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[European Fa Conference] Helping Shen Yun Performances in Different European Cities

Sept. 24, 2022 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Europe

(Minghui.org) Esteemed Master, and fellow practitioners:

I would like to share with you my cultivation experience in the year 2022 – complete with fabulous flights – not only in dreams, but also in reality.

Contacting the President of the Ukraine about Shen Yun

During the first days of the 2022 New Year, I noticed on the Shen Yun website the many performances that would be held in different cities and countries around Europe. This made me very happy, so I decided to invite my acquaintances and friends living in these places to a performance. Besides, for some time, I also wanted to go to one or more other European countries to help Master with Shen Yun. But, at that moment, I understood that given the COVID restrictions it was unlikely to happen, as we were not vaccinated. There were unpredictable rules being published all the time.

I shared my understanding with my husband one morning. I said that I believed that it would be good and of importance to visit other European countries. I also suggested that it would be great if all restrictions were lifted as soon as possible, and then people could visit theaters without having to abide by any restrictions. They could come from other countries and cities, with no other thought concerning the COVID issue. When I finished talking, we looked at each other, smiled and said out loud together, “May everything go only according to Master’s plans.”

At the time, a practitioner from Kyiv wrote in our group chat that he’d ordered Shen Yun calendars for 2022. A thought flashed in my mind: how nice it would be to give our president a large Shen Yun wall calendar for the new year. Besides, we could write him a warm message and send a brief description of Shen Yun. We imagined him opening the calendar during these most difficult days, and being filled with the magic and warmth of Shen Yun. His birthday and the new year almost coincided, and it truly worked out well. Several practitioners helped me with this important task: they wrote a letter, got the coordinator involved, prepared supporting materials, and then the package was sent to our president.

We also decided to send similar letters about Shen Yun to several other important people in our country. I felt that this was one of the important tasks at that stage, and it was partially completed. A couple of weeks later, we received a response from the president’s office: gratitude for the gift and for our support. A couple of weeks later, the war broke out in Ukraine.

Shortly before the war, and before the Chinese New Year, I had a dream that there would be a big Shen Yun meeting in the U.S.A., and many practitioners and Master would expect us to be there. My husband and I were packing whatever we needed for our trip, but I felt that there was a little anxiety in the air, and I thought to myself that it was important to hurry. In a dream, I mentioned this to my husband. He also felt that way, but something distracted us, especially myself as were were preparing for the trip. Then, I saw a message on my phone that Master had sent two dancers for us, and they were already waiting at the entrance of our house. This text sobered me up, and we quickly packed our bags and went down to the car. After that, we were all driving together to the meeting place, and I woke up. I realized that this was an important hint from Master, telling us that important Dafa matters related to Shen Yun were waiting for us.

Departure for Another European City

Then, it happened that I had to go to another European city with a fellow practitioner. Shortly before leaving, when sending righteous thoughts during the day, I felt that I needed to be in Europe and not go to the U.S. at that time. This thought kept going through my mind for several hours. That same day, I talked with my husband about my trip to European countries. We were 15 minutes from the border. It was winter and the weather was cold. I packed a small suitcase and a backpack, as well as other necessary things – Dafa books and materials, among other items.

Those were the first days of the war. We walked to the border, and it did not take long for us to cross the border. When we crossed the border, for the first time I met bright, caring, and compassionate people. These were volunteers who helped people who’d left the war zone. At that moment, it seemed to me that they were all practitioners, as only fellow practitioners had such open hearts and a desire to help others. We left materials about Dafa for them, and they were so grateful. They put their palms together in front of their chests as a gesture of gratitude and respect, which was very touching.

My English is not that fluent, so I was a little worried about how I would communicate with people. I realized that there was no need to be afraid of anything as long as I believe in Master and the Fa, everything would go according to Master’s plans. Everything turned out like that – things were easy, accessible, and people approached us and helped whenever we needed help.

When I left Ukraine, it was surprising for me that I didn’t have to take any COVID tests, no need to show a vaccination passport at the border, and we also had free travel everywhere throughout Europe. I thought that this was meant to support the citizens of Ukraine who were fleeing the war to save their lives, and this was such a good opportunity for these living beings to see Shen Yun in Europe. And as for us, we felt Master supporting us, because we could freely and more actively help with Shen Yun.

