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Mathematician: Dafa Helped Me Find the Meaning of Life

May 3, 2022 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in South Korea

(Minghui.org) Life can be like a jigsaw puzzle, as if things are meant to be put together and experienced according to a predetermined map. Dr. Hyon YunKyong, head of the Data Analysis Team at the National Research Institute in South Korea, said he has gained deeper insights into life and the universe since he started learning Falun Gong in 2003.

“Since I began practicing Falun Gong, when I look back, everything has its own reasons,” he said.

Dr. Hyon’s team uses mathematical artificial intelligence algorithms to study prediction models. So how did Dr. Hyon come to practice Falun Gong?

Dr. Hyon YunKyong reads Zhuan Falun

The Book He Spent Three Months Trying to Finish Reading

Dr. Hyon remembers pondering many mysteries in his childhood, such as the structure of the universe, how the pyramids were built, the structures of time and space, and reincarnation. In the fall of 2003, when Dr. Hyon was studying for his Ph.D. at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), his advisor asked him an interesting question: “Was the moon artificially created? Natural satellites rotate and revolve. Why do we see only one side of the moon?”

The professor and Dr. Hyon had a long and lively discussion, and afterward, the professor handed him a precious book, Zhuan Falun. Dr. Hyon thought to himself, “There must be something profound in this book. I must read it.”

Reading had always been easy for Dr. Hyon. As long as he made up his mind, he could read several books a day. But for some reason, this book was just not easy for him to read.

“It was a challenge for me to finish. I read the book every day. But after reading one page, I would fall asleep. It took me three months to finish reading it the first time. It was incredible,” he recalled.

When he started to read Zhuan Falun the second time, his intuition told him that it was not an ordinary book. Every time he reads it, he understands new connotations from the words and enlightens to new principles.

Dr. Hyon said, “I like scientific imagination, but I used to imagine it from the larger: the earth is a molecule, the Milky Way is a larger molecule, and these star clusters have come together to become a larger molecule. But after reading Zhuan Falun, I was surprised to learn that there are smaller spaces. The more I read the book, the more I learn something new. I can no longer put this book down.”

When he studied in the United States, no matter where he went, Dr. Hyon always took Zhuan Falun with him and read it whenever he had time.

A Perfect Theory

In order to make new breakthroughs, mathematicians are always thinking about theories, structures, and solutions. Even after getting off work and before going to sleep, their brains are never idle.

Dr. Hyon feels that cultivating Falun Gong is like an oasis in a desert. “For a mathematician like me, doing the exercises and reading Dafa books really provides me with a good break. I go to Jizu Mountain once a week, and I breathe the fresh air, listen to the sound of running water, and practice the exercises for two hours. It is a complete recovery from troubles and pressures at work. And especially when I read Dafa books with fellow practitioners, it seems that I am cleaning my mind in the peaceful field.

“Falun Dafa lives up to its name, it is indeed Dafa [Great Law]. Just as mathematics has high-level theories, Dafa is indeed a high-level practice. Falun Dafa is not a simple qigong for healing diseases, but the depth and height of its connotation are different from other exercises,” he said.

“I am a mathematician. In theory, I judge facts based on evidence before I draw conclusions. To be honest, Dafa’s theory to view layer by layer is without holes or blind spots. It is a perfect theoretical framework,” he said.

Enlightening to the Meaning of Life

Before practicing Falun Gong, Dr. Hyon was in good health, so there was no need for him to devote a lot of energy to his health. So what really drew him to cultivation?

Dr. Hyon said, “Through cultivation, I have found the meaning of life. I know the only standard to judge good and bad. This is one of the biggest gains I have had through cultivation. Humans should follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in their lives.”

Dr. Hyon’s parents always taught him to be kind and honest. They told him that someone could even avoid murder if that person could endure three times. After cultivating, Dr. Hyon has gained higher level and deeper understandings of how to live.

“Even if you want to be a good person according to how you were taught since you were a child, if you don’t cultivate, in research today, you will be unsympathetic for the sake of profits. To get higher grades or a project, you will be selfish.

“Master taught us, “...you can change a tough situation just by compromising a little.” (The Ninth Talk, Zhuan Falun).

“For me, when encountering a problem, I take a step back and calm down, which is another understanding from practicing Dafa,” he said.

Dr. Hyon wakes up at 4:30am to practice the Falun Gong exercises. For 19 years, he has persisted in cultivation.

“Cultivation is still new to me, and I am always grateful. I hope that more people will gain better health and happiness through cultivation,” he said.