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Writing Truth Clarification Articles

Sept. 21, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I want to share my experience in writing a truth-clarification article recently. I hope my understanding can help practitioners and remind myself to stay diligent.

I realized that no matter whether we tell the truth face-to-face or by writing, the attachments we didn’t remove would be reflected between the lines, or in our tone of voice.

If we have attachments to self-importance, our articles may sound grandiose and pretentious. If we are impatient and nervous, our tone of voice may be unpleasant.

I have learned that the wording and tone of our writing reflects our cultivation state and realm. Every thought and action manifests if our cultivation is solid, and shows how much we assimilated to Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

If we cultivate well and have a high moral standard, we will talk to people humbly and sensibly. What we say or write will be understood and persuasive.

I once clarified the truth to my child’s friend when we had dinner together. I talked a lot, and said, “I told you this for your sake.” I was about to eat a piece of cantaloupe when I said this. However, the cantaloupe fell under the table. I realized this was a hint from Master, because I was far from reaching the realm of thinking of the needs of others.

There is another story. I once talked to people about the truth of Falun Gong with a practitioner. This practitioner was not able to speak harmoniously. Her tone of voice was unpleasant and made the audience frown. I said to this practitioner, “Look, people frowned when you talked to them, but they smiled when the other practitioner spoke to them. It is because the information carried in our words will reflect our attitude and behavior.”

We should cultivate well and seize every opportunity to eliminate our attachments and human notions. Only when we are in this state can people accept the truth. I also found that if we remove the attachments to self, the effect of saving people is usually good. On the contrary, if we do not get rid of selfishness, what we say will reflect the attachment to self.

I realized that reasoning is important in writing. Suppose we want to tell the truth by writing articles. In that case, we need to be as professional as possible and develop cultural literacy. Knowledge in traditional culture will be of great help in writing truth-clarifying articles. It will be challenging to write articles without a systematic understanding of traditional culture and history.

Because I spent more time learning about traditional culture recently, I was afraid that it might sometimes interfere with my cultivation. I then realized that the purpose of reading about traditional culture was to clarify the truth. In addition, our energy field and the Fa will clean up any interference, so it will not bring any problems to me.

With the guidance of the Fa, and the enlightenment of the Fa principles, sometimes my writing and wording are smooth, elegant, and powerful.

My writing is still far from perfect, and I still have many attachments to eliminate, so I wrote this article to remind myself to be diligent.