Just a few days after leaving Ukraine, I went to my sister’s home in Luxembourg. I felt a lot of pressure there. I searched the country and city for practitioners, but there were none. I went to the park or the waterfront to do the exercises by myself, sent righteous thoughts, and studied the Fa online in a group and on my own. After several days I wanted to escape Luxembourg because it was very difficult both mentally and physically, feeling pressure surrounding us from all sides.

When I lived with my husband in Kyiv, we had our usual schedule for work and Dafa affairs. When I got into a new area there were new conditions, including a noisy lifestyle – the TV is turned on at full volume, and they show news in different languages. It prevented me from concentrating on the main and essential part of my life. I spent a lot of time outdoors, and in parks, to support my daily Fa study. I realized that the external picture is generated by the heart and the time had come to renounce many things, such as attachments, as well as different thoughts. 

I started to look deeply into the root of my attachments. I understood one principle: If struggle, rivalry, and a feeling of envy are deeply hidden in me, it means that I attach more importance to these and feed my demon nature with my precious energy. Thanks to all those external manifestations – people, relatives, and the television – I realized that even if I was in a peaceful country, it was still so painful that sometimes it felt like being hit by bombs. Yet despite the frenetic activity, it was still calmer than my unclean internal issues. As soon as I extinguished the ardor in myself, my sister changed to a more pleasant attitude and became accommodating. However, if at the micro level I had feelings of distinguishing myself or thinking about someone disrespectfully, I immediately saw it mirrored in the faces of my relatives. I realized that I was polluted with a mix of external information and fears, including fears of the future, and the fear of losing face. 

Being suspicious periodically manifested itself: Why am I here? No one understands me. This resulted in self pity. Familiar conditions and comfort were absent.

Apparently, the moment of real truth, endurance and verification had come to me. During difficult and uncomfortable conditions, every micro thought needs to be checked for righteousness and devotion. How pure am I before Dafa and Master, before fellow practitioners with whom we meet to do incredibly important things. When I realized how important it is to hold the Dafa principles in my heart, I could feel that Master is here, and Dafa is here. Everything that I have is bestowed by the Creator. I realized how much is due to me, and what is planned for me – this is only known to Him.

After these reflections, much external information disappeared, and only Dafa and my important mission, why I came here, and to be with the Creator, remained.

After a while, I got a call from a fellow practitioner from a neighboring country who offered support and the opportunity to come to their city and spend some time with fellow practitioners. I realized that Master was supporting me, so I went there. When I arrived in the environment of the families of fellow Dafa practitioners with children, I felt so warm and at home. I felt the principle of Dafa’s righteous energy field even more deeply. I spent a lot of time with the children of fellow practitioners, and when I talked with them, I understood how much light and pure energy they had. It also helped me cleanse myself of adult-imposed information that sometimes interferes with doing simple and lofty deeds.

From that moment, my active assistance in participating in the Shen Yun project in Europe began. On the way to other European places we stayed overnight at a fellow practitioner’s home, and I shared with her that my coming to Europe was to help Shen Yun. I did not come here as a refugee, and I had the opportunity to support myself for a few months.

Ludwigsburg, Germany

I’d told one of the local practitioners that I was ready to go wherever help was needed. I didn’t get a definite answer, so I just let go of any expectations. And suddenly at night I received an SMS from her: “Can you be in such and such a city tomorrow close to dinner?” Of course, I said “Yes!” in my mind. 

But, as I couldn’t quite navigate the new place and the train schedule yet, I felt uncomfortable. But I immediately removed these thoughts and started looking at train options and realized that it was not far and, in principle, it was easy to get to. I replied to a fellow practitioner: “I will be there tomorrow afternoon.” When I got on the first train, I felt that I had sickness karma – my head began to spin and ache. All the way, I listened to Master’s lectures and sent forth righteous thoughts. When I arrived in a neighboring city, I felt a little better. I was taken to one of the groups, where I helped guard the equipment in the auditorium.

