a group, I was initially doubtful. I thought they were proceeding too fast. One day, I tried it with fellow practitioners, and we memorized six pages in one day, much faster than I imagined! After I finished memorizing the book once, I started the second round in a group.

I can now memorize three or four pages during group study, and sometimes five or six pages. We start by reading each paragraph aloud several times. When we are familiar with the paragraph, we try to memorize it individually, and then we recite it in front of each other. Sometimes things don’t go well. We sometimes didn’t understand the passage, or we had problems with our xinxing related to the part of Zhaun Falun we were trying to memorize. We then look inward to see what issues we have in our cultivation. Once we identify the problem, we can memorize smoothly.

After I return home from group Fa study, I usually review the part we just memorized. Some elderly practitioners often rehearsed the part we were going to study in advance, fearing that their slow memorization might affect everyone else’s progress. In the process, we went through many hardships and interference. It took us one year to memorize Zhuan Falun once, and we all felt that we gained a lot, Fewer practitioners now fall asleep during group study. We all feel the power of cooperation and improvement as one body.

We are now reciting Zhuan Falun for the second time. Whenever we finish a section, I always recite it again on my own. When we finish memorizing a lecture, I read and recite the lecture again to deepen my memory. I believe that one day, we will memorize the entire book solidly and completely, word for word.

Improving Xinxing and Cooperating

Right before I finished memorizing Zhuan Falun the first time, someone reported me to the police when I was clarifying the truth to people. I was taken to the police station. Although I was released soon under Master’s protection and fellow practitioners’ righteous thoughts, the incident left a shadow in my heart. I did not have strong righteous thoughts and often had fear.

After I joined in memorizing the Fa in a group, I had more chances to share with fellow practitioners. To deal with the fear, we read Master’s article “Expounding on the Fa.” I’d been in this tribulation for a long time, and this really helped me have a clear understanding on this issue. We are here to follow Master and assimilate to Dafa and save people. We are not here to be persecuted. Our relationship with people is saving them and being saved, not persecuting and being persecuted. After understanding this, my righteous thoughts became stronger when I went out to clarify the truth.

Each time we meet, we send righteous thoughts to eliminate any interference with our Fa memorization.

The practitioners in our Fa study group were different ages, and they started memorizing the Fa at different times, so naturally the speeds of memorizing the Fa were different. We encouraged each other, and the process helped increase our tolerance. Elderly practitioners in their 80s memorize slowly and they are anxious when they encounter passages that are difficult to memorize. As a group, we slowed down, memorized sentence by sentence first, and then connected the sentences. The process of memorizing the Fa was also a process of cultivating ourselves. We help each other and we all improve together.

When we studied the Fa well, we naturally cooperated well in saving people. With the strong righteous thoughts of fellow practitioners, the success rate of clarifying the truth was high. One practitioner had difficulty talking to people about Falun Dafa, so we sent righteous thoughts to support her, and she was able to help someone quit the CCP. She turned around and saw that we were sending righteous thoughts for her. In fact, we were specifically targeting the bad substance blocking her from clarifying the truth. Since we had been cooperating for a long time, we knew and understood the obstacles faced by fellow practitioners.

Some fellow practitioners were not good at speaking to people face-to-face. They still went out with other practitioners to save people. Even if only one person agreed to quit the CCP, our efforts were not in vain. Any time we went out, we gained something. Even if he or she did not succeed in helping someone to quit the CCP, they sent righteous thoughts to support other practitioners. Rain or shine, we continued to go out to clarify the truth.

An eighty year old practitioner experienced illness symptoms. Pressured by her family, she went to hospital and had surgery. Fellow practitioners did not criticize her, but instead sent righteous thoughts to support her, shared our thoughts based on the Fa with her, and strengthened her righteous thoughts. She understood that she momentarily stepped off the cultivation path, and she subsequently made vigorous progress in cultivation.

She started memorizing the Fa very seriously. She now enjoys good health. People around her witnessed the extraordinary power of Dafa.

In our area, memorizing the Fa has become a common way of studying the Fa. Almost every local practitioner is memorizing the Fa. In the past, every year around April 25th and July 20th, there were large-scale arrests of practitioners. After we began studying the Fa deeply, there were fewer arrests. Fellow practitioners also learned to look inward when encountering problems.

For over twenty years of cultivation, I have experienced a lot and gained a lot. I was young when I began practicing, and I’m now middle-aged. My understanding of the Fa became rational, and I firmly believe in Dafa and Master.

I can not tell how much Master has done for me. Every time I thought about this, I was in tears, and full of gratitude toward Master. I wanted to be a particle that assimilates to Dafa. I will follow Master to the beautiful new universe in the future.

Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!