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Recalling Master’s Visit to France to Teach Falun Dafa

May 13, 2022 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in France

(Minghui.org) In mid-March 1995, Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, came to Paris, France, and held the first Falun Dafa class in this country. I had the honor of meeting Master. Looking back on that year, it is as vivid as if it happened yesterday.

First Encounter with Dafa

In January 1995, I joined an Asian-French association whose members were mostly Asian and French. Once, the president asked me to bring two neighbors, a father and a son from Beijing, to perform qigong techniques at the association’s annual meeting.

More than seventy people attended the meeting. The father and son performed the qigong exercises after everyone had finished eating.

I was more than ten meters away from the son as I watched him doing the third Falun Dafa exercise. I was very sensitive and felt very strong energy. Both of my Laogong acupoints (at the center of the palm) were hot and turned red. I felt that this young man had real energy and it was very strong, so I became interested in Falun Dafa. As I drove them home after the event, they elaborated more about Falun Dafa, and I was fascinated. They lent me the book Falun Gong, the introduction to Falun Dafa (which is also called Falun Gong)

Meeting Master the First Time

Shortly after that, I found out that Master Li was coming to Paris to teach the Fa in early March of the same year (1995). 

The day Master arrived, my neighbors––the father and son––and I drove to the airport to pick him up. The plane was seven hours late and arrived at midnight. Among those who went to pick up Master, there were also people from the cultural office of the Chinese Embassy.

When I saw Master coming out of the airport, I couldn’t help but say: “Buddha image! Buddha image!” What I meant was that I thought Master was very much like a Buddha. I was always impressed by this.

We took Master straight to the hotel, and in less than two minutes, I heard a loud “pop.” I went to see what was going on. It turned out that a lightbulb above the washroom sink had exploded, and smoke was still coming out. The exploded bulb had fallen into the sink.

At that time I thought it was strange how a good light bulb blew up by itself. When I saw Master the next day, he said that there was something bad in the room and Master caught it and pressed it into the bulb and blew it up.

Curing Store Clerk’s Strange Illness

One day, I accompanied Master to a famous brand store near Republic Square. When I got to the men’s clothing department, I saw a couple of salesmen standing there, and I introduced Master to them, saying that he was a famous qigong master in China. I did not think much of it after I introduced Master. Within three minutes, one of the salesmen brought in a saleswoman from another department.

As soon as the woman came in, she asked Master to solve her problem. She had a strange disease: her back hurt, she had no strength, and she felt uncomfortable. After eight years of treatments including acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, nothing helped. I turned around to translate to Master.

Master said, “Alright, let her come.” 

Master told her to stand there with her body and head slightly tilted forward. Master quickly gave her a light pat on the back of her head and then a pat on the middle of her back. Then, at a distance of about fifteen centimeters from her body, Master pulled hard from her head to her back. 

The lady stood there in shock. Tears ran down her face. She felt better immediately and expressed her profound gratitude to Master. Master told me later that she had entity attachment, which stood on her hip with its hands on her shoulder.

Tough Eye Disease Disappeared in Five Minutes

I saw with my own eyes that Master’s healing was miraculous, so I told the people around me. A relative called me and told me that my aunt had a severe eye problem. They were so swollen that she could hardly open them, and they were extremely sensitive to light. Master agreed to take a look.

We went to my grandfather’s home. He invited us to sit in the living room and then he went to make tea. My aunt arrived. She even had to wear sunglasses inside. Master was about three to four meters away from my aunt.

Master extended his hands and asked my aunt to look at him. In less than two minutes, my aunt kept saying, “I am hot, very hot.” Tears ran down her face, and the swelling subsided gradually. She was able to open her eyes. Master asked her to go out since there was sunshine outside. She went out. It turned out she was no longer sensitive to light!

The Spinning Falun

Master came back to France one year later in 1996. He brought the book Zhuan Falun this time. I looked at Master’s picture in the book and looked at his eyes. As I watched, two Falun spiraled out of Master’s eyes, slowly changing from small to large, just like the colorful Falun I saw on TV.

I have been fortunate to have met with Master on many occasions. Master gave me the impression that he handled things in a kind and approachable manner. Master’s words and deeds influenced me a great deal. On my cultivation path, whenever I encounter difficulties, I think of Master and the precious memory always helps me and encourages me.