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Faith in Master and Falun Dafa Snaps Me Out of Illness Karma

June 7, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Southern China

(Minghui.org) As a person who was bedridden for a long time and on the brink of death, I started practicing Falun Dafa. Just three weeks later, in April 1997, I regained my health. My family was extremely excited. My husband told everyone he ran into, “Falun Dafa is a magical practice, it saved my dying wife.” 

After hearing about my story, my neighbors and other villagers came to my home to learn Dafa. Thus, I became an assistant, and my home a practice site. At first, several people joined the Fa-study and exercise group. Later, there were 20 to 30 people in the group. Then the number grew to 30 or 40 people. At its peak, 50 to 60 people came to my home. 

When there were too many of us to fit into one room, we went outside to the courtyard. After that, another practitioner set up a practice site at his home, and 20 people went there. 

The miraculous effect of Falun Dafa healing illnesses and keeping people fit had spread to our small village of less than 100 households. People from other villages and townships also came to my home to learn the practice. Some critically ill patients even came and stayed at my home. 

When the assistants played videos of Master Li’s 9-day lecture series at my home, over 30 people came to watch them. One time, 20-plus people from another village came seeking the Fa, and filled the inner and outer rooms of my house. 

Benevolent Master shined the light of the universal Dafa all over the world. All sentient beings on our side of the world received Master's compassionate saving grace. In only two years, Falun Dafa took deep root in the hearts of our local citizens. Back then, I was occupied every day in promoting Dafa, and I felt delighted, as my life was filled with joy. 

In the beginning of my cultivation, whenever it wasn't the farming season, Master helped clean up my body. Because of the great karma I had accumulated, I lay in bed and was unable to get up during the process. My husband had to cook for me and help me to get up to eat my meals. While I was enduring unbearable pain, my husband, who doesn't practice, couldn’t stay calm and watched over me day and night. He also got our two children to watch me as well. My daughter, who is also a practitioner, said to her dad, “Mom is fine, Master is helping her eliminate karma.” 

Every time I went through illness karma elimination, no matter how painful it was, or how much I had to suffer, I had firm faith in Master and Dafa. Then, after a short while, I recovered. I knew that Master was helping to clean up my body.

After I had been cultivating for a month, Master opened my celestial eye and I could see scenes in other dimensions. When I went through illness karma elimination, during very difficult times, no matter whether my eyes were open or closed, I could see beautiful mountains, birds, and flowers in another dimension, as well as many other magical and extraordinary scenes that are beyond description. Seeing scenes that didn’t exist in the human world built up my confidence in Dafa, and empowered me to make the breakthroughs in one tribulation after another. 

After July 20, 1999, I still went through illness karma elimination two to five times every year. Each time I couldn’t get up from the bed and needed my family to take care of me. 

I traveled around in the winter of 2002. When I was with Ms. Jin, my illness karma flared up. I couldn’t get up and had to rely on her to look after me. She was very busy doing things to validate the Fa every day. Sometimes she came home very late. Meanwhile, I lay in bed and slept all day. Every time I awoke, I saw countless Faluns spinning in front of me falling like snowflakes. Seeing that many Faluns boosted my confidence and soon I could slowly get up to take care of the cooking. 

During those times, I fell behind in Fa study. Though I saw Faluns every day, I didn’t feel very secure deep down. Thoughts like, “I am going to die” or, “I won't survive,” interfered with me. I lacked righteous thoughts, and my inborn quality was poor. Master didn’t give up on me but safeguarded me instead. A month later, I fully recovered again. Master was giving me a new life. 

Because of family matters, my attachments flared up in winter 2012, and I behaved like a regular person. The old forces took advantage of that, and I became ill again. I was short of breath and ended up sleeping around the clock. I often saw an evil being floating in front of my eyes. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it. It ran away, but returned shortly after. I continued to send righteous thoughts. 

Finally, the creature vanished. But I still had difficulty breathing, mainly at night. There were times when I was almost out of breath. Right then, I asked for Master’s help, “Master, please help your disciple, please help your disciple.” Immediately, I could breathe again. 

After 12 days passed, I still lingered on the edge of life and death. My husband was very scared. He tried to get me to go to the hospital, but I refused. My son did the same, but I insisted I would be fine. When my husband pushed me again, I said to him, “I’m putting my life in Master’s hands.” When he saw I was so firm, he stopped pushing me. Still, my husband and son worried that I’d die. A month later, I miraculously regained my health. Again, Master gave me a new life. 

