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Making Truth-clarification Phone Calls to China

Aug. 13, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Europe

(Minghui.org) I began to practice Falun Dafa more than two years ago. I would like to share my experience of making truth-clarification phone calls to China on the RTC platform over the past year.

Breaking Through Obstacles: Persisting in Making Phone Calls

I started making phone calls on the RTC platform in the spring of 2020. For a long time, I felt cold and shivered when doing it. I thought it was the weather, but I was not cold doing other things. I realized bad things in other dimensions were trying to stop me from saving people, so I turned up the heat, and put on more clothing. The situation lasted for a while and improved.

Another problem was that I was a quiet person and didn’t know how to make conversation, and was afraid of approaching strangers. In the beginning, the problem was very obvious because I had not cultivated long enough and done truth-clarification. 

However, Master encouraged me and tempered me from the moment I decided to walk this path. In the beginning, I often met people who were very gentle and talked with me for more than half an hour, so I had no excuse to say I couldn’t talk. It wasn’t until later when I shared experiences with fellow practitioners that I realized Master had paved the most suitable and fulfilling path for me right from the beginning!

Gradually, I ran into people displaying a bad attitude, which could be very irritating. For example, some people cursed me non-stop and refused to let me get in a word edgewise. Most of the time I realized that this was to improve my xinxing, so I was able to adjust my mentality, although it was not that easy to smile.

People picked up the phone, listened to one sentence, cursed, and hung up immediately. My first thought was to be upset. There were people who pretended to have heard about Falun Dafa in the past. They looked for a fight and wasted a lot of time and energy of mine. In the end, they would shout an evil party slogan or abusive language.

If I did not look at these incidents as opportunities to look inward to improve my xinxing, but instead brushed them aside and did not want to talk about them if I thought they were isolated cases with a small probability of occurrence, or if I forced myself to swallow it, and so on, these would accumulate and become unpleasant memories that keep surfacing in my mind and would create a strong fear and aversion to people. This might prevent me from making truth-clarification phone calls. 

At first, I thought I was reluctant to call because I was afraid of being sworn at or ridiculed, or being disliked or disrespected. Sometimes negative thoughts popped up, and I would question myself why I chose to clarify the truth through the way that I was least good at – talking. 

As I continued to study the Fa, and through Master’s hints on other matters, I finally understood the root cause of my reluctance. I was selfish and felt my fake self’s anger and resentment towards sentient beings. It was an act of self-protection which I was good at – this was out of selfishness. 

Upon this realization, I tried to stop looking at it from my perspective but looked at it from a different angle. I found it was quite praiseworthy for people to pick up the phone showing an unfamiliar overseas number. They may be on guard or worried thinking that an unscrupulous person was on the other line. They may use a harsh tone for self-protection, or simply assume that the call is from an unprincipled person and do things to save face. 

In today’s fraud-ridden mainland China, people who can answer the phone are already very brave and should be cherished. Moreover, their poor attitude and choice of words were an indication that they have been poisoned too much by the evil party, and that they were in grave danger and needed rescue.

With this righteous thought, I began to have confidence, which has also greatly helped my personal practice, although my attachment was not completely removed. 

Another reason that prevented me from making truth-clarification phone calls was that, in the beginning, I focused on smoothing the script, because I was inexperienced, and I didn’t have the extra energy to pay attention to the other party’s issues or problems. My mood fluctuated, but my mentality was fine.

Soon, due to the epidemic, a large number of practitioners from various countries joined the project, so the platform arranged training and assigned me to be an assistant. 

At first I was happy that I had a “title,” but after a period of time I found I had not made much progress in clarifying the truth, and in fact fell far behind others in terms of tone, kindness, and wisdom. I felt inferior and guilty as a trainer. The attachment lingered and prevented me from picking up the phone.

As I continued to study the Fa, and through Master’s hints on other things, I realized that regardless of a practitioner or a non-practitioner, one’s life and social environment have been arranged, and the karmic relationship determined loss and gain.

