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Awakening People and Validating Falun Dafa During the Pandemic

March 5, 2022 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) The world’s situation has changed dramatically within the past two years. There have been lock-downs everywhere since the COVID outbreak, which has complicated our efforts to tell people about the persecution. But no matter how many difficulties we face, there are always open paths for practitioners to follow.

Validating Falun Dafa During the Pandemic

One day before Chinese New Year in 2020, my sister-in-law called me, saying that my father-in-law, who was 97 years old, was in critical condition and receiving emergency treatment. The next morning my husband and I drove to our hometown. We arrived at my in-laws’ home at noon on the third day, and went to the hospital to see my father-in-law. When he saw us, he was very happy and in high spirits.

We went back to my in-laws’ home to rest. Soon after we had dinner, my sister-in-law called me. She said my father-in-law’s life was in danger, and asked us to immediately return to the hospital. When we arrived we saw that he was having trouble breathing and looked very uncomfortable. The doctor told us to prepare for his funeral, as his heart and pulse rates were decreasing, gradually approaching a flat line.

My sister-in-law wept. I told her not to cry, but to recite, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” After she said this a few times, she stopped and asked me to help her prepare for the funeral.

I wasn’t moved—I believed Master would save him. Then, they all left, including my husband. I was the only one left with my father-in-law, but I wasn’t worried. I held his hand and calmly recited the phrases for him.

Half an hour later, my sister-in-law came back with the shroud. When she saw the numbers of his heart and pulse on the instrument kept going up, she asked the doctor and nurse to look at him. They were very happy when they saw that my father-in-law was still alive. He was transferred to the ICU. The next day he could eat a little. Faced with this miracle, some of our relatives understood that Dafa saved him.

While I stayed at my in-laws’ place, besides taking care of my father-in-law, I did all the household chores. My in-laws’ home was a three-story house. No one had cleaned it since it was built two years prior, so it was very dirty. After my brother-in-law saw how I cleaned it, he was very happy and said it finally looked like a home.

I had never taken care of bed-ridden elderly people before, which involved cleaning urine and bowel movements. When I let go of my attachment to the smell and filth I didn’t smell anything any longer. I thought Master must have removed my attachment. I sometimes cleaned my father-in-law’s phlegm with my bare hands. I also washed his feet, repositioned him in bed, and did other tasks.

At the hospital I kept reciting the two auspicious phrases for him. When I asked him to say them with me, he said that even though he knew Falun Dafa was good, he was afraid of saying it out loud. He would only recite the words quietly.

He was persecuted during the Cultural Revolution. He was openly criticized and forced to leave home and move to the countryside. He was thus frightened of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). But he was also the one who introduced Dafa to me. After he learned the exercises, he felt great and told me about Falun Dafa. When the Party began to persecute Dafa, he was terrified, and stopped practicing.

During the Chinese New Year, because of the pandemic, the hospital restricted visitor access. Only his two daughters could enter the hospital. The treatments didn’t work well, and it was difficult for him to eat. The doctor wanted to insert a stomach tube, but he refused. His daughters decided to take him home, and have him recite “Falun Dafa is good!”

Soon after he came home he could eat some rice porridge and he began to recite the two Dafa phrases. Worried that he wouldn’t remember them my sister-in-law wrote them down and put them up on his bedside where he could see them. My sister-in-law didn’t quite believe in Dafa in the past, but this time, she changed her mind. She also told her younger daughter to recite the words every day, as her daughter recently had surgery. When a neighbor came to visit my father-in-law, she told her that Dafa is truly wonderful, and only because my father-in-law recited “Falun Dafa is good,” did he get better. She helped me when I clarified the facts of Falun Dafa, and encouraged the neighbor to quit the CCP.

Because of the pandemic lockdown other relatives couldn’t come. There was only I and my three sisters-in-law looking after my father-in-law. When they asked to learn the exercises I taught them, and we did them in the morning and at night.

