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Living Up to the Fa’s Standards

Jan. 12, 2022 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Hubei Province, China

(Minghui.org) Master said, 

“Only by cultivating yourselves well will you manage to fulfill your missions as Dafa disciples.” (“A Greeting to the South America Fa Conference” ) 

To follow Master’s requirements, I usually study the Fa diligently and cultivate myself well. No matter where I go, I try to be a good person. I show through my actions the beauty of Falun Dafa, which helps me to awaken sentient beings. This also helps me to effectively expose the lies made by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and validate that Falun Dafa is good. 

Study the Fa Well – Be a Good Person – Save Sentient Beings 

I am the eldest in my family. I have one younger brother and four younger sisters. I took care of my father when he was not in good health. My mother was supposed to be taken care of by my younger brother. However, it was basically my husband and I taking care of our parents. When my parents were sick, we took them to the hospital. My mother had been suffering from gout for many years, and she had to spend several hundred yuan on medicine every month. My younger brother bought the medicine worth more than 2,000 yuan for a year and then found an excuse not to buy it anymore. I told my husband, “They don’t buy medicine for my mother, we have to buy it, as we can’t make my mother suffer.” Until now, it is always us who bought medicine for my mother. 

After the death of my father, we spent more than 30,000 yuan on the funeral. There were more than 10 tables of my brother’s guests at the reception, and all the cash gifts given by his guests were passed to him. But my brother refused to pay for the reception expense for those guests. I thought that I am a Dafa practitioner so I should not be attached to the gains and losses in this world. I need to take it easy concerning my interests and be a good person. So I did not argue with my brother. 

Because we respect our parents, let alone ordinary people, villagers and our relatives often have good things to say about us. They can also sense the goodness of Dafa practitioners and the beauty of Dafa. 

In society, I am also a good person. For example, I never take advantage of others when shopping: I seldom pick and choose. When vendors gave back extra change by mistake, I would return it to them. 

I also often support the poor. There was a person with disabled legs, who sat in a wheelchair and made a living by repairing shoes. One day his wife passed away from illness, but he had no money to bury her. He asked the community to organize a fundraiser for him. When I heard about it, I donated 1,000 yuan, and he was very grateful. He had already understood the truth of Dafa before this and withdrew from the CCP and its youth organizations. 

One day, I saw an old man who had not yet withdrawn from the CCP resting under a tree. I approached him and found that he had been collecting plastic bottles. I asked him, “You used to help your wife clean the road, why are you collecting plastic bottles?” He said, “My wife fell and injured her leg, so she can’t do the cleaning.” I told him the truth about Dafa and advised him to withdraw from the CCP. He listened intently and withdrew from the Young Pioneers. I felt empathy for his situation and gave him 100 yuan. 

When I was about to leave, I saw another old man in his 70s approaching me. I didn’t know him, but he looked familiar. He may know that I practice Falun Dafa. So when he asked me what I was doing? I replied, “This old man made a living by picking up bottles. I gave him one hundred yuan as a token of kindness.” He signed, “How many bottles needed to be picked up that are worth 100 yuan? You are a Falun Dafa practitioner, right?” I said, “Yes. Falun Dafa is a practice that teaches people to be kind.” 

I didn’t have a chance to advise him to withdraw from the CCP as someone else started talking to him. When I went out to clarify the truth with a fellow practitioner the next day, we ran into this old man. I let the fellow practitioner clarify the truth and persuade him to quit the CCP. He acknowledged Dafa and withdrew from the CCP. 

There was a section of the road near us with steps that had not been maintained for many years. This section of the road happened to be the critical path on which many elders sent their grandchildren to school, and many vegetable farmers pass through almost every day. 

One day, when the village was repairing a road nearby, I asked the village cadre who was in charge of the road construction, “Any plan to repair that part of the road with steps?” He said, “No, it is not included.” I said, “I would like to pay 500 yuan as the labor cost for those repairs and the village can pay the material cost, is that all right?” He agreed. There were two workers who happened to hear our conversation. When I clarified the truth to them and tried to persuade them to quit the CCP later on, one of them did withdraw from the CCP. 

Another day, when I was clarifying the truth, I met a tall, middle-aged man who looked like a cadre. So I told him the truth about Dafa. I said, “Falun Dafa practitioners are all good people. The ‘self-immolation’ on TV was a hoax. Don’t believe it.” He said, “You are a good person. Tell me how good you are.” I told him about the things I did. After hearing this, he was very emotional and immediately withdrew from the Party organizations. 

Overcoming Difficulties

Going out every day to clarify the truth is actually a very difficult task. We often encounter all kinds of disturbances and difficulties. This requires us to eliminate interference and overcome the difficulties. 

Every summer, especially when the high temperature continues, every time I stand in front of the window of my home and look at the scorching sun outside, I feel intimidated. 

However, when I thought of Master’s teachings: 

“Diligent Disciples – plum blossoms in winter’s chillThe eons of hardship were all for this day” (“All For This Day,” HongYin III)

I walked out again. Being outside was as if immersed in the furnace. I got sweaty soon after I walked out. However, when I clarified the truth to people, the feeling of heat was immediately left behind. Whenever I save sentient beings, no matter how many, even if only one person was saved, I feel wonderful in my heart. Nothing I suffered mattered. All I have in my heart is my gratitude. It is an honor for me to save sentient beings and fulfill my mission. For many years, during the hot summer, I went out to talk to people about Falun Dafa. 

In order to awaken more people, I find different ways of doing so. For example, during the outbreak of the CCP virus (Wuhan COVID-19), no one could go out. I already talked to the locals, and those who were willing to withdraw already did. Almost no outsider came. In this case, I thought about the students I had taught. They have worked outside for many years, and it was difficult to reach them in the past. This year, they came home for the Chinese New Year. Because the epidemic had not ended, they had not gone back to work. I took this opportunity to reach a dozen students I knew and clarified the truth to them. All of them quit the CCP organizations. 

Over the years, every person I saved helped me improve my xinxing, and every tribulation I overcame was due to Master’s painstaking efforts and tremendous dedication. In the final stage of this Fa-rectification period, I can only do better in the three things. I’ll make sure to live up to Master’s immeasurable expectation of me.

Above is my personal experience, if there is anything inappropriate, please kindly point them out.