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The 19th China Fahui Articles: Living by the Principles Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Despite Harsh Persecution

Nov. 22, 2022 |   By Minghui correspondent Xia Chunqing

(Minghui.org) Since 2004, Minghui has been hosting online Falun Dafa Experience-Sharing Conference of Practitioners in China (China Fahui) every year. During the 19th China Fahui this year, 42 articles were published on Chinese Minghui between November 7 and 22. 

These published articles were written by practitioners from all walks of life and age groups, with the oldest one being 92 years old. Despite the harsh persecution in China, they have never forgotten their mission of saving people and have been using various creative ways to expose the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s lies and hate propaganda against Dafa, as well as to help people sever ties with the CCP and choose a better future. The articles also showcased how practitioners live by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and look within to identify their attachments and improve their xinxing

One can see the compassion and power of Dafa, and the noble character of practitioners from these articles. 

Rescuing Detained Practitioners with a Pure Heart

In “Looking Within When Being Criticized by Fellow Practitioners,” the author, a practitioner in Northeast China, shared her experience of rescuing detained practitioners in the past two years. In the face of complaints and criticism from other practitioners, she learned to truly look inward. She realized that her response to the criticism exposed her attachments and human notions, which was a layer of substance that had been surrounding her for a long time. 

“From these experiences, I realized that anyone working on rescuing detained practitioners must look within to cultivate ourselves, instead of forcing our own opinions on others. Only by aligning ourselves with Dafa principles will our mind be pure, our field will be compassionate, and things will change,” she wrote. “Only when we meet the requirement of Dafa can we see the power of Dafa. The only thing that can change us and enable us to improve is Dafa.”

She also realized that helping rescuing detained practitioners and saving government officials was a long-term effort. To do it well, she learned to be considerate of other practitioners who worked with her on rescuing others, and to clarify the truth with a pure heart and no pursuit of outcomes. 

Another article was published on Chinese Minghui on November 17 with a title of “Looking for Police Officers to Clarify the Facts.” After a practitioner in Northeast China was detained twice, including spending one year at a labor camp, she clarified the truth to the police officers who arrested her in the past. 

During her conversations with the police, this practitioner was full of compassion for the police officers, sincerely hoping they could be saved. “My compassion has suppressed fear,” she recalled. After her younger sister was detained, she had a deeper understanding of this. “We should make the best use of the process to save people, instead of just pursuing the result [of getting the detained practitioners released],” she explained. “When we fully act according to Dafa principles and constantly rectify ourselves, the outcome will naturally be good.”

Exposing the Vicious Deeds

In “The Path We Walked Together,” an article published on Chinese Minghui on November 16, the author recalled how he and other practitioners in his region opposed the suppression in the past 20 plus years. 

Not long after the persecution started, he started to compile cases of local practitioners being targeted for their faith by interviewing concerned practitioners, their family members, and other insiders. “Every time after I drafted a report, I would revise it based on feedback from other practitioners,” he wrote. “I would try to write it in a way that is easy for non-practitioners to understand. After Minghui published my reports, we would print them out for distribution. The result was always good.”

The author also wrote that from flyers to truth-clarification booklets, their local practitioners distributed a variety of truth-clarification materials community by community, and district by district. They would verify the facts again and again to make sure there was no error in the articles printed in those materials. They would also include cases specific to the areas where they planned to distribute materials. They would also check how many households in how many apartment buildings were in each area, and send forth righteous thoughts in advance to achieve the best outcome.

The effect was very good. One team leader at a police department used to be very vicious in arresting practitioners and extorting money from them. Upon seeing his bad deeds exposed throughout the city and learning the facts of Falun Dafa, he resigned from the position. “I changed to a different job,” he said to a friend. “Those practitioners will practice anyway. What is the point of arresting them?”

In late 2008, a practitioner from another city was beaten to death in a local prison. Almost all the practitioners in the region started to expose the evil, including distributing flyers, putting up self-adhesive posters, mailing letters, and making phone calls. One procurator was impressed and said, “There is Falun Dafa information everywhere.”

The author said that the deceased practitioner’s family members did not understand Falun Dafa and were very cold to their local practitioners upon arriving in their city to attend the funeral. Their local practitioners clarified the facts to the family, arranged their room and board, went with them to the prison and procuratorate, hired a lawyer to request a third-party autopsy. The family came to understand their loved one was persecuted to death. Before they left, local practitioners watched a Shen Yun performance with them and treated them to a feast to bid them farewell. “No one treated us so nicely as you did,” said the deceased practitioner’s younger brother. “We are indeed one family,” added the practitioner’s older brother. Everyone was in tears. 

In the next 10-plus years, the prison officials had tried many times to pressure the deceased practitioner’s family to consent to cremation of his body, but the family had always firmly said no every time and demanded further investigation of the cause of death. “The situation in our area improved dramatically. No more practitioners have since lost their lives to the persecution,” stated the article. 