Twelve days later, my father-in-law peacefully passed away. Everyone in the family helped him recite the Dafa phrases until the very end. Before that, my three sisters-in-law didn’t fully believe in Dafa, but because of witnessing the miracles that happened to my father-in-law they changed their minds.

While I stayed with my in-laws I did not let up on phoning people to clarify the facts to them. Because of the pandemic many people were anxiously looking for help, so it was easy to help them quit the CCP.

Cultivation Opportunities While Phoning People

I asked for Master’s empowerment to break through, so I ended up phoning and talking to more people than before. I could clearly feel Master helping me. For example, when my prepaid card was about to expire I was worried about where I’d find another one. A practitioner sent me a text message saying she had an extra prepaid card for me. In addition, every time I phoned people very little money was deducted from the card. This was truly amazing!

I have used cell phones to clarify the facts for years. Every time when I went out to make calls, I was on the call for about an hour and a half and could help a few people quit the CCP. It went from one or two, to eight or nine people every time. Occasionally I didn’t help anyone, but my heart wasn’t moved. My intention was to clarify the facts. When the other party didn’t understand, I called them a few times. During the process I encountered all kinds of people. Some were appreciative and praised Dafa, but others swore at or threatened me. Some asked for money, others wanted to report me, and so on. I specifically phoned people who worked for the police, the Procuratorate, and judicial systems. I felt these were good xinxing tests for me.

One time, as soon as the call went through I asked the woman to quit the CCP. She said, “Why are you calling me? I am not only a Party member, but also the President of the police bureau.”

When I encountered someone like this before, I thought to myself, “Even the President of China should be offered this opportunity, let alone you?! What’s the big deal about you?”

At that moment I realized I wasn’t kind. This was my competitive mentality and I was the one who thought too highly of myself. I said to her calmly, “The president of the police bureau needs to be safe as well! No matter who you are, your life belongs to you, not the CCP. Many high-level officials have also decided to quit the Party.”

She said, “You should be careful about what you say, otherwise you’ll be held legally responsible.” I said, “If you think about it, mankind has never been in charge. Even though the CCP is atheist and does not believe in gods, heaven is watching. I want you to choose a bright future for yourself. The reason I am calling you is not about politics, but rather to tell you how to save your life amid tribulations.”

I said, “Gods are watching us and heaven is about to eliminate the CCP. Good people should not be destroyed. The sooner we quit the CCP, the sooner we ensure our safety. Actually, it is very simple for one to quit the CCP. Gods only look at our hearts. Let me give you a pseudonym. How about you renounce your memberships from it to ensure your safety?” She thanked me, but said she wasn’t ready.

I said, “Buddha saves good people. You are a good person. The reason I’m calling you is to offer you a chance to stay safe. The COVID virus is mutating—who knows when the next wave will hit us? I truly hope you can stay safe. Do you understand what I’m saying?” She said she did.

I said, “How about if I use a pseudonym to help you quit the CCP?” She said she had concerns. I felt she was afraid, but that she understood what I said. Without my heart being moved, I kept talking to her, “Don’t miss the opportunity that heaven is offering you. This kind of opportunity doesn’t come very often.” She said she wasn’t sure.

I said, “Confucius said, ‘A wise man doesn’t stand under a dangerous wall.’ The CCP is a dangerous wall, it can collapse at any time. We should stay away from it and not be hit by it when it collapses. Let me give you an analogy: If you know that a train is heading for an abyss, will you stay on it, or will you get off? You got this call, it means that you are someone with good fortune. I sincerely hope you can stay safe. Please do not miss this opportunity that heaven offers good people. Do you understand?”

She said she got it. I said, “I will give you a pseudonym. If you agree then you’ll be all set. Okay?” She finally said cheerfully, “To stay safe, okay! Thank you!” I asked her to please remember to sincerely say, “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!”

