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Walking Our Cultivation Paths Righteously

Oct. 29, 2023 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Shandong Province, China

(Minghui.org) When I first studied Master Li’s article “Stay Far Away From Peril,” I thought He was talking about the problem of practitioners outside of China. But when I read “Cultivation in Dafa Is Serious,” I was shocked. 

Every word that he wrote was so serious. I realized Dafa practitioners as a group are facing dire situations. When Master told us that cultivation in Dafa is serious, He must be talking about not just a few individuals, but many practitioners who are in danger. At the critical juncture of making a life and death choice, it’s up to us whether or not we walk the path well and fulfill our vows of saving sentient beings.

I also realized that I should no longer try to compare other practitioners against the Fa but should measure whether I have reached Master’s requirements, whether I have genuinely cultivated myself, and whether I’ve walked my path with righteous thoughts.

Master said, 

“...at crucial moments, they always use human attachments, human notions, and human emotions to evaluate things; some even claim, “I’ve done such and such for Dafa, I’ve contributed so much to Dafa,” and so on.” (“Stay Far Away From Peril”)

Looking back at my twenty years of cultivation, I often used my human heart to evaluate things I encountered at home, in my workplace, and in society while I claimed that I was following the Fa. Strictly speaking, I didn’t fully believe in Master and still held onto my human heart. The tests I didn’t handle well then lasted longer or developed into bigger issues. However, with Master’s protection and guidance, I still cultivate to this day.

I worked with other practitioners to rescue Kai (pseudonym) when she was arrested a few years ago. I knew I should evaluate things based on the Fa, and I had the choice of clarifying the facts to the perpetrators or sending righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors behind the persecution. But other practitioners and I used the human way to find connections and bribed those in charge to let her go. 

The evil took advantage of our human hearts because we didn’t do things in accordance with the Fa. We gave the decision-makers cash, but Kai was still sentenced to prison. During those few years, the local officials were blatant and unscrupulously extorted money from family members of detained practitioners. Even today, such things happen from time to time in our region. 

I experienced dissolving the persecution with righteous thoughts. Seven years ago, I became lax in cultivation and developed strong attachments to doing things and showing off. As a result, I was arrested and sent to a detention center.

For seven days, I couldn’t sleep, and I felt light-headed. On the sixth night, I held on to the metal gate of my cell and looked at the barred window; I suddenly wondered why Master wasn’t taking care of me. I suddenly realized that such thinking was wrong and that it was a big sin for me to think that way. 

The next moment, Master allowed me to see a wide road in another dimension. Clouds surrounded it and it led to a far off-place. I felt hot and knew Master was right by my side, watching over me. I couldn’t stop crying. I was full of gratitude to Master. I said to Master in my heart, “I’ve helped people understand the facts about Dafa and to quit the Chinese Communist Party. I no longer have to stay here [in the detention center]. I should go out and talk to more people.” I was released the next day. 

Without Master’s protection and care at every moment, and Master’s bearing and eliminating the enormous karma I accrued over many lifetimes, I would be unable to safely and steadily cultivate in Dafa for over twenty years. I might not have survived that seven-day detention. 

Only by studying the Fa more and well can I let go of my human heart and evaluate things with the Fa. Only by righteously walking my cultivation path can I do the three things well to repay Master’s saving grace. 

I welcome practitioners to point out anything in my sharing that is not in line with the Fa.