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Attitude Change: Family Experiences the Benefits of Falun Dafa

Sept. 12, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Heilongjiang Province, China

(Minghui.org) My mother began practicing Falun Dafa prior to July 20, 1999 (the date the persecution of Dafa began). After the former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Jiang Zemin and his followers launched the persecution against Dafa, my mother gave up cultivation. She was fearful and was also hindered by her family, so she no longer practiced Dafa. After I began my own journey of Dafa cultivation, I always wanted to have my mother return to Falun Dafa. But every time I pushed her to study the Fa, she appeared reluctant. She said if I wanted to practice to go ahead, but not to bother her. 

Immersed in Sentimentality

At the time, I was agitated, for I was afraid that given her advanced age, there wouldn’t be enough time to catch up with her cultivation. I was also upset, since she clearly knew how wonderful Dafa was, but she didn’t treasure it. When I shared with fellow practitioners, they reminded me of my anxiety, resentment, and sentimentality towards my mother, which I wouldn’t have realized on my own. 

After that, when I was with my mother, instead of being confrontational with her, I told her cultivation stories and what Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) said. I let go of my sentimentality towards my mother. When she complained to me about the conflicts she had with other family members, I shared Master’s Fa with her. Gradually, she no longer showed resistance, and was willing to recite the phrases “Falun Dafa is wonderful! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful!” And occasionally, she listened to Master’s lecture recordings. 

With the change in her opinion towards Dafa, my mother’s body also changed. She stopped taking the heart medication that she had been on for a long time. The developing situation had been arranged by benevolent Master to help me eliminate my anxiety, resentment, and sentimentality towards my mother. I remembered what she was like before, and realized that much of that had to do with my own attachments. 

Although my mother recited the Dafa phrases from time to time and listened to Master’s lecture recordings, she still didn’t hold herself to a practitioner’s standard. Every time she ran into a conflict with her daughter-in-law, she fought with her like an ordinary person. Then it turned out to be that however hard she fought, that was how sick she became. When she couldn’t keep up her health any more, she just went to the hospital. 

On the afternoon of October 7, 2018, my brother called me. When he asked me if I was busy, right away, I knew he’d run into a problem. He was well aware that my son had been injured in a fall and had just had surgery, and was now getting around on crutches. I had to work while taking care of him. Only after I repeatedly asked my brother, did he tell me that our mother was hospitalized. The doctor told him it was interstitial pneumonia, second only to cancer, and there was no special medicine for it, so she had to stay in the hospital for a long time.

Dealing with Difficulties

This happened in October, right at the busy harvest time. Since he had a lot of wheat to harvest, he could spare no time to take care of her. He also told me that it was because of the conflict with his wife that our mother ended up being hospitalized. So if his wife were to take care of our mother, our mother would have been even worse. He was at his wits’ end, so he called me. I told him to leave it to me and I’d go look after her the next day. 

Right after that, I bought a train ticket. I decided that I’d have her come back to Dafa cultivation this time. Hospitals are for treating ordinary people, not for practitioners. I’d have her go home in one week’s time. 

I saw mother the next day at noon. She was a bit agitated. She told me the doctor said she had a chronic disease, and she’d have to stay in the hospital for a couple of months. When I asked her what happened, she talked to me about how my sister-in-law treated her terribly to the point where she was so upset that she ended up spitting up blood. Two days later, after my brother saw her vomiting blood at night, he decided to take her to the hospital. 

At midnight, my mother suddenly remembered Master, then she shouted three times, “Master, please help me!” After that, she fell asleep and stopped vomiting blood. But the next day, my brother still forced her to go to the hospital. After several tests at the hospital, she was diagnosed with interstitial pneumonia. 

I then shared with her from the perspective of the Fa principles. I said, “My sister-in-law does not practice Dafa. You should treat yourself as a practitioner. When you run into a conflict, you need to take a step back, as opposed to fight with others. Master said in Zhuan Falun. ‘Nothing is truly unbearable or impossible.’ (The Ninth Talk, Zhuan Falun) She was helping you improve, and it’s a good thing. You didn’t thank her, but rather were upset at her. Wasn’t this wrong?” 

I also said to her, “This is not the place for us to stay. The hospital treats ordinary people; we are extraordinary, and Master protects us. We’ll go home in one week’s time. However, whether you can go home is based on how you think about the current situation.” She firmly said, “This is an illusion, I will not acknowledge it. I have Master to take care of me. I was wrong before. My competitive mentality is too strong. I’ll rectify myself based on the Fa and ask for Master’s help to empower me.” 