Another article, “Cultivating While Printing Informational Materials and Writing Minghui Reports”, shared how Minghui correspondents in China collected persecution information, wrote articles, and produced materials.

When the author’s practitioner parents helped him prepare truth-clarification materials, he became upset with them and criticized them for being unable to handle the paper cutter well. “When I calmed down and studied the Fa, I felt that my capacity was too small to accommodate others. This was the first time my parents had ever made truth-clarification materials. It takes time to understand the process. Why couldn’t I teach them patiently? I wanted to rectify myself in Dafa.” he wrote. “The next time I needed their help, I carefully showed them how to do it several times. When I changed myself, they did as I asked.”

Another time he became worried as to whether a machine he ordered would arrive on time, if he could learn to operate it, and if he could produce the truth-clarification materials needed in a short time since no other practitioners in the area knew the technology. 

“I strengthened my righteous thoughts and had the sincere wish to be selfless and save people. Master arranged this matter very well,” wrote the author. The machine arrived on time, and the truth-clarification materials were completed within the planned time and delivered to fellow practitioners. “My greatest enlightenment was that Master is by my side all the time, and what I have to do is to let go of human thoughts and notions and believe in Master and the Fa,” he added. 

Once another practitioner asked him to write a commentary. He remembered a story and used it to illustrate the issue for this article. He shared that after he wrote down the talking points, “My thoughts flowed like a spring, and I completed the article in half an hour. It was published on Minghui with almost no changes. Such miracles are all Master’s compassionate blessings,” he explained. “Master gave me a great deal of wisdom and abilities. In validating the Fa, I’m fulfilling my responsibilities. I make sure to read and recite the Fa every day. I know that, without Dafa, I can’t do anything.”

Importance of Righteous Thoughts

One article published by Chinese Minghui on November 16 talked about righteous thoughts and supernormal abilities. Titled “Master Helped Me Avert Danger,” this article was written by Ying Lai, who was abused in detention after being arrested for distributing materials in 2014.

After taking her to their police station, the officers put her truth-clarification materials on the floor and ordered her to take a picture with the materials. 

“It won’t work,” Ying Lian said. 

The pictures taken had no image of her or the materials no matter how the police tried. 

One officer slapped her in the face like crazy. Another officer also kicked and beat her hard. Although full of bruises, Ying Lian had no resentment since she knew the officers were misled by the CCP’s hate propaganda. She kept telling the officers what Falun Dafa is and how it has been spread around the world. She also urged them to stop doing evil because “good is rewarded with good, and evil meets evil.”

To prevent the officers from doing bad deeds, Ying Lian said in her mind, “Master, please help me so that the pain would go to the perpetrators, not me.” She also said it out loud for the officers to hear. The officers who beat her then appeared to be in great pain and left. 

“This incident showed me the dignity and supernormal power of Dafa. It also helped me gain more confidence in the practice,” Ying Lian wrote. 

Clarifying the Facts During Detention

In “Wrongful Sentence Dismissed with Solid Cultivation and Perseverance,” the author wrote she was kept at a detention center for 19 months for submitting a criminal complaint against former CCP leader Jiang Zemin for launching the persecution of Falun Dafa. 

After being sentenced to three years, the author appealed. Two months later, a judge and his assistant from the intermediate court came to talk to her in the detention center. She reiterated that she had done nothing wrong, but was detained there for over a year. 

The judge said nothing and just listened. She continued, “After I began practicing Falun Gong, all my illnesses disappeared. Guided by its teachings, I resolved my conflicts with my in-laws and improved my relationship with my spouse. Family is the building block of society. If the family is harmonious, society will be stable. Falun Gong’s principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance are beneficial to both individual families and the nation as a whole. I hope that when you handle Falun Gong cases, you will help us to the best of your ability. It’s not only helping us, but you are also doing yourself and your family a big favor!”

In the end, the judge asked, “What do we put on the interview record?”

“You can write something like ‘The facts are unclear, the evidence is insufficient, and the law is not properly applied,” replied the author. 

A detention center guard said to her, “Every time I talk to you, you are smiling. You have a strong character.” Two months later, the procuratorate dismissed the practitioner’s case and withdrew the indictment against her. She was formally acquitted and released after 19 months of detention, during which time she helped about 200 people learn the facts about Falun Dafa and quit the CCP organizations.

Young Practitioner: Remaining Diligent

In “Maturing in Cultivation,” a practitioner shared how she improved in Falun Dafa practice. The pandemic didn’t stop her from being diligent in cultivation either. She found ways to still go out and clarify the truth.

Once a woman in her 50s thanked the author for sharing with her information about Falun Dafa. She was curious and asked, “How did you get out? Aren’t you afraid of the virus?” The author said she really wanted to tell more people how to stay safe in this special time, without concerns for herself. “What a brave girl you are!” the woman replied. 