I felt the pressure again at times. So I sent forth righteous thoughts, and this sticky matter was purified. It was good that we studied the Fa in our team, and during breaks we did the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts. This energy field was unusual.

At the same time, my xinxing was tested for righteousness: when I first arrived at the theater and entered the room, I felt several unfriendly glances in my direction. It turned out that they were fellow practitioners who had been living in Europe for a long time, but had left earlier from post-USSR countries. I realized that the current situation with the war in Ukraine had exposed many different kinds of hearts, and this also affected many fellow practitioners who did not work through some of their old information and ideas. I realized that Master showed me a reflection in the mirror, that there is a positive light side – the Buddha nature, and the still not purified side – of envy and anger, which is that of demon nature.

I understood that I didn’t need to sort things out with anyone, and I didn’t need to defend my opinion. I could ignore provocations from the outside. I thought that this is not why I came here, and I didn’t want to fight with anyone, nor confirm myself, or put myself above someone else. All this was superfluous, since today’s time is very valuable and precious, and it is important to fill myself with only positive energies and thoughts, and to be modest, and treat everyone with care. Especially if this is another practitioner who is now suffering some part of the karma or he/she is undergoing a transformation, and this manifests in the form of human emotions. I am Master’s disciple, this time is given to me, so that with a pure heart and thoughts, being among divine beings, I can help to fulfill the most important and basic thing: the salvation of sentient beings. And if even a drop of negativity is added to the One Body, then it is reflected in the whole process, and a hindrance is created. Therefore, in order not to be swayed by any interference, I constantly listened to the audio Fa lectures or to the music of Pudu.

When the tour in this city ended, I noticed how my fellow practitioners, who initially greeted me with a disapproving look, had changed their attitude. When I was returning on the train, I realized that I had improved, and Master gave me the opportunity to see my purified reflection in the mirror. I thank every fellow practitioner who was there and who helped me go through this transformation from the old and dirty to the new and clean.

Graz, Austria

The next city where I was invited to help with Shen Yun was Graz, Austria. A fellow practitioner from Germany said that there were not enough people who could help in the kitchen. Since I already had experience, but not quite what was needed, I was a little excited: I didn’t quite understand what needed to be done, but I was ready to work and do everything necessary. A fellow practitioner who lived in the house where I was staying shared with me that she once worked in the kitchen. She said, “Working in the kitchen is very difficult. You are always on your feet, and there is no time for anything else.” It didn’t scare me. Other practitioners who were on the buffet team said that I would need to help in the theater at the buffet, and there would be nothing difficult. I was told to wipe the tables, keep them clean, renew the dishes, and I would be told everything I needed to do. When I got to the theater, they gave me a special uniform. It was very solemn. When I put it on, I felt that I was in a new circumstance and given a new role, and I was open to learning a new job. 

We were taken to a small room in the theater in which tables were already set up. That is where the Shen Yun performers dined. I tried to fulfill all the requests and wishes of my coordinator. We were three and at times four practitioners. We did everything necessary quickly and supported each other. It was necessary to constantly do something, and it was a lot of work. We were assigned new tasks, including receiving and distributing the food, putting it in the refrigerator and on the dessert table. Some of the dishes had to be washed, as they were needed for lunch and dinner. We had to arrange them on the tables, and get whatever was needed for dinner or lunch. It was necessary to get food for the staff separately and put it in boxes. Everything had to be done quickly and on time.

For me it was a tremendous experience. I learned from practitioners and watched them to learn how to interact with others easily and to maintain a positive mood. I saw practitioners’ complete dedication to their work. Unforeseen circumstances constantly arose and everything had to be done correctly and excellently. I was inspired by this atmosphere and accepted important positive things for my xinxing. When rather difficult questions arose, the reaction of fellow practitioners was to fix it and solve the problem. We would complete a task and did not step aside or say, “I don’t know how to do this" or, "It's not my responsibility.”

I realized that all reactions, such as, “I have nothing to do with it” or “I have my own tasks,” feelings of self-pity, feelings of protection, and self-validation are all habits from the old universe, and that I no longer want to allow this in my own space and reality. The right move is to think about others and help each other and understand each other. The surest key is to completely get rid of selfishness. Then the ship will sail easily, and only righteous principles will appear in the New Universe.

