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Regarding Online and Independent Media Channels (With a Comment from Master)

Aug. 23, 2021

Many practitioners have started their own online and independent media channels in recent times. In most cases the practitioners have done well and helped to save people by getting the truth out. But in a few instances they have done poorly, and have said things that are not in line with our teachings, the Fa. In some cases they are doing this in the West, in the language of that country, and yet they present extreme or absurd fringe ideas. For example, some have promoted conspiracy theories, taken things out of context and sensationalized them, or said things that have led non-practitioners to have misperceptions of Dafa. This has negatively impacted us in society. And yet, when other practitioners have raised these issues with them, and done so with good intentions, they have refused to listen.

When a Dafa disciple starts his own independent channel or online media entity, he must first and foremost go about things as a Dafa disciple, and the purpose of it must be to raise awareness and save people. Those of you who this applies to should take a look at yourselves and ask if what you are doing can save people. And with the channel or site that you run, it is forbidden to irresponsibly attack others or make enemies. Ask yourself whether what you are saying or doing is in line with the Fa. If it’s not, then yours is not the conduct of a Dafa disciple. Starting up such channels was suggested by Master for the purpose of helping people to learn the truth and to save them. If you aren’t doing it to save people, but are speaking recklessly and just venting your emotion-laden opinions, then you are doing damage.

Those who aren’t able to follow the guidelines above or do things in line with our teachings are not Falun Gong practitioners. We will not recognize them as practitioners nor allow them to be part of our spiritual community.

Falun Dafa Association

August 20, 2021


Commentary from Master:

This is the case, indeed. The problem is quite serious, and the practitioners involved in online and independent media platforms had best take notice. In some cases people aren’t doing things that affirm Dafa, aren’t focused on saving people, are making rash claims, or are affirming other religions or anecdotal things from history by what they say or imply. Ask yourself: how are your actions any different from what other people are doing in this troubled world? It’s time you paid heed.

Your teacher,
Hongzhi Li

August 21, 2021