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Master Enlightens Me To be More Diligent

Jan. 14, 2022 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I planted vegetable seeds around my house ten days before last year’s Qingming Festival, as I did in previous years. I planted seeds for cucumbers, beans, loofah, pumpkin, peppers, and eggplants. Except for the peppers and eggplants, none of the others sprouted. I didn’t think too much about it and just planted more seeds. After a week, none of them sprouted. I then planted seeds for the third time, and again nothing emerged after ten days. So I bought seeds from a different store and planted them again. I wondered what happened. I decided not to plant vegetable seeds again if the fourth try failed. After a few days, the seeds all sprouted, and vines came out as well.

I got very busy taking care of these vegetable plants. The plants grew very well. However, when they were about to bloom, we had thunderstorms nonstop for 34 days. Almost all of vegetable plants were destroyed.

A fellow practitioner came to my home and saw what happened to my plants. He told me that time is very precious, and we shouldn’t have free time to grow vegetables. No wonder the vegetable seeds didn’t grow the three initial times.

I understand that Master was giving me a hint through this practitioner to be more diligent in cultivation. Diligent practitioners use their time to study the Fa, as well as produce and distribute truth-clarification materials. They can’t lose any time. Nothing is accidental for cultivators. All kinds of disasters are happening frequently now, and sentient beings are in danger. Therefore, we should do our best to save sentient beings. I am so sorry, Master!

As a Dafa practitioner in the Fa-rectification period, clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings are our responsibilities, and reflect our prehistoric vows. Practitioners hope to fulfill their historic missions with sincere hearts and firm wills. They clarify the facts throughout the cities and countryside using various means, so people can understand the truth about Dafa and eliminate any confusion. In fact, as long as Dafa practitioners have a sincere heart to save people, Master will help us to fulfill this important mission.

Protected by Master While Distributing Truth-Clarification Materials in the Countryside on a Cold Night

We arrived at a village to distribute truth-clarification brochures to each household at around 10 p.m. We entered the village from different intersections after agreeing on our meeting point. I walked door to door to put the brochures on windowsills, vehicle seats, doorknobs, and fence rails, until I had only two copies left.

I then arrived at an old house with a pile of firewood at the door. It looked like an old ancestor hall; it was dark everywhere. I put a brochure on the pile of firewood, thinking that someone would see it when they came for firewood. As soon as I placed the copy there, my entire back felt cold, as if a cold breath was coming up from my feet. I didn’t take it seriously.

I then had another thought. It’s so cold and dark, maybe no one will come; I shouldn’t waste the brochure here. So I turned back and picked it up. As soon as I got it and turned around, the cold breath traveled from my back to my neck and almost reached my head. Suddenly, I felt something was wrong. I immediately called out to Master for help. Then, this cold breath obviously moved down along my neck. I burst into tears of gratitude for Master’s protection. That feeling is unforgettable.

I arrived at our meeting point and waited for the other practitioners. I was alone in a cold wind. At this time, three dogs in a small shop started barking at me. The urgent barking attracted the owner, who tried to look at me clearly. I tried to stay clam and told myself that I have Master, so there’s nothing to fear. Since I was wearing an all black dress and walking in the dark, it was not easy for others to notice me. I met up with the other practitioners.

Master Helped Us Hang Truth-Clarification Banners

A fellow practitioner and I went to hang truth clarification banners at around two o’clock one night, at intersections between the urban and rural areas and at the entrances to villages. We brought dozens of banners and fishing rods to do so. We hung banners along the road while we sent righteous thoughts. When we arrived at large or busy intersections, we asked Master not to let cars or pedestrians pass by. It worked every time. I usually heard a car approaching from a distance after we finished hanging the banner and were leaving. I knew that everything was controlled by Master. Master was helping us.

Without Master’s protection, we couldn’t even guarantee our own safety, let alone save others. Thank you, Master for your compassion and encouragement, so we have the strength to break through the wicked party’s high pressure and all kinds of monitoring, and can clarify the truth about Dafa with wisdom, patience, and rationality.

Thank you, Master for spreading Dafa and saving sentient beings with compassion. Thank you, Master for protecting, enlightening, and encouraging me to walk firmly on the path of cultivation. We are so fortunate and should do our utmost to assist Master in Fa-rectification.