I realized the vows we took prior to descending to the world had determined how we validate the Fa and clarify the truth today, which may come naturally, seem to be earned, appears to be forced on me by others, or happens coincidentally.

Each individual’s path of cultivation is different, and each Dafa practitioner has a different way of validating the Fa, all of which are unique, but the basis are the same, all embody the purpose of cultivating xinxing, assisting Master to do Fa-rectification, and saving sentient beings. 

We should cherish the environment we validate the Fa in, which must be the most suitable way for us to cultivate. Because we made the vow in the first place, and if we don’t do well or don’t persist in doing it, we are not fulfilling our vow.

I think a deep-rooted reason was that I was very rigid and couldn’t develop a smooth flow in my truth clarification. While in school, I was trying to understand how the questioners and the writers thought, so as to better absorb knowledge. But I was merely doing “mechanical memorizing,” not able to think outside the textbook. 

Today, the problem easily stood out in my truth-clarification. There is no “standard answer” to the questions from the other end of the phone. It wouldn’t work by reading out loud or memorizing the materials summarized by fellow practitioners. I must really absorb them, and use what I have learned to inspire the other person.

Often times I realized I was impatient and hasty, thinking the principle was so simple that I didn’t need to explain. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I usually don’t like to talk, which has inadvertently created some unnecessary misunderstandings.

Recently, under Master’s compassionate arrangement, I have witnessed several cases in which problems were solved by opening one’s heart and communicating with others. This has inspired me a lot. In the past I had overlooked validating Dafa by talking with people, from now on I will use one more powerful approach.

Making Phone Calls

I had no previous experience in clarifying the truth. I had collected some materials from the Minghui website, but the materials were so diverse that I got lost and didn’t know where to start. I had the privilege of attending a weekly training on the RTC platform, which helped me simplify the truth-clarification content and organize it into several reasonable and logical sections. 

The weekly training did not cover much on paper, it basically helped everyone analyze and understand the materials sentence by sentence, for example, why this sentence and story was told, what the purpose was, or how to remember this part in chronological order, and so on. It was very concise and effective. With a logical idea in mind, I gradually knew where to start. In addition, there was training on solving typical problems, which was a great help for newbies like me.

There were daily small-group review and practice sessions, which were very helpful. The trainer practitioners were very responsible in encouraging us to log onto the RTC platform to make phone calls, which helped me to overcome timidity as soon as possible. 

In addition, it gives suggestions and comments in a small group. I have learned a lot by listening to others making phone calls, especially learning their techniques in answering tough questions.

Of course, one’s righteous thoughts and mindset are key in making phone calls. 

One day, I started off without good xinxing. I paused, looked inward, and developed righteous thoughts. As my mindset improved, I was very patient, and wisdom helped me understand what to do. After speaking with a lady for an hour and 16 minutes, she not only withdrew from the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and its youth organizations but also showed interest in learning the Dafa exercises. 

It was a young lady. As soon as she found out I wanted her to quit the Youth League and Young Pioneers, she said, “Our life is so good now,” implying she was giving credits to the Party.

I said, “We do have washing machines, refrigerators, cell phones, and computers nowadays, and our life is indeed quite good. Not only do you say so, but people outside China also say so, too, because they did not have these things in the past, either. 

“They are grateful to the industrial revolution which made it possible for so many modern machines to be invented. If you want to thank somebody, it is the scientists who deserve it better. It has nothing to do with the CCP. 

“Besides, our country is not scientifically developed, and we have to study in western countries to learn things. On the contrary, what would you say China is most known for, the cheapest labor. Now our life is better, but it is because of people’s hard-earned money.”

She said sternly, “In that case, you should stay in America and never come back.” I told her I believe China is the best because Chinese culture has 5,000 years of history, which beats any nation, but China’s officials have embezzled people’s hard-earned money and moved it abroad while behaving high-sounding on TV and they claim how bad foreign countries are.

