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Reciting Nine Special Words Brings Inner Calm and Peace

April 11, 2022 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Singapore

(Minghui.org) My older brother began suffering from depression in 2003. He sometimes found it difficult to sleep, and he avoided crowd situations as they triggered panic attacks. He managed his condition through medication, but sometimes stress caused relapses.

After he started saying, “Fa-Lun Da-Fa Hao, Zhen-Shan-Ren Hao,” which means “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness–Compassion–Forbearance is good,” he found he could sleep better, and was able to cope with his panic attacks.

“When I have a panic or anxiety attack, when I’m feeling very anxious, reciting these words helps bring me a sense of inner calm, a sense of stability,” he said.

He said that reciting the words helps ward off negative thoughts and brings him, “back on track, to keep my thoughts upright and good.”

“Saying the Nine Words gives me the insight and wisdom to act correctly, act the correct way, in whatever situation I find myself in,” he said.

He is deeply appreciative and grateful for the Nine Special Words. “I notice that saying them has made a difference in my life, so I am very grateful,” he said.

How It All Started

I started practicing Falun Dafa in December 2015 when I was looking for a remedy for my skin issues. After just two months of practice, the most severely afflicted parts of my skin cleared up, and my health and energy improved as well. I was delighted! I recommended Falun Dafa to my parents and siblings, but they thought my recovery was due to other factors, like the climate. They also said the exercises took too long.

I got married in December 2020. Then late last year, in 2021, my younger sister announced that she was also getting married. That meant my brother would be the only one left who was still unmarried.

Thinking of his future, my brother then fell into a state of depression and suffered a relapse.

During a family get-together, he asked me if there was anything simple that he could do, such as chanting or reciting Buddhist phrases (which my mother usually did on a daily basis). He didn’t like reading lengthy texts or doing exercises. I said, “Yes, there is.”

I told him, “You can try reciting the Nine Words, ‘Fa-Lun Da-Fa Hao, Zhen-Shan-Ren Hao’. As long as you say them sincerely, even if you just say them silently, it will work.” I pointed out that he didn’t have to do the exercises, read the books, or change his faith or current lifestyle.

I also sent him a link to a presentation on social media, “Reciting Falun Dafa’s Nine Words Helps People Cope with COVID-19.” In that webinar, anti-viral expert Dr. Yuhong Dong presented the results of a study she conducted on 36 COVID-19 patients across six countries who recited the Nine Words. Of the patients, 73% experienced complete recovery while 27% showed improvement. Everyone said they benefited from reciting the Nine Words. It just took just one day after the patients started reciting the mantra to see improvement, and three days for complete recovery.

Afterwards, my brother told me he checked out the link I sent.

In our previous conversations, he told me he was, “A man of science. I believe in hard, actual, scientific proof.” He said that what he saw in the presentation struck a chord in him, and he started reciting the Nine Words.

My Brother’s Experience

On January 4, 2022, he messaged me saying that he fell asleep right after he recited the Nine Words. “I’ve been having trouble sleeping for the past couple of nights so I was surprised,” he said. “I wondered, could Falun Dafa’s Nine Words be having a real effect on me?”

I felt very happy for him and encouraged him to keep it up.

He messaged me again a few days later, on January 8. He said reciting the Nine Words repeatedly the previous day while he was traveling home on a crowded train helped ward off negative thoughts. He said he was in, “...a highly tense state. In the company of strangers, in crowded situations, I tend to be very nervous,” he explained.

“Whenever I stray, and think negative thoughts, reciting the Nine Words helps to bring me back on track, to keep my thoughts upright and good.”

“Reciting the Nine True Words has helped me to remain calm and not relapse into my hallucinations,” he said. “They help to clear my mind and bring inner calm, inner peace.”

Reconciliation With Our Sister

Later that afternoon (January 8, 2022), my brother told me he apologized to our sister for treating her poorly in the past. “I think reciting the Nine Words gave me the strength, courage and wisdom to do this,” he said.

“I think this is a great victory for me, and I’m very grateful.”

I was really touched. I wouldn’t have thought it even possible given his temperament. When I pointed this out, he replied, “I know. I was always too proud and selfish.”

During our next weekly dinner, my wife remarked that my brother looked happier and more lively, and he was also more outgoing and actively engaged in conversation.

Improvement in Other Areas of His Life

An unexpected benefit he also experienced was the improvement of his presbyopia. “I noticed I don’t need to strain anymore when looking at things in front of me,” he told me.

Reciting the Nine True Words also improved his health. “I used to wake up many times during the night to use the bathroom, but now I only wake up once or twice at most,” he said. “So I think it has helped me in this area.”

When my brother visited his doctor on January 13, 2022, his doctor said he had a good chance of full recovery (defined as a year without any relapse). We were really happy to hear that.

When my brother visited his doctor on February 25, the doctor halved his medication, from 10mg (originally prescribed for him on January 13) to 5mg. We see that as a sign that my brother is on the road to recovery.

My brother now recites the Nine Words every night.

He has finished reading the introductory text, Falun Gong, and is currently reading Zhuan Falun. He has also started doing the first set of exercises.

The Nine Words are Amazing

Witnessing how my brother has changed for the better before my eyes, I am truly glad and hope more people will be willing to give this a try (no need to say aloud or change your existing faith/beliefs/lifestyle!)

From the bottom of my heart, I thank Master Li for introducing Falun Dafa to the world and for giving us the Nine Words. Falun Dafa is indeed good!