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Writing Truth-Clarification Letters for 15 Years

May 20, 2022 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Shandong Province, China

(Minghui.org) I was fortunate to obtain Dafa in 1997 and have been on the path of Dafa cultivation since then. I would like to share how I consistently wrote truth-clarification letters for the past 15 years.

Determined to Write Truth-Clarification Letters

I went to a city after leaving my hometown in 2005 to help take care of my grandchildren. I was away from my local Fa-study group and felt isolated from Dafa practitioners. I missed issues happening in the progress of Fa-rectification. I did not have access to truth-clarification materials, nor was I able to read Master’s new teachings. I felt anxious about it.

At my request, my children purchased a computer for me and taught me how to use the Internet. I was very excited and cried when I saw Master’s photo on the Minghui website for the first time. Minghui provided me with a platform to connect to Dafa practitioners around the world. I no longer felt alone in cultivation.

I could read Master’s new articles in a timely manner and keep up with the progress of Fa-rectification. I also read experience sharing articles by fellow practitioners, and encouraged myself to advance diligently.

When I read about the persecution of fellow practitioners and how practitioners exposed the persecution, I thought about how I could help. I realized that I first had to get rid of my attachment of being dependent on others for materials. I needed to be able to produce truth-clarification materials myself so that I could give them to people when clarifying the truth face to face. I asked my children to purchase a printer for me, and I learned to download the information online and print it. Since then I have passed out truth-clarification materials in the park and the supermarket, and I clarified the truth face to face when taking my grandchildren out in the stroller.

One day I was on the street and saw a mailbox in front of me with a clear sign on it with letter collection times in the morning and afternoon. I suddenly realized that I could also send truth-clarification letters, which could save Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials who were involved in persecuting Falun Gong, as well as help rescue practitioners who were imprisoned. There were many truth-clarification materials on the Minghui website written specifically for those officials, such as “A Letter to the Destined Person,” “Withdraw from CCP to Keep Safe,” etc. Master already prepared everything for me. I just needed to do it.

I was determined to take action. When I went out to clarify the truth and give out truth-clarification materials, I also wrote down information about the post offices, mail boxes, and the nearby offices and communities. I also purchased envelopes, stamps, and blue and black ink pens from various post offices and stationery stores. It may sound easy, but it took a lot of effort for me to get everything ready.

Increasing Efficiency While Maintaining Safety

I wrote the addresses on the envelopes by hand and felt they each should look different for security purposes. However, I could write in only two or three types of handwriting, so I could only mail two or three letters in the beginning. I felt anxious that I could not send them out faster and to more people. I decided to practice different types of writing, such as standard script, cursive script, clerical script, official script, imitation Song script, etc.

Gradually, I increased the number of letters I mailed to seven or eight at each mailbox every day. I later realized that I should use various styles of envelopes. So I started collecting different styles and colors of envelopes. I also realized the stamps I used were too similar to each other and collected different kinds of stamps. After a while, I could write 10 to 15 letters that looked like they were written by different people. I dropped the letters at the post office or mailbox twice a day. Thus, I was able to mail out 10 to 15 letters a day.

In order to avoid the CCP’s censorship, I only wrote the streets names and numbers, not the name of the police station, public security bureau, court, Procuratorate, etc. Sometimes the address information I received from other practitioners did not include the street name and number or zip code. I initially only used the ones that had complete information. However, I later realized that people at the places with incomplete addresses may miss the opportunity to learn the truth. Thus, I checked the address and zip code using my cell phone. I didn’t want to bother other practitioners about any incomplete addresses. I knew they worked hard to gather the information.

I noted the mail collection times at each mailbox and went out twice every day to mail the letters. I usually needed to take buses and transfer a few times to finish mailing all the letters. Since I was busy during the day with truth-clarification and mailing the letters, I wrote the letters mostly at night and often went to sleep at midnight after sending forth righteous thoughts. After my grandchildren went to kindergarten, I had more time to study the Fa, practice the exercises, mail the letters, clarify the truth, and produce truth-clarification materials. Everything went in an orderly manner.

I stayed in four cities, successively, for the past 15 years in order to take care of the children, the elderly, and the sick. I insisted on writing truth-clarification letters and never stopped. I was occasionally afraid when mailing the letters. Then, I realized that I was doing the most righteous thing to save sentient beings, and I negated any attempts at interference or persecution towards me. I mailed out about 50,000 to 60,000 letters over the past 15 years.

Compiling a Database of Personnel Involved in the Persecution

After mailing truth-clarification letters for a while, I realized an issue. While I wrote to one or two persons in a government office, there may have been more personnel there who were involved in the persecution. I wondered, how could I cover the rest? How can I keep track of who I sent letters to, especially if their office continues to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners?

I thought we needed to establish a database, but it could be a complicated project. I was a little frustrated at first, but soon had the righteous thought that a Dafa practitioner can overcome difficulty.

I categorized the downloaded information according to the provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions; then created sub-categories by city. I kept track of the letters I mailed out, so that I don’t unnecessarily replicate letters to people I already sent to. I can also easily check any incomplete addresses. Although it was time-consuming, I tried my best not to miss any person. Moreover, the database provided support to other practitioners who also wanted to write truth-clarification letters. We will continue writing and mailing truth-clarification letters as long as the persecution continues.

During the limited time left for Fa-rectification, let us walk steadily on the path that Master arranged for us, do the three things well, advance diligently, and fulfill our prehistoric vows.