It’s not easy to make effective truth-clarification calls. Even though many negative factors have subsided, the persecution has become more rampant in some areas. The voice-recording calls to help people quit the CCP have been around for years, and many people have listened to the truth multiple times. But as soon as some start listening, they immediately hang up. Some even blocked my number.

I wondered, “What holds people back and blocks them?” I enlightened that in order to rectify this state, I needed to focus on reading the teachings, as they can strengthen our righteous thoughts. In addition, I need to look inward at all times. During the process of telling people about the persecution, I needed to eliminate my attachments, adjust myself, and use pure compassion so I can do well.

Anything that stops us from awakening people, and telling them about Dafa and the persecution, is wasting Dafa’s resources. Every evil factor that interferes with our ability to talk to people should be eliminated. We should send righteous thoughts to stop the surveillance devices from participating in persecuting practitioners. We should treasure Master’s compassion, and awaken the knowing side of people, so they can quickly learn the truth and be saved.

The CCP causes a lot of interference by monitoring people’s cell phones. The Party also made it harder to buy prepaid phone cards. But I held a very firm thought: My intention is to awaken people; the Party can’t monitor me. Another practitioner told me that phone monitoring was increasing and asked me to be careful. I was not moved.

A person I phoned threatened me, saying that he recorded me and was about to upload it online. When I clarified the facts, he didn’t want to listen. I had no fear, but only had a firm thought: Practitioners are doing the most sacred thing and no one can interfere.

Working Together to Dismantle the Persecution

Two practitioners were arrested and held at a detention center. Ye contacted Hong and I, and asked us to help find lawyers. Ye first contacted their families as they needed to sign paperwork to hire a lawyer. Since they had little money, other practitioners chipped in to cover the legal fees. That afternoon we drove to meet with the wife of one practitioner who was being held. We told her that we would cover the lawyer fee, and all she needed to do was to sign a copy of the power of attorney. She seemed hesitant to sign it. Seeing that, we asked her to talk to her family while we waited outside.

Half an hour later police officers came and surrounded us. They said we had been reported, and they demanded to check our IDs. It turned out that the wife was instigated by her father-in-law to call the police. At that moment I remembered what Master said. I understood that I should not cooperate with the interference but completely negate the old forces’ arrangement and walk the path arranged by Master.

Hong immediately phoned her daughter and told her that we had been arrested. Her daughter notified other practitioners to send righteous thoughts. We didn’t complain about the wife who reported us—instead we felt she was to be pitied. I looked inward—for such a thing to happen it must have something to do with my cultivation state. I slacked off in my cultivation recently, and wasn’t doing well in sending forth righteous thoughts or doing the exercises. I also had attachments such as anxiety, complaints, jealousy, attachment to ego, and not wanting to be criticized. After I found them, I rectified myself right away.

As we didn’t cooperate with them, one person in charge had a few more police officers come. They took us to the police station. At the police station we clarified the facts and sent righteous thoughts. Whatever they asked us to do, we just ignored them. The police officers found Ye’s driver license in her purse so they knew who she was. Hong only told them her name. When they tried to photograph us we refused to cooperate.

When the police officers asked me why I didn’t give them my name, I said that practicing Falun Dafa is legal. I explained that since we didn’t commit any crimes or violate any laws we couldn’t cooperate with them. If I were to do that, it would harm them. The three of us all shared the same thought, we will only walk the path that Master arranged, we don’t want or acknowledge anything else.

The three of us sent forth the same thought at 11 p.m.: We will be released before midnight! About ten minutes later someone came to the door and told us to leave.

When we entered the lobby the officers who arrested us were there. The person in charge said, “Police don’t lock up good people.” We felt very happy for them. After they returned our personal belongings they cautioned us to drive back carefully.

Protected by Master, we returned home safe and sound. We later learned that many practitioners helped send forth righteous thoughts for us. It was a great overall cooperation of the one body. When Hong’s daughter went to the police station to demand our release, the officers ignored her. So she called a given phone number to report on the situation, which greatly shook them.