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Supporting Dafa: Master Protects My Family

Sept. 30, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Sichuan Province, China

(Minghui.org) I have been practicing Falun Dafa since 1997. Over the past twenty-plus years, I have remained on the cultivation path arranged by Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa, despite experiencing difficulties.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) imprisoned me for my faith for three years. I returned home in November 2018 to find my Dafa books and Master’s portrait intact. My daughter and husband had hidden them from the police and looked after them for me. As a result, they received blessings from Master.

Daughter Promoted to a Civil Servant Position

My daughter teaches at a medical school. After I was released from prison, I went to her workplace and asked about my Dafa books. “Don’t worry,” she told me. “I’ve protected them well. You rest a few days, and I’ll get them for you.” I was so relieved to hear that.

Two days later, on a Sunday, I rushed to my daughter’s to collect the books. She took me to her office, as nobody was there that day. She opened her drawer and took out five Dafa books. All of them looked like new.

I burst into tears of joy. I asked if she was not afraid to store the books at her workplace. She said, “Because those were your favorite books, I wanted to try my best to protect them. The most risky place was the safest place.” I gave her a huge, long hug and wept.

My daughter often encouraged me to clarify the truth and leave the house chores to her. Sometimes she would help prepare meals so I would have time to get involved in Dafa things. She reminded me to stay safe and not let Master, her and her father worry.

My daughter was soon promoted to a civil servant position at the county health bureau. That job was less stressful and paid more. Also, a hospital hired her as a professor, where she would only be on duty on Saturdays and Sundays. Now, during the pandemic, she works as an online doctor.

My daughter was blessed for supporting Dafa and taking good care of a Dafa practitioner!

Husband Uninjured in an Accident

My husband took a taxi to our son’s home to visit his grandson. He got out of the car and watched his son and grandson walking toward him. He was very happy to see them. At that moment, the taxi driver backed up his car and rolled over my husband’s foot.

My husband quickly called the driver, “You’ve rolled over my foot!” The driver then moved the car forward, rolling over his foot again, splitting his leather shoe.

My son and grandson rushed over there, found him a bench to sit on, and took off his shoe. My son gently moved his foot and asked if it hurt. My husband said his foot was alright and told the driver that he could leave.

The driver said, “I met a good person today! I met a good person!” He continued: “Uncle, [a polite Chinese address when greeting someone] what’s your shoe size? I’ll buy a new pair for you.”

My husband replied, “The best thing is that my foot isn’t hurt. No need to buy me shoes. You’ve got to be careful next time, especially when you notice elderly people. Keep a distance from them before you start driving.”

The driver agreed and bowed a few times to my husband, my son, and my grandson before leaving.

My son bought a new pair of shoes for his dad.

Because my husband helped my daughter to protect the Dafa books and Master’s portrait, Master protected him.

I am deeply grateful for Master’s protection and blessings for my family.

Name List for Quitting the Party Stayed Intact

During the pandemic, practitioners in our Fa-study group went out every day to make phone calls to clarify the truth to people. We made the calls either in the crop fields or deep in the woods, where we would not be disturbed by anyone.

When the person understood that we were sincerely trying to help them while risking our safety, they would gladly listen to us. I was able to help 40 to 50 people quit the CCP every day. I also met some incredible people and experienced miraculous things.

Each day, I recorded the names of people who had agreed to quit the CCP. One time, it was late at night, windy, and it seemed that it might rain. I hurriedly put everything into my handbag and left for home.

Three days later, I wanted to consolidate all the names and give them to another practitioner, who would then upload the list online. However, I couldn’t find one of the pages, which had about 30 to 40 names on it. I was very worried and searched everywhere at home, but I couldn’t find it.

On the fourth day, we went to the same place to make the phone calls. I saw the missing name list from a distance. I ran over there and quickly picked it off the ground. Miraculously, it was still intact! It had been windy and raining over the last two days, but the paper didn’t get wet, nor was it blown away.

I’m very thankful for Master for taking care of a sloppy person like me and being so caring to sentient beings. Thank you, Master! All I can do is do the three things well and save more predestined people.