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Never Stop Saving People

April 23, 2022 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Hebei Province, China

(Minghui.org) I am a retired high school teacher who was respected by coworkers, students, and parents.

My body was swollen since I was 17 years old. Doctors did many tests on my urine, and found that it contained no protein. My illness became worse. With help from a student’s parent, I had an examination in a well known hospital. It was found that the connecting part between my ureter and kidney was congenitally deformed. The urine was therefore unable to be discharged smoothly, which in turn made liquid accumulate in my kidneys, resulting in a swollen lower back. This forced me to retire at 51. School leaders, colleges, students, and parents were very sorry to see me leave my teaching post.

The time was right for me, however. I started practicing Falun Dafa in March 1996. A Dafa practitioner sent me a copy of Zhuan Falun, and after reading the book I understood the fundamental reason for my illness.

Master said:

“Why do people get sick? The fundamental cause of one’s being ill and all of one’s misfortune is karma and the black substance’s karmic field. It is something negative and bad. Those evil beings are also something negative, and they are all black. Thus, they can come because this environment suits them. This is the fundamental cause of one’s being ill; it is the most principal source of illnesses.” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun)

I didn’t feel pain in my lower back when I read the book, and the swelling disappeared. I didn’t understand that Master was purifying my body. I told my husband, “Why does the pain stop when I read the book?”

He said: “Then just keep reading it.” He knew how I had suffered, and spent a lot of money on medicine, but to no avail. Later, when I was being held in the police station and the street committee office, because I told people about Dafa, my husband told the people there that he had even thought about donating his kidney if mine failed, but that wasn't needed after I started practicing Falun Dafa. The street committee office manager told me later that she was moved to tears.

Through Master’s teachings, I came to understand that the purpose of life is to return to our origin, and we have the mission and responsibility of saving people.

Getting My Sister to Quit the CCP

It took me thirteen years to get my sister to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. She is kind, and had a decent job as a senior statistician. I once called her in 2005 using a public telephone to avoid being monitored, and persuaded her to do the three withdrawals. She happily agreed at the time. However, the next day she called me back and told me to forget about what she said the previous day.

In 2007, I made a trip to her home. She still didn’t want to quit the Party, but the rest of her family did. In 2018, I wrote her a long letter to clarify the truth, but it still didn't move her. The following year, I went to her city again. I sat down with her and had a long conversation. When we talked about the extent of the corruption within the CCP, she agreed with me. She said no one in their leadership was not corrupted, and some of them have already been punished. I responded, “How can anyone be part of them?!”

She replied, “I will quit the Party,” and chose a great future for herself.

Former School’s CCP Leader Quits the Party

A Dafa practitioner, who is also my coworker, and I went to the home of a retired CCP leader of our school. We wanted to let him know the truth about Falun Dafa and ask if he would like to quit the Party. He was the dean of education, then vice principal, and finally CCP leader when I worked at the school. So I was working under his leadership.

I started the conversation by talking about predestined relationship, but he wouldn’t accept anything we said, and in the end waved his arms to drive us away. Later, whenever I had the opportunity to meet him, I talked about quitting the CCP.

One day in 2019, I went to his home and we had a long conversation. We talked about how corrupt society is nowadays. He had two children who deeply resonated with that, so I added, “Actually it’s society and the CCP that corrupted our children. Isn’t it better to quit it?” This time he happily agreed.

A student of mine brought me a list of 18 people who wanted to quit the CCP. She grew up in a family where her grandma often told her stories about the divine, so she believed that the gods were watching everyone.

I gave her truth clarification materials every time I passed by her home. She respected Dafa practitioners’ calmness, rationality, and perseverance while facing the persecution. When the ‘Quitting the CCP’ movement began in 2005, she, her husband, and her son all quit. I hoped that her other family members would also quit, and hoped that she could make it happen.

She didn’t realize the importance of quitting the Party until the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. She said, “The big elimination that Falun Dafa said would happen has really begun.”

Shortly after, she helped three generations of her family quit the Party, totaling 18 people, and she kept the withdrawal certificates in a safe place.