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Recalling Stories From a Local Fa Study Group for Young Disciples

Aug. 22, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Shanghai, China

(Minghui.org) We established a young practitioners Fa study group in 2014, and it has been ongoing for seven years. There are a about six children and ten parents who participate in this Fa study group.

These children have predestined relationships with Dafa since their parents are also cultivators. They have been immersed in the Fa while being in their mother’s womb. From the time they were not able to articulate or speak, to memorizing Hong Yin and listening to Master’s video lectures, these children are now entering middle school.

When Bing was about four years old, she pointed at tall buildings outside her house and said, “They are constantly shaking and all the windows are broken. The glass is shattered and is falling to the ground. Many fathers, mothers, grandmas, and grandpas are escaping from the buildings while holding their children in their arms.” Many things that Bing said came true, since her celestial eye was open. Bing’s mother asked, “Is our building shaking?” Bing said firmly, “No, it is not shaking. We have Master!”

Ranking at the Top in School and Having High Moral Standards

These young Dafa practitioners also ranked at the top in their schools and have high moral standards. They have a common goal – not join the Young Pioneers, one of the youth organizations of the CCP. Their parents also took advantage of parent-teacher conferences to clarify the truth about Dafa to teachers and other parents.

The school notified Bing that she had to join the Young Pioneers and wear the red scarf [a sign that one is a member of the CCP]. When the ceremony was about to start, Bing’s parents stated, “Under the 36th Article in our constitution, it states that we the people have the right to religious freedom. I am not having my child join the Young Pioneers.”

Since the school was afraid to accept any responsibility, they told Bing’s parents to write a “report.” In the “report,” Bing’s parents proudly wrote that Bing would not join the Young Pioneers since they are allowed to have religious freedom, as stated in the 36th Article of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China. Therefore, Bing never joined the Young Pioneers.

The first step is often challenging when we want to accomplish something. When entering the school building every morning, the teacher on duty and student monitors would always stop and ask Bing’s parents why Bing was not wearing a red scarf. Bing would silently send forth righteous thoughts, while her parents said, “We believe in religious freedom.” The teachers were speechless, and as time passed, everyone knew about it, and got used to it. The school raised the red Chinese Communist Party flag every day, while Bing sent righteous thoughts, and eliminated the evil communist specter in all the dimensions.

Visiting the United States – Attending a Fa Conference

Among the three young Dafa disciples, three of the parents have traveled to the United States. One of them attended a Fa conference and listened to Master’s lectures. Aya has traveled to the United States with her mother before. When the young Dafa disciples studied the Fa and shared their experiences, she said that she’d never forget the time when she and her mother attended the morning group exercises and other activities with practitioners overseas.

Upon arriving at a certain city in the United States, Aya’s mother told her that she was going to attend a morning group practice exercise. The next morning, Aya attended the group practice with a heart full of curiosity. Her arms were very sore when she was doing the second standing exercise, but she was too embarrassed to give up. She made up an excuse and requested to leave with her mother.

There was a group experience sharing that same afternoon. Aya’s mother and Aya were moved by the energy field of Dafa disciples as one body. To put it simply, it was Master’s fashen that created the energy field. Aya attended the group practice site the next morning, and right when it ended, Aya said excitedly, “It was very smooth and easy for me to persist on during the group practice. I felt a set of hands supporting my arms. I persisted and did the five of the exercises and I truly felt really good!”

When Aya returned to China, she told her friends about her experiences and everyone was very moved. In addition to studying the Fa, the young Dafa disciples also arranged for a time to practice the exercises.

Young Dafa disciples are very pure and compassionate. They have fewer human notions and sometimes their parents would be touched by their actions. For example, Aya and her mother would attempt to rescue practitioners held in prisons, attend cultivation sharings, and send forth righteous thoughts for those practitioners who are illegally detained.

Aya’s mother, who is a coordinator, at times would speak aggressively during cultivation experiences. Upon seeing this, Aya would quietly remind her mother: “What happened today was directed at your attachment.” After listening to what Aya said to her, Aya’s mother apologized to the practitioners she had an argument with. She looked inward and compassionately solved something that was potentially difficult to solve. Everyone was able to upgrade themselves though abiding by the standards of the Fa.

Parents of the young Dafa disciples in the Fa study group have had similar experiences. They often shared their insights with the young Dafa disciples since they have fewer human notions, and were often able to help their parents to look inward. Parents would often think: Why is it so hard for us to detect our own shortcomings?

Cici is a young girl whose parents are illegally detained. She lives with her grandfather, and often her grandfather asked other practitioners for help. We often took her to the group Fa study group to study the Fa together.

Aya and her mother decided to bring Cici back to their house every Sunday. They would study the Fa together, do their homework, and attend summer activities until Cici’s mother was released from prison. In addition, Cici would also get tutored by other parents who were school teachers. Aya and Cici studied the Fa and played together for the whole summer, so Cici did not feel left out. Not only did this help Cici’s grandfather, but it also led another young Dafa disciple into a Dafa environment.

It is our responsibility to nurture these young children as Dafa disciples. I hope that this cultivation experience is helpful for practitioners with young disciples at home. I also hope that young Dafa disciples’ Fa study groups blossom like the flowers in spring. At last, I wish that these young disciples grow up healthily, while assisting Master during the Fa rectification period, and save sentient beings!