Paris, France

In the first days of the new year, I had another dream: I was flying to Paris, instead of my city. Leaving the airport, I went in the opposite direction from the rest of the passengers. I ended up in the basement of some ancient building, and it was very familiar to me. It turned out to be the Paris Opera House. I met dancers and musicians in this theater, and realized that this was Shen Yun. A theater representative approached me to give me a tour. When I walked through the corridors and halls, I saw how the artists were warming up before the performance, and also saw near the service entrance and near the stage familiar faces of fellow practitioners who were carrying suitcases with the equipment, stage props and costumes. And Master was there. In the buffet of the theater I was treated to tea. I was so happy that for a moment I felt like I was experiencing a fairy tale – I met so many dear people. After the tour, going out into the street, I met my sister and her husband, who had come to Paris. At the same moment in the same dream, I thought that this was such an important opportunity – to get to Paris, and how important it is to go to a show. Suddenly, tickets appeared in my hands. 

The next day, my sister and I talked on the phone and wished each other a happy new year. She told me, “I want to buy tickets for Shen Yun. We received a booklet and a poster in the mail about an upcoming show.” I had to pause for a few seconds, as I remembered yesterday’s dream and realized that Master was giving me hints and support for the umpteenth time so that I could take care of my relatives who wanted to see Shen Yun. But how to do this, I wasn’t sure at that time.

In the spring, when I was in another place in Europe with my sister, I asked her, “When and where would you like to see the Shen Yun show? They are currently touring many countries and cities.” She asked, “Will there be a show in Luxembourg?” Looking at the schedule, I did not find any shows there, so they chose Paris. A month before the show, I bought tickets to the show and we booked a hotel. I asked her to sort out the issue of train tickets to Paris. The day before leaving for Paris, I came to their home so we could go to the show together. It was a holiday and all train tickets were sold out, with only expensive tickets remaining on sale. I understood that there would be trials for them and for me. I also understood that there is always a way out of any situation; the main thing is to maintain the most righteous heart. This was a test of attachment to profit, cunning, and testing the purity of the heart. At the railway ticket office there were tickets for lunchtime, which would have us arrive at the beginning of the show. But my sister didn’t want to get there so late. At that moment, her husband joined in. He could not understand how it was possible to buy show tickets, book a hotel, buy tickets to Versailles for a tour, but not buy the main train tickets to Paris. I understood that this was both a hindrance, and at the same time, we were in the process of cultivation.

We decided to go by car. But, they weren’t really ready for it. My sister’s husband received an offer to go to a neighboring city in France and try to find earlier train tickets there. Arriving in this city, we found tickets for an early train, but the cost was very high. My sister decided to try to go as a refugee from Ukraine, so as not to pay the cost of the ticket. This made me feel a little uneasy, since she had left to live in Europe before the war, and that would have been dishonest, especially as we were going to such a sacred event. Such an inappropriate action was simply unacceptable. Then suddenly my brother-in-law said, “Let’s go by car; this is the best solution, everything will be alright.” I thanked Master that the situation was resolved so quickly.

Before the show, my sister’s eyes became very red, her husband’s head began to hurt, and I realized that they had begun to be cleansed. I sent forth righteous thoughts. We watched the show in its entirety, and they were very happy and grateful that they came to the show and they liked everything. When we returned home, they realized that the road was not so difficult and that the trip by car was the right decision. They also shared with their friends, acquaintances and relatives about the trip and the show.

All this was very unusual and majestic! This situation once again inspired and reminded me that Master’s disciples have superpowers at a very subtle level, and people close to us, relatives, colleagues, friends, neighbors – all have a chance to be saved. The main thing is to remember and understand every hint from Master, and to live with faith in Dafa and Master, help sentient beings, give them a hand and guide them to the righteous path.

Switzerland and Austria

A couple of days after the trip to Paris, I received a message that support was needed in Bregenz, Austria with the distribution of booklets. I was free and immediately went there. That same evening, another practitioner and I were at the theater in Bregenz, distributing booklets to theater visitors. I handed out booklets non-stop. 

