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Falun Dafa Forged Me into a Good Man

Jan. 6, 2022 |   By a Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I was fortunate to start practicing Falun Dafa in 2012. While studying for my Master's degree, a classmate stopped by my dorm one day and told me that he was practicing the Buddha Fa. This classmate used to be well-known among his peers for smoking, drinking, and watching pornography, etc. I was surprised when I heard he had changed his ways.

He came to my dorm for several days in a row. I was shocked by the changes I saw in him, and that he had quit smoking so quickly.

At that time, I was a grumpy and jealous person. I used to swear and often watched pornographic videos. I knew I was a bad person and wanted to make myself better. So I told him I wanted to cultivate.

Over the next few days, I repeatedly told him: “I want to cultivate.” He asked me each time: “Are you sure?” I replied: “I'm sure!” I then obtained the treasured book Zhuan Falun. After I read the book once, I commited to practicing Falun Dafa.

Overcoming my Family's Disapproval

After receiving my degree, I found a job out of town. I thought I should tell my family that I was cultivating Dafa and clarify the truth about the persecution to them before I started working. After several days of mulling it over, I told my parents that I was practicing Falun Dafa.

The weather outside was very bad. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, followed by heavy rain. When I spoke to my father, he smiled at first. I later realized his smile might have been true joy from his understanding side. He walked out of the bedroom, but then returned with a serious expression.

During the next few days, my parents took turns trying to persuade me to give up Dafa. My father even knelt down in front of me, trying to force me to give up cultivation. I kept studying the Fa, however, and asked for Master Li's reinforcement in my heart. I was clear in my mind that if I gave up cultivation, my parents would generate a great amount of karma.

I tried my best to demonstrate the beauty of Dafa. My elder sister’s financial situation was not good. So my mother’s medical bills, the renovation costs for the new house, and the family’s daily necessities were mostly paid by me. When I went home during the holidays, I cooked the food and cleaned the dishes, and did more farm work.

Upon seeing these contributions, my relatives and friends said to my parents: “You can only find a few people out of 100 who are as good as your son!”

I used to suggest to my parents that they read Zhuan Falun, but they declined. Suddenly one day, my mother asked: “Tell me about your Master’s Fa teachings?” The change in her attitude made me realize the greatness of Dafa.

Helping to Rescue an Arrested Practitioner

I had a dream that my roommate (a fellow practitioner) came to my room in a hurry, picked up my phone and told me that a practitioner named Liling wanted to talk. During the phone call, Liling was very anxious. Then I awoke from the dream.

I later asked my roommate: “Has Liling contacted you recently?” He said: “No.” However, the next day, my roommate said Liling’s husband contacted him and said she had been illegally detained. Liling had been distributing truth-clarification materials and was reported by someone.

That night, I discussed the matter in our Fa-study group. We agreed that my dream was a hint from Master. So we decided to immediately work to rescue Liling.

Liling lived out of town, so we decided to send the basic persecution facts we had to the Minghui website, and ask for help from other practitioners who knew about the incident.

Since Liling's husband had detailed information, we decided to contact him first. I had his contact information, but for security reasons, I did not want to use my cell phone to contact him. I wanted to go out to borrow a phone from someone.

That first night, due to my fear, I walked around outside but didn’t dare to ask anyone to borrow their phone. My girlfriend, who is also a practitioner, saw my predicament and encouraged me with Master Li's verse:

“Should you have fear,it will seize upon youIf thoughts are righteous,evil will collapse”(“What’s to fear” in Hong Yin II)

On my second attempt, I successfully borrowed a phone from a stranger and contacted Liling's husband. He decided to come to my place. Before he arrived, I was hit by a car when crossing a street at night. I felt my back, hands, and legs were slammed hard. The car drove another 30 feet before stopping. I felt a little numb afterward, but my movement was not affected.

After the driver got out of the car, she tried to shirk her responsibility for hitting me. At first, I was a little angry, but then I remembered what Master said: “There’s nothing wrong. You can leave.” (Lecture Four in Zhuan Falun)

I told her I was okay and she could go. Unfortunately, I didn't take the opportunity to clarify the truth to her.

I later realized this was an attempt by the evil factors to interfere with my rescuing the arrested practitioner. However, compassionate Master resolved this tribulation for me and used it to improve my xinxing.

After Liling's husband arrived, we discussed the rescue plan. At first, he lacked righteous thoughts and dared not expose the perpetrators online. After we talked things over, he developed righteous thoughts and decided to publish the information.

I helped him set up a Minghui mailbox as the main communication source, found a lawyer for Liling, and submitted the details of her case to the Minghui website. The Minghui’s editing team then published an article.

This shocked the police officers who flew into a rage, and tried to pressure Liling's husband into telling them who exposed their evil deeds. They threatened not to release Liling but then relented, and she was set free.

Cherishing Our Predestined Relationship

I got married this year. My wife is also a practitioner. At first, I thought: I finally have a loving family life. Of course, I was not aware this was really an attachment. As a result, conflicts came one after another. Each time they were directed at my human notions, my love for family, showing off my “perfect wife,” and pursuing a comfortable life.

My wife’s attachment to personal interest also showed up. I thought about the situation, looked inward first, and concluded: “My wife is going through a cultivation test. However, she is very diligent and will definitely pass it!” After a while, the two of us were in harmony again. There were also times when we quarreled and refused to yield. But we regretted it afterwards and looked for our shortcomings.

I realized Master compassionately arranged our predestined relationships with Dafa, that we are a mirror for each other’s cultivation, and we need to set an example for future generations.

I am grateful for Master’s compassionate care. I must cherish this predestined relationship with Dafa and cultivate diligently. I bow to respected Master!