“I knew that this was encouragement from Master and that what we practitioners were doing was selfless and precious. I felt different under this tense atmosphere, proud and sacred, and I sensed Master’s support and blessing. Things went especially well that day,” wrote the author.

Many people are anxiously waiting to be saved. “After I made breakthroughs and stepped out to save people face to face, I experienced the sensation of sanctity and the mission of saving people. Such beauty can only be felt through one’s own personal experience,” she wrote. 

Letting Go of Attachment to Comfort and Saving People in Pandemic

A practitioner in Hebei Province wrote her story in the article of “Putting Forth More Effort to Save People During the Pandemic.”

“After the pandemic broke out, my husband and I further realized the urgency of telling people the facts about Falun Dafa and helping them sever ties with the CCP organizations. Through discussion, we decided to distribute truth-clarification materials to every household in the dozens of villages in our region,” she wrote. “We also recognized that we needed to save people wholeheartedly instead of just going through the motions to get things done.”

Having been spoiled by her parents since childhood, the author had hardly endured any hardship. “I was relatively weak and also had an attachment to comfort. I usually walked very slowly. With the help of Master Li [the founder of Falun Dafa], however, I was able to walk fast with agility when distributing materials,” she explained. “I would not be afraid of any difficulty, as if a strong energy was supporting me. It was not until after we’d distributed all the materials that I would feel tired. I knew that Master was helping me upon seeing me willing to save people.”

Once she was arrested for handing out Falun Dafa materials. About eight or nine different police officers were assigned to take turns watching her. Nearly all of them had been poisoned by the CCP’s hate propaganda against Falun Dafa. Depending on their situation, she explained what Falun Dafa is and debunked the defamatory propaganda. Some of them agreed with what she said, some accepted part of it, and some did not listen at all. 

“We found so many things related to Falun Dafa, including a printer,” one officer said to her. “You must have printed many materials.”

The practitioner was very calm and replied, “Since I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, of course I will have things related to Falun Dafa. It is the same for you – you are a police officer and you have things related to law enforcement, such as police uniforms.”

The officer did not know what to say and left. 

“In my mind I had a strong thought: ‘Practitioners have the mission of producing materials and saving people. This can never become so-called “evidence” for the CCP to persecute us,’” wrote the practitioner. 

In addition to clarifying the truth, the author also opposed any persecution with righteous thoughts. “In this way, with Master’s help, I returned home safely within 24 hours. My neighbors were surprised. They saw me being arrested and thought I would be detained for some time. After this incident, some of them became interested in knowing more about Falun Dafa,” she wrote. 

A Better Society

“I was responsible for purchase accounting in my company before my retirement, one of the positions known for gray income. In the past 20-plus years, I have handled billions of yuan in purchases each year, but I always required myself to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance (Zhen-Shan-Ren). That is, I tried to be fair, just, and transparent so as to protect my company’s interest and that of our vendors as well,” wrote the author of “The Demeanor of a Falun Dafa Practitioner.” 

Once after a major audit, the author ran into a manager at her company on a bus. The manager said, “Many mid-level managers were ordered to return their gray income after the audit. You are the only exception who reported no gray income!” Another coworker also went to the author’s office and said, “Your faith has helped you; otherwise, you would not be able to sit here [since many others were disciplined for taking bribes or kickbacks].” Because of her honesty and integrity, the author gained more and more trust and was promoted. 

One time, a supervisor said the author’s analysis of purchase accounting was circulated at a conference held by the parent company and attended by all subsidiaries. He said he was asked why he still dared to use the author, a Falun Dafa practitioner. He replied, “She does whatever is asked of her and does it well. If we have more people like her, things would be much easier.”

One vendor said he had never met a good person like the author since she always helped others without seeking return. “The CCP has so much hate propaganda against Falun Dafa, but you are like spring water – clean and pure, purging all the propaganda from my mind,” he added. 

The author’s performance was well-acknowledged. Even in the harsh persecution of Falun Dafa in China, “I was awarded many times including some province-level prizes. The selection of awardees was based on votes at different levels of the company. Those who received the most votes in a certain award category would be chosen,” she wrote. “So the many awards I received showed that people at my company recognized Falun Dafa’s benefits to businesses.” 

Once the local police took her to the police department due to her practice of Falun Dafa. Quite a few supervisors and coworkers voluntarily went to the police department to seek her release. By the time she was released at 11 p.m. that day, she saw many of them were still there. “People like you so much,” one officer said to her. “Look, all of them are from your company. Your company even approached city officials asking for your release. Everyone said you are awesome.”

The author said there have been too many such stories to count and many other practitioners have similar experiences. “Deep in my heart, I know the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance will bring a better society with a brighter future,” she wrote.