Visitors to the theater were mostly adults and I could feel the abundance of purity and compassion in them, and I saw high expectation in their eyes. They were so familiar and close to me, I have never felt such gratitude and expectation from the people who received Shen Yun booklets from me. I understood that if for some reason these people did not have time to attend the show this time, they would definitely come next time. 

I was a little surprised that in many European cities where Shen Yun performed, there were no performance posters. This tool is very effective for many theater-goers, and even for tourists who are temporarily in a city and near the theater, as it would allow them to find a performance and even stay a day longer to see it. I was aware of this since I have been working in the field of theater and cinema for many years.

The next morning, we agreed that we needed to deliver booklets to certain addresses in a small town in Switzerland. I did it for the first time. I had a map with addresses, but since I didn’t know the area I had to memorize houses and streets, so as not to return for a second round. It was very hot outside, but I did not feel the heat and fatigue. I carried the booklets with such joy and gratitude. Everywhere I put a booklet, I silently said “Falun Dafa is good,” “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance is good,” “This is what you are looking for, we are waiting for you at the show.” During the two days that we distributed a lot of Dafa informational materials, I was very grateful to fellow practitioners who directed me to where support was needed. Apparently, people predetermined by fate were waiting for me in these place.

This time, I was assigned to the kitchen, where the work goes on almost non-stop and you have to be dedicated to this type of work. I put on my uniform and went over to a fellow practitioner to receive my tasks. It was necessary to listen to the task and unconditionally fulfill it. 

We were joined by a few other fellow practitioners from Ukraine. It was easier for us to coordinate among ourselves, and we periodically shared experiences and understood our self-improvement. It helped us to be “at ease.” But at some point, I felt that we were very different in our behavior compared to fellow practitioners from China and other parts of Europe. I became a little uncomfortable, and I began to work on clearing the desire to show off, zealotry, and the state of comparison and evaluation of “who is better and who is worse.” I felt that this is not exactly righteous energy in our practitioners’ energy field.

We helped in the kitchen with everything: cut up vegetables and fruits, as well as other products, and helped with the preparation of dough for dessert. Very often it was necessary to wash and dry the dishes by hand. We alternated among ourselves. In fact, I didn’t feel very tired. Sometimes it was hot, and I went outside into the fresh air for a couple of minutes.

The next day, another practitioner from Switzerland joined us. As I understood, she was instructed to cut up fruit. Suddenly, before lunch hour, a fellow practitioner came up to me, who kept track of the time and readiness of the dishes, and asked, “Is all the fruit cut up and ready?” To which I replied, “Yes.” And then I realized that I probably got too excited with such a confident answer. I decided to go to the room where the fruits were kept and check on what kind of fruits were available. And I saw that only watermelon was cut. I approached a fellow practitioner from the buffet to inform her and ask what else needed to be cut up. And when she gave a list of fruits, we quickly prepared them for cutting, and when we cut them and put them on trays, a fellow practitioner came up to us and asked if we were all right and were the fruits ready for lunch? 

Shortly after this situation, I felt great pity for myself. I thought, “Here I’m working in the kitchen for the first time. I came to help, and I have global tasks in front of me. I was not ready to take responsibility and make decisions about what fruits should be used, in what volume, and how they should be served. I was just ready to help, and learn all about this.” 

I realized that these emotions of self pity, as well as condemnation and accusation, were not righteous and right now I needed to change my thoughts and clear myself of all this. While I was in the process of improving my xinxing, I noticed how a Vietnamese fellow practitioner silently approached the table and began to quickly cut fruits of different colors and flavors. I helped her and within 10-15 minutes the trays were beautifully and harmoniously decorated. I understood the principle – how to do things unconditionally and quietly.

After this trip, I realized that those were five happy days, yet days with all kinds of trials, uplifts, wisdom, support, new meetings with fellow practitioners and with sentient beings who have been waiting for many millions of years to learn about Dafa.

My thanks to Master for such a great opportunity to manifest my fabulous dreams into a fabulous reality!

Thank you, fellow practitioners, for trusting me to do Dafa work with you.

Thank you all for listening to this experience sharing.

(Sharing paper submitted to the 2022 European Fa Conference)