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Fortunate to Resume Practicing Falun Dafa

May 28, 2022 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Hebei Province, China

(Minghui.org) I had just begun practicing Falun Dafa when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched a nationwide campaign to ban the practice in July 1999. Although I didn’t understand why the CCP would do that, I put my Dafa books away and stopped practicing.

Returning to Cultivation

Fast forward to 2012. My husband ran into a friend who mentioned that he had pain in his knees due to rheumatoid arthritis. His friend told him to give Falun Dafa a try. My husband told me about it when he got home and I couldn’t have been happier. “That’s great!” I said. I took out the Dafa books I had not touched for over a decade. That was how I started practicing again.

At first, when I read practitioners’ sharing articles, I didn’t know what they were talking about. I didn’t know how to cultivate so I was worried. I had practiced a qigong before and read many qigong books. The notions I developed interfered with me and tried to stop me from practicing Falun Dafa. “It’s been so many years and I am now far behind other practitioners.” I was depressed.

As soon as I fell asleep on the couch one day, I dreamed that Master’s fashen came. I hurried to get a stool for Master to sit on. Master sat only for a brief moment before getting up again. He stood behind me and pinched the back of my neck where the cervical vertebrae is. He then pushed down on the Baihui point on the top of my head with both thumbs.

I turned my head from left to right and then from right to left. Still, I felt some discomfort. Master seemed to see through my doubts. Knowing that Master had healed me, I immediately said, “I’m fine. I am fine.” Master smiled at me ever so compassionately. I knelt down, pressed my palms firmly together, and said, “Thank you, Master! Thank you, Master! Thank you, Master!” And that’s when I woke up.

I got up from the couch. My mind was sharp and clear and my body felt light. My neck had never felt better. I was filled with joy and gratitude, “I saw Master! I saw Master! Master took me as his disciple!” I felt that I was the most blessed person in the world. I had been told that I was a lucky person before, but at that moment I knew exactly where my “luck” came from: “I have a Master!”

After that, I was able to understand practitioners’ sharing articles. If I was cultivating outside the door before, now I finally had a foot in the door. Master purified my mind and body so I could truly cultivate.

Master said,

“What I want to do can all be done by my fashen, such as adjusting the bodies of true cultivators. Because fashen does not carry a body like that of an everyday person, it manifests itself in other dimensions.” (Lecture Five, Zhuan Falun)

Every sentence Master said is the truth. Atheism and evolution are all lies. They poison people’s minds so that they do not believe in Gods and Buddhas or that other dimensions exist.

Resolving My Resentment for My Mother-in-law

People always say that the hardest person is to get along with one’s mother-in-law. When I got married, I decided I was going to have a good relationship with my mother-in-law. It is not an exaggeration to say that I treated her better than my own mother.

I was very respectful of my mother-in-law. Whenever I talked to her, I called her “Mother.” Whenever there was a holiday, I bought her favorite food and expensive clothes that I knew she’d like. I helped her cook and we prepared dishes for every family gathering. I very much wanted to get along with her so I paid extra attention to every detail when I interacted with her.

However, I soon saw that my respect and affection for my mother-in-law was one-sided. She has a daughter and two sons. My husband is the oldest. Even though I did my best to please her and always had her best interest at heart, I came to realize after a few family feuds that she favored her younger children and didn’t care about my husband at all.

No matter how much I did for her, she never seemed to be satisfied or happy with me. On the other hand, regardless of how badly her daughter and younger son treated her, she overlooked everything. She was never happy with my husband and me and always nitpicked.

I asked my father-in-law one day, “Was my husband adopted?” He shook his head, “Of course not. All three are our children. Don’t mind your mother-in-law. She is just muddleheaded.” But I was heartbroken and I felt unfairly treated. I stopped talking to my mother-in-law unless I absolutely had to and started to really resent her.

Things changed when I resumed practicing Falun Dafa. I learned by studying the Fa that people have different predestined relationships. I reflected and saw my own attachments and shortcomings. I was not tolerant of others. I held grudges over trivial things which easily led to resentment.

I realized my resentment for my mother-in-law had grown so strong that it was difficult to get rid of. When I studied the Fa, I felt calm and peaceful. As soon as I saw my mother-in-law, my resentment raised its head and I couldn’t suppress it.

I sat in front of Master’s picture one day with my legs in the lotus position and asked him for help, “I sincerely wish I could get rid of my resentment. But no matter how hard I try, I can’t. What should I do?” I closed my eyes and instantly saw a bright light bursting above my forehead. I was enveloped in a golden glow and my body was radiating and expanding endlessly.

I was fully immersed in Master’s compassion and mighty powers at that moment. Tears streamed down my face. I knew Master had helped me resolve my resentment and expanded my tolerance. No words can describe the gratitude I had for Master. I can never repay Master for compassionately saving me.

I visited my mother-in-law a few days later. No matter what she said, my heart remained calm, like a peaceful lake without a ripple. It was as if nothing had ever happened between us. I was simply nice to her.


In Dafa cultivation, these miraculous experiences are real—you can truly see them and feel them. Gods and Buddhas truly exist. Whenever I think of Master, I get tears in my eyes. I am so grateful for everything Master has done for me. As a Dafa disciple, I will not let Master down. I will do the three things well and save more sentient beings as Master asked.