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Clarifying the Truth with Rationality and Wisdom

May 28, 2022 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I started to practice Falun Dafa in 1995 and have now been retired for many years.

When clarifying the truth to people, I realized that their minds have been indoctrinated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Many people are very suspicious and wary, as well as very practical. I learned that if I can help them with some work, even just moving a few bricks or helping them sell their wares, they will be very happy, and even consider me a friend. That really helps when I clarify the truth to them later.

I often encounter groups of people building or repairing houses when I go out. I often stop to help them, and we chat and joke. After having some good conversations, I tell them I had to leave. They always thank me for my help. Then I tell them I am a Falun Dafa practitioner and they should thank Falun Dafa and remember Dafa is good. Some are very grateful and even shout, “Falun Dafa is good!”

I tell them the truth about the staged Tiananmen Square self-immolation and about the stone with the characters that read, “the Chinese Communist Party will perish.” I tell them about the movement to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations and ask them one by one if they want to quit with an alias. Usually, most of them agree.

There is generally a supervisor for each group of workers. I often pay attention to communicating well with that person while clarifying the truth to the group. It usually goes well. I once saw a dozen workers clearing weeds around some trees, and the supervisor was a woman. I chatted with her first: “You must be the leader of this group.” She said they were all workers, but I could see that she was proud that I made that assumption. I said, “Supervisors have good qualities and skills. Otherwise, it would be hard to manage people nowadays. I can see you have the characteristics of a leader.” We had a good chat.

There were two other workers nearby, and I started to clarify the truth to them. Soon the supervisor told all the workers, “Let’s take a break. Come over here and listen.” All the workers were happy to take a break and gathered around me. With her help, I persuaded almost all of them to withdraw from the CCP. One person just smiled and did not answer me.

One day I saw a group of welders. I waited patiently until they were changing their electrodes and started to chat with them, clarifying the truth by giving them a quick overview. Then I asked if they agreed to withdraw from the CCP. Most of them did, and some repeatedly praised the good aliases I gave them.

Sometimes I see people working on the third or fourth floors or in a courtyard with a fence blocking my access. When things are quiet, I usually clarify the truth to them with a loud voice. Sometimes I’ve met people cleaning the restrooms and clarified the truth to them next to a toilet. They usually agreed to withdraw from the CCP organizations. Some workers told me they were Christians. I told them that communists promote atheism and the CCP is against the Bible and should be abandoned. Some of them agreed to withdraw from the CCP, including a few who were Christians for over 20 years.

One day I spoke to eight migrant workers, “You migrant workers work the hardest. In the past you worked on the farms and gave all the produce to the state, but no one cared about you.” I talked about the CCP’s corruption. They all agreed with me and had been angry with the CCP. When I encouraged them to withdraw from the CCP, they all agreed. As I walked away, I realized I’d forgotten my watch at home and went back to get it. When I passed back by the migrant workers again, I heard them still talking about withdrawing from the CCP. One of them said, “What that person (me) said really makes sense.” I was glad the feedback was good and realized Master used this to encourage me.

Many people have thanked me after they agreed to quit the CCP and its youth organizations. I told them to thank Master Li, because Master told me to tell them the truth. Some were very moved and thanked me repeatedly, which was a little surprising to me. Later, I realized their knowing side was touched. Some insisted on giving me vegetables and fruit, which I kindly declined. Some wanted to read Falun Dafa books, which I sent to them for free after getting their addresses. Some sincerely put, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” on their phones. Some shouted, “Falun Dafa is good” when they met me again. Some asked me for the location of the character stone in Guizhou Province because they really wanted to go see it.

I always try my best to dress decently when I go out to clarify the truth to present a positive image of a Dafa disciple. Many people have said I look like a cadre or a teacher and that I am persuasive. Actually, I am not good at speaking to people. It is all because of Master’s strengthening. Some have told me they really admire Dafa practitioners’ determination, because the CCP has not been able to suppress us after so many years.

I am not afraid to clarify the truth at construction sites or rough places, as long as I can save sentient beings. I also do not differentiate between people; I treat everyone equally. For example, I have clarified the truth to people at the edge of a ditch, in a restroom, in a pig factory, at a market, at construction sites, in a greenhouse, in farm fields, in a dormitory, and at a shopping mall. I’ve clarified the truth to farmers, laborers, soldiers, CCP Party secretaries, drivers, teachers, school deans, government officials, college students, professors, and senior engineers. I even persuaded a ministry-level official to withdraw from the CCP.

We know this is the result of Master’s protection, arrangements, and strengthening, as well as the joint efforts of Dafa disciples around the world, regardless of how many people we persuade to withdraw from the CCP. Many people had already heard the truth directly or indirectly from other practitioners. Many times practitioners were working at the site and would cooperate with me.

I used to work in a company owned by a female practitioner. She sometimes helped me at work and then let me go out to clarify the truth. Someone once reported me to the authorities for clarifying the truth, and she learned about it first. She settled it for me before I even knew about it and then transferred me to a new, safe place. With her great help, I was able to persuade over 7,000 people to withdraw from the CCP while I worked at that company.

A practitioner’s cultivation state affects the people who listen to the truth. Clarifying the truth and saving people are really important. However, I do not overthink it, as I believe it is not that difficult for people to understand the truth. I am calm when I talk and the conversation usually goes well.

At this last stage of Fa-rectification, I will treasure this unprecedented opportunity of Fa-rectification cultivation and be worthy of Master’s compassionate salvation. I will walk the final path of cultivation well and truly fulfill our historic mission.