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My Toothache Immediately Stopped After I looked Inward

May 7, 2022 |   By Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Yong in China

(Minghui.org) During this Chinese New Year, after I ate something my teeth started to hurt. I didn’t take it seriously. I continued to read the Fa and did the exercises. But the pain worsened. It became so severe that my head throbbed. It seriously affected my Fa study and doing the exercises. In my mind I asked Master (Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa), “What did I do wrong?” Since I couldn’t find the root cause, my teeth kept hurting.

Master must have seen that I really didn’t understand, so he arranged for my wife, a fellow practitioner, to enlighten me. She told me to watch the video, Fa Teaching Given to Australian Practitioners. After watching this video, I understood that looking inward is a magic tool that Master has given to practitioners. This reminded me of two incidents.

Lacking Truthfulness: "The Bricklayer Did It"

A few years ago when my house was being renovated, I cracked the water tank while moving the toilet. I was afraid that my wife would complain so I didn’t tell her. When she saw that the tank was cracked, she thought the bricklayer did it. Later, when relatives came to my house and asked about the toilet tank, I kept saying it was caused by the bricklayer. I was not being truthful and I didn’t admit that I broke the water tank. As a result, the bricklayer was blamed for years.

Promoting a Misunderstanding about a Coworker

The second incident happened when I was working out of town. The person who worked with me felt that she was doing more work than I. She always accused me and had a grudge against me. Others felt that she bullied me, but I never refuted it. Later, I decided to quit because I was in a poor cultivation state. I could not keep up with my Fa study and do the exercises. My coworkers didn’t understand and asked me why I was quitting when I was doing well at my job. They didn’t want me to leave. I simply said I had my own reasons. But the coworkers didn’t believe me and said privately that I was leaving because I was bullied by my coworker. The team leader even called to ask if I quit because she bullied me. I said vaguely, “No.”

I realized that when I had a conflict with an ordinary person, I didn’t practice Forbearance. Instead, I held a grievance in my heart. I also didn’t practice Truthfulness and didn’t explain my real situation when my colleague first said she was bullying me. Instead, by remaining silent, I tacitly agreed with them. This caused others to criticize her.

Admitting My Mistakes

Through these two incidents I understood that I was at fault. As a practitioner I was not truthful. When I encountered problems, I didn’t face them calmly but protected myself. Wasn’t I being selfish? I did not act like a true cultivator! After realizing my problem, I admitted my mistake to Master.

I was shocked when my toothache stopped right after I admitted my mistake to Master. Thank you, Master, for your enlightenment! It’s really good to look inward.