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How I Changed from Being Angry to Wishing People Well

Jan. 15, 2022 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner’s daughter in China

(Minghui.org) Ten years ago, I used to get angry when I saw Falun Dafa brochures littered on the ground because I knew that Falun Dafa practitioners used their own money to print them. The money concerned me, too. 

My mom practices Falun Dafa. She was gone for ten years to escape persecution. I felt awkward when she finally returned, partially because ten years had created a huge rift between us. I was also displeased with my mom’s frugal lifestyle; even though she had enough money, she only bought fruit and snacks for me and wouldn’t eat any herself. However, she never hesitated to spend money to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa to people deceived by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). One time, Dad gave her 10,000 yuan, but she spent it all helping fellow practitioners rebuild a destroyed truth-clarification material production site. 

The police attempted to throw Mom into a brainwashing center, so as a result Mom had to leave home to avoid persecution; but the police found her and later arrested her. Dad filed for divorce on his own, then I moved to my grandparents’ home. Worried that I would be asked about my family, I didn’t make any friends during those years, and lived as lonely as an orphan.

After I entered college, my grandparents let me stay with my mom, but we didn’t spend much time together since I stayed in my college dorm most of the time. We were mother and daughter after all, and gradually we bonded with each other. I started to smile and felt like her child. I no longer minded the way she spent money. I felt like an innocent child again; she was still the mom I was familiar with.

I no longer get angry when I see Falun Dafa brochures littered on the ground. I’m ashamed that I wanted mom’s money to be spent buying food for me. I now know the person who trashed the brochure missed an opportunity to be saved. 

I was shocked the first time I read the prophecy of the ancient Chinese sage Liu Bowen, which states, “One thousand out of ten thousand poor people will live while two or three out of ten thousand rich people will live.” I thought Chinese people were so smart that they’d know how to escape catastrophes. Now, I understand the prophecy better after seeing how the Chinese people have counted on the CCP to save them. If Falun Dafa practitioners didn’t try to save the people, the pandemic would have claimed so many lives, as the prophecy said. 

Falun Dafa has brought hope to the people and changed the course of the prophecy. I only wish that more people would grasp the chance to be saved and have a bright future.