I told her the news pieces about officials doing an inspection at places that were all staged and fake. I gave her an example. A friend of mine in the public sector described to me that, an official was admonishing his subordinates to adhere to such-and-such view, and hold high the such-and-such banner. But, he was holding on his arm a prostitute that the property’s owner had provided for him.

She couldn’t find anything to argue with me about this topic and turned to talk about the Second Sino-Japanese war. I told her the only documented large-scale battles the CCP had participated in were the “Battle of Pingxingguan” and the “Hundred Regiments Offensive.”

I told her the CCP was not the main force in the Battle of Pingxingguan - it merely ambushed the enemy’s supply troops; and the “Hundred Regiments Offensive” was considered to have violated the CCP’s strategic guidelines (of not revealing its forces), which was one of Peng Dehuai’s crimes.

Then I told her that it was well documented that Chiang Kai-shek’s National Revolutionary Army suffered more than three million deaths in the Second Sino-Japanese War, including more than 200 generals, suffered heavy losses in both its army and air force, and lost all its naval ships. Then, I told her the CCP’s origin, from Marx to the Soviet Union, and to today’s CCP.

She changed the subject and joked that I was a robot and that she was a robot too. I began to lose patience and my attachment was surfacing. Thankfully my righteous thoughts were strong, and thanks to Master’s strengthening, I immediately realized it and adjusted myself. 

I told her, “The CCP wants to be in charge of heaven and earth, and it wants to be in charge of you even if you are a robot, so you must quit the party. In fact, the CCP would love that all Chinese people were robots so it can do whatever it wants to them.”

It occurred to me she was a businesswoman, so I said, “I wish your business to prosper and enjoy great popularity, because you are a kind person.” I heard a baby crying, so I figured she was a young mother. 

I said, “The CCP now makes people worship money, and the morality has declined. In hospitals, if you don’t bribe the doctors and nurses, they will not treat you well; at school, if you don’t bribe the teachers, and sign up the paid after-school tutorial classes, the teachers will not treat your child well. You wouldn’t dare to buy just any brand of infant formula, and anyone who has the means would buy it from abroad.”

I continued, “We are of the same age. In our grandparents’ generation, the CCP launched various political campaigns, and everyone was affected and is scared of poverty. In our parents’ generation, the CCP intensified its political campaigns by carrying out the Cultural Revolution. That was not all, because it then started Family Planning, which meant killing babies. 

“In our generation, most of us are an only child. We have to support a number of elders all by ourselves. Now, the evil party realizes the population is aging, so it is encouraging people to give birth to the second and third child. 

“Growing up spoiled as the only child, our generation is not the typical breadwinner of our family. In addition, we cannot afford a house due to the sky-high property prices. With the cost of raising a child that is so ridiculously high, we dare not buy inexpensive infant formulas for the fear of melamine contamination. 

“Therefore, generations of Chinese people have been persecuted by the evil party. Generations of Chinese people are suffering, just in different ways.”

I persuaded her to quit the Youth League and Young Pioneers, and she agreed. I went on to clarify the truth about Dafa. I told her about the staged “Tiananmen self-immolation” and live organ harvesting.

She asked me some questions, for example, could you be a good person by following the law? I told her laws only restrain people on the surface. People can break the law when they are not seen, and people can ignore the law and bribe others, and so on. But Dafa elevates morality from one’s core. 

She was truly saved, my fellow practitioners and I were happy for her. At the same time, I have experienced the power of righteous thoughts with a pure mind.


In the process of making truth-clarification phone calls, if I based myself on selfishness and focused on my own feelings, the negative substances such as anger and resentment would be strengthened even more. 

When I try to put myself in the shoes of other people and keep their suffering in mind, or when I think of how precious the saved sentient beings will be in the future, although I can’t quite reject negative thoughts at their first occurrence yet, I will try my best to do so. Sometimes I encounter extremely kind people, I think that was Master encouraging me to go on. 

Thank you, our esteemed Master! I will advance vigorously and fulfill my prehistoric vow!