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Busy Saving Sentient Beings in a Detention Center

Feb. 19, 2022 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I was reported to the police for distributing Falun Dafa truth-clarification materials in January 2018 and was illegally detained in a detention center. I wasn't afraid when I was arrested. I was not afraid when I clarified the truth to the inmates in the cells either. Master kept opening up my wisdom. My path of clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings became wider and wider. I helped 124 inmates withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

I was thinking about how I could better clarify the truth to inmates while I was in the detention center. The guard interrogated me the next day, but I didn’t cooperate. One came to drag me out and hit me hard onto the concrete floor. A big lump instantly appeared on my head. She said that I assaulted her instead and raised the alarm. I didn’t back down and warned her squarely, “No one can ever change me!” She handcuffed me.

I didn’t cooperate with the doctor when she wanted to take my blood. She shouted at me. I said to her, “Don’t treat me like this. It is not good for you. You are committing a crime.” “I am willing to commit this crime,” she screamed. I didn’t argue with her and sent forth righteous thoughts. She calmed down after a while and said with a flat tone, “I will take your blood myself on Friday.”

Everyone was sitting quietly when I came into the cell. I sat down. I said, “I am over 60 years old, yet you still put me in here. Why don’t you do something about those corrupt officials? You persecute good people. Do you think Heaven will not punish you? You’d better quit your memberships in the CCP and its affiliated organizations to keep yourselves safe.”

I then sang several songs composed by our practitioners. The inmates started to weep. My righteous energy suppressed the evil elements. I felt that there was a force pushing me forward. I clarified the truth to them and sang Dafa songs for about 20 minutes. The guards seemed to not hear me. No one came to stop me. The cell was quiet.

I had a wish to clarify the truth with Dafa songs. My wish came true in this harsh environment, much to my surprise.

I later learned that if the guards don’t come, the inmates normally would have stopped me. Otherwise they would face punishment of being deprived of entertainment or even sleep. No one was allowed to speak loudly. The inmates were amazed that this happened. It made it easier for me to clarify the truth to the inmates one-by-one later on.

The guards didn’t allow me to speak in the cell. The guards didn’t allow other people to talk to me either. The cell was less than 30 square meters. I refused to recite the prison regulations and was punished by being made to sit quietly with my back facing the TV.

One night everyone was watching TV. I sat with my back facing the TV as my punishment. An inmate from my hometown came to pour water into my cup. I asked her quietly if she had joined the CCP and its affiliated organizations. She nodded her head. I said that I would help her withdraw her memberships. She nodded again. She seemed pleased.

I took every opportunity, such as during brushing teeth time and standing in line time, to persuade people to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. People who didn’t watch TV at night came to chat with me. They were willing to chat with me. I asked them to withdraw from the CCP quietly. To remember their names, I compiled poems using their names.

I didn't just clarify the truth in the cells. I also took opportunities while seeing my lawyer, being interrogated or talking to the guards to clarify the truth to them. I sometimes sang Dafa songs or recited poems from Hong Yin.

I clarified the truth to my lawyer when he came to see me. I hoped that he would enter a not-guilty plea for me. I recited Master’s poems to him. He listened to me quietly and didn’t stop me.

When he was going outside, he murmured to himself “Falun Gong. Falun Gong” as if he wanted to let people know about me. When I was going back to the cell, someone shouted “Falun Dafa is good.” Then many people shouted “Falun Dafa is good.” During those days, I felt very fulfilled and didn’t have any fear or worries.

I was in the cell that received the newcomers. Newcomers came in almost every day. I clarified the truth to them and helped them withdraw from the CCP. Three months later the guards were also replaced. The new guards didn’t limit my speech or prevent me from talking to the inmates. I could chat with the inmates at any time. It was more convenient for me to clarify the truth in this environment.

When a newcomer came, I helped them analyze their case. I stayed in the cell for a relatively long time and accumulated some experience with them. I could analyze their cases relatively well, so I became close to them. I would ask them about their family situations, so I came to know them pretty well. When I clarified the truth to them later on, I was more successful and they normally agreed to withdraw from the CCP quickly. Some agreed to quit the CCP and were then released the next day.

One inmate from Sichuan Province had two children, but she was a bit naive. She didn’t know that her friends were carrying methamphetamine when they went on a trip to Shanghai together. She was implicated. She was very anxious in the cell. She sat near me. I helped her analyze her case when the other people left. I clarified the truth to her and helped her withdraw from the CCP. I hoped that she could leave early.

When her name was called the next day and she was asked to get her things ready, she jumped up. She looked at me and cried while she was leaving. I prayed for her silently.

During the Chinese New Year, 20 people were remaining in the cell. There were no newcomers. I used this time to clarify the truth in detail to them and let them know why they should withdraw from the CCP. I calmed down to look within and also reviewed the methods I had used for saving sentient beings. While I was on duty at noon, I sent forth righteous thoughts and then recited Lunyu and poems from Hong Yin, Hong Yin II and Hong Yin III. I could then save sentient beings more effectively.

I wrote small poems to help me remember the names of the people who had withdrawn from the CCP so that I could publish them online when I was released. I clarified the truth to the inmates during the break at noon time using different methods according to their age and education level so that I could quickly go to the main topic. If the inmates had a higher education level, I would recite poems to them first and then tell them why they should withdraw from the CCP. They normally accepted this readily.

I was sometimes in low spirits and didn’t talk to the inmates for a few days. I would adjust my cultivation state to eliminate the interference during those times and didn’t forget my mission. I was not afraid, but I sometimes worried that someone might report me to the guards. When I had just started to clarify the truth, I had some concerns. Some inmates learned the truth but didn’t dare to quit the CCP. I dared not speak louder. I later realized that my righteous thoughts should subdue the evil so that kind people could break through the evil spirits’ control. I was no longer afraid. What should I fear if people awaken? I often sang songs composed by our practitioners and recited poems from Hong Yin.

I moved to a new cell. The room was twice as big as the previous one. Sometimes there were more than 30 people in the cell. I hurried up to save more people. I did not leave anyone out before I was released. Master always sent predestined people to me.

One person from Shanghai was a few years younger than me. She smiled at me as soon as she came in. One day she asked me to teach her the meditation exercise. She said that she knew about Falun Dafa. I clarified the truth to her further. She agreed to withdraw from the CCP.

No one disrespected me or disliked me when I clarified the truth at the detention center. No one reported me to the guards. I completed the mission of saving sentient beings there. I saw that people were awakening. I didn’t have any pursuit about how many people I had persuaded to withdraw from the CCP, but I achieved good results.

On the day I was due to leave, everyone sat there quietly. One girl from Shanghai asked me to sing the song “Be Saved” again. I was taken away to be released after I finished the song. I wished them peace and happiness.

I stayed in the detention center for one year and four months. I let the inmates know the truth about Falun Dafa. I told them to remember “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” and helped the 124 inmates withdraw from the CCP.

I deeply feel the protection and strengthening by Master on my path of saving sentient beings and going through various tests. No words can express my gratitude to Master. I will redouble my efforts to do the three things well and be worthy of Master’s compassionate salvation!