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Power of Dafa: Recovering from a Serious Fall

May 20, 2022 |   By Dacun, a Falun Dafa practitioner in Liaoning Province, China

(Minghui.org) I was working on a construction site on the afternoon of November 25, 2021. I was spraying paint while standing on a scaffold with wheels over two meters above the ground. After one hour, I was close to finishing, except for an area that was slightly higher. I could not paint while sitting. I told a practitioner who was responsible for moving the scaffold, “Don’t move, I have to stand up and paint this area.” I stood up then. Perhaps he did not hear what I said. Without lifting his head, he said to me, “Don’t move, I will pull this back a little.” He pulled the scaffolding as he spoke and I fell down from the over two-meter high structure.

That was six months ago and I was 67 then, weighing more than 85 kilos. It was a dangerous fall! My limbs and back were in excruciating pain, but in my heart I said, “I am fine, I have Master’s protection, it will be alright.”

I was taken to the orthopedics hospital in Jinzhou City. The doctor looked at the X-ray and told me that a bone in my left foot and my right wrist were fractured. He suggested that I wear a cast. My back was injured as well, and I could not turn over. I asked the doctor how much this would cost and was told a cast for my foot was over 1,200 yuan and the cast for my wrist cost over 1,000 yuan. If my bone was dislocated and I needed surgery, that would cost over 10,000 yuan.

I had a discussion with the practitioner who moved the scaffold. I said, "I don’t want a cast. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. Master taught us to think of others. I should save money for my employer. I have Master looking after me." I told the doctor, “I don’t want casts,” and went home.

After reaching home, the practitioner carried me from the car to my room. When I was alone, I began to look within to see where I deviated from the Falun Dafa teachings. Why did I experience such a terrible fall?

I discovered that I looked down on my employer’s sister and brother-in-law because they did not practice cultivation diligently. They often read novels on their mobile phones and were unkind to employees. At times, they asked employees to work overtime for one to two hours without pay. It was extremely cold during November in Northeast China. The practitioner, a coworker and I lived in a huge, empty factory with a tiny room sectioned off using a cloth. There was no door. We asked the employer’s brother-in-law to provide us with a heater but he did not do so. I resented them, was full of complaints, jealous and thought I was a better practitioner.

We worked there for 40 days, studying the Fa and doing the exercises no matter how cold it was.

After finding these attachments, I realized I had not been cultivating myself during this period of time. I knew these were opportunities for me to improve, but I still felt unfairly treated. After the accident, I thoroughly let go of these human thoughts.

I laid in bed, unable to turn around. My wrist, foot and back hurt. I made an effort to recite the Fa and listen to Master’s lectures. About two weeks later, one day, I fell asleep lying on my back. Suddenly, I felt my body was afloat, approximately 30 cm above the bed. A giant, shiny hand held my body. My back stopped hurting at once. I knew Master was adjusting my body. I was cured. I kept thanking Master!

Two weeks later, my employer rang me and said, “Let me buy you medicine.” I replied, “You don’t have to.” He came to my house to give me 1,000 yuan. I said, “I practice Falun Dafa. My Master taught us to be considerate of others. Please take back this money!” I gave him a disk with information about Dafa.

Two days later, a practitioner called me, “Your employer said you are a good person, Falun Dafa is respectable.”

During this time, my sister brought me pills but I did not take them. Two months later, I had fully recovered without taking medication or injections.