Her thoughts were very strong and righteous so that her physical and mental state turned out to be better than that of non-practitioners in a similar situation. But when my relatives called and talked to her about why she was hospitalized, her attachments still flared up, and my heart was also moved from time to time when I overheard her conversations. 

A week quickly passed. She had another checkup and the results turned out to be the same. I felt I was wrong and began to look inward, and so did she. It must have been our attachments taken advantage of by the evil, so that the time for her to be discharged was delayed. Both she and I asked Master for empowerment, helping us to rectify ourselves according to the Fa. We also sent forth righteous thoughts to dismantle every evil factor interfering with her going home. 

On the 10th day, my mother had yet another checkup. The results were still the same. Neither she nor I acknowledged this illusion. We negated every interference and strengthened our righteous thoughts, and left everything to Master. 

On the 11th day, the doctor talked to us. He told us that if today’s observation was good, then she could go home. As he dealt with the discharge procedures, he also said, “Based on her X-rays, I shouldn’t have discharged her. However, by looking at her state – her rosy complexion and high spirits, I just didn’t think she should still stay here. Also, there isn’t any medicine we can prescribe. So please just go home and take good care of yourself.” Even though he said that he would have kept my mother for two months, with Master’s protection, we went home after 12 days. 

Through this tribulation, a bad thing was turned into a good thing. My mother truly returned to Dafa cultivation this time. She studied the Fa and did the exercises every day. She became tolerant in conflicts, and began to look inward. When a conflict occurred, she said it was for her to improve her xinxing and that it was a good thing. She also talked to her relatives and friends about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), as well as using her experience to show the power of Dafa. As a result, many of her relatives and friends changed their attitude towards Dafa for the better. 

My Aunt’s Story

Last month, my aunt sent a message to her circle of friends circle, saying she was very depressed. When my mother read it, she asked her what was wrong. It turned out that she had developed bulges on her leg. It had started three years before, and even after getting injections, taking medicine, and getting acupuncture, this was the fourth time they had come back. When she went to the hospital, the doctor said that surgery was the only answer but, even so, there was no guarantee that the bulges wouldn't return. My aunt was so worried that she couldn’t eat or sleep. 

My mother told her that another aunt had recovered from a herniated lumbar disc. She also asked my aunt to ask for Master’s help and reminded her to recite “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” so that her health would improve. My aunt did, and the next morning, all of her bulges had disappeared. She called her daughter over right away. Her daughter was astounded and said, “Oh my goodness! This is amazing!” 

My Youngest Aunt’s Story

My youngest aunt used to suffer from poor health. I told her that by sincerely reciting “Falun Dafa is wonderful! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful!” Master would take care of her. She didn’t believe me. I also gave her an amulet. But after keeping it for a day, she returned it to me, saying that it made her feel uncomfortable. I told her this was all good, as Master was cleaning up her body. But she still didn’t believe me. A few years ago, her daughter got ill and was hospitalized. It was not good timing, as she had to take care of her daughter and her grandson. 

After her daughter got well and was discharged from the hospital, my aunt became very ill. She went to the hospital, but there was nothing was out of the ordinary. But she still felt that she lacked strength and was always in low spirits. She also went to see people with spirit possession to treat her. Then she got well for a few days before her health worsened. Within two months, her weight dropped from over 150 lbs. to 120 lbs. Her family was very worried, but they couldn’t do anything about it. 

She couldn’t get out of bed, and her mind was wandering all over the place. Once when she saw a fortuneteller, she was told she would only live to be 51. And she was exactly 51 years old then. I was worried about her. I told her that only Master could save her, but she had to truly believe in Master and stop seeing those people with spirit possession. She said that as long as she got well, she’d surely believe in Master and she wouldn’t change her mind again. 

I told her to ask Master for his help and sincerely recite "Falun Dafa is wonderful; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful." I also helped her by reciting the phrases. Two hours later, when I asked her how she felt, she said she started having a comfortable feeling in her back. I told her this was a good thing, as Master had begun to take care of her and helped clean up her body. I encouraged her to continue reciting the Dafa phrases. A little later, I asked her how she felt again. She told me that she felt much better. I told her to keep reciting the phrases. 

The next day morning, I had a video chat with my aunt. She was cooking for her grandson. She told me that she had never felt more relaxed. She felt like singing and dancing. She’d completely changed into a new person overnight. 


Falun Dafa is extraordinary and magnificent, and its mighty power reaches both the macrocosm and the microcosm. The cases detailed in this article are just a tiny manifestation of the power of Dafa on the level of the secular world. While Dafa can bring blessings to humankind, Dafa's extraordinariness and magnificence are more for people to return to their true origins.