My son divorced in the Spring of 2018. His ex-wife took our grandson with her. This hit my husband so hard that he often vented his anger at me. As a result, I suffered mentally. 

At the end of the year, my husband became ill and I worried about him. With my attachment flaring up, I was taken advantage of by the old forces and developed illness karma symptoms. 

Ten days later, my husband was well, but I was much worse—I was always short of breath. I couldn’t lie down and had to lean against the wall. I was in very low spirits, could only recite some Fa, but kept sending righteous thoughts at the four set times, and continued to do the sitting meditation. I lost my appetite during that time. Drinking water tasted as bitter as medicine. 

I was very weak. When I closed my eyes, I saw gods from another dimension come to communicate with me. As soon as I opened my eyes, I realized they were illusions arranged by the old forces. One day, I warned a male-looking god by saying, “I am a Falun Dafa practitioner.” From then on, I no longer saw those so-called gods any more. 

Two weeks later, I still couldn’t lie down. After I begged for Master’s help, I could lie down and rest for short periods of time. One day, after I went to bed, I began to sincerely recite the phrases “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” While doing so, I fell asleep. I truly felt the magic of sincerely reciting these phrases. 

From then on, I began to recite the phrases every day. The outcome was particularly good, as I could sleep and was able to eat. Water no longer tasted bitter. By the time I recovered, the illness karma elimination had lasted six weeks. None of my family members expected that I would survive. Fellow practitioners close to me also worried about me. I didn’t feel good about it either. Yet, Master saved me one more time. 

Two years have passed and I haven't had any illness symptoms. How did I walk on my cultivation path so well this time? What kind of force dispelled the illness karma elimination arranged by the old forces? It goes without saying that it was Master and Dafa. 

During the two years, I studied the Fa whenever I had time. I listened to a Minghui podcast while either working in the field or doing household chores, which motivated me to study the Fa. My righteous thoughts became stronger and I was totally absorbed in studying the Fa. Given that, Master’s Fa was cast into my life. When I couldn’t enlighten, Fa would give me a hint. 

I stood in front of Master’s portrait, and respectfully burned three sticks of incense, and bowed three times to show my gratitude for Master’s saving grace. I knew that even if I bowed 300 times, or even 30,000 times, I couldn't pay back Master’s immense compassion towards his disciples. I also know that Master doesn’t want anything from us—just our faith in Him and Dafa. 

Then what is “truly believing in Master and Dafa?” My personal understanding is to do the things Master requires us to do. 

In recent years, during Fa-rectification period cultivation, things didn’t always go smoothly. The old forces interfered with me when my attachments surfaced. For example, when I intended to go out to save people, they directed an evil scene to occur in a dream. I saw dangerous scenes, where I was either chased after or arrested by evil, that were intended to make me scared. Even after I woke up, I still had flashbacks. Thus, every time I went out to talk with people about Dafa, I always asked for Master’s help to strengthen my righteous thoughts. Because Master was by my side to protect me at all times, the day went smoothly every time. 

Sometimes when I was ready to go and pass out truth-clarification materials, I suddenly felt short of breath and started coughing. I just ignored the symptoms and went out anyway. When I rode my electric bicycle on the road, the sky was filled with Faluns and a divine dragon accompanied me all the way. Then, every illness karma illusion disappeared completely. 

All the way through my cultivation, the coughing demon didn’t give up on me and often attacked me. Through intensive Fa-study, I got to see through the old forces’ plot. I didn’t take what I was experiencing to heart, as I believe we don’t have illnesses. Therefore, I still did the things that I was supposed to do. 

For instance, whenever I had a fever, coughed very hard, or was short of breath, I studied the Fa, sent righteous thoughts, and did the exercises as usual. When fellow practitioners asked me for truth-clarification materials, I made the pamphlets as usual. I also worked on other things like editing articles.

I recalled words that Master said:

“… righteous thoughts and righteous actions.” (Teachings Given on Lantern Festival Day, 2003)

“Nothing is truly unbearable or impossible.” (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun). 

Thus, all the illness karma symptoms disappeared and I was finally able to snap out of this long-term tribulation. 

I came to realize the lessons I learned, namely: When I tried to break through the trials caused by the old forces, I didn’t think of myself as a practitioner. When I couldn’t endure, I began to beg Master to have Him endure for me. Another root cause of the problem came down to the fact that I lacked true faith in Master and Dafa. Thinking about this, I felt regret. 

I am grateful for Master’s compassion in guiding me to finally make the breakthrough because of my faith in Master and Dafa. 

Due to my limited level, please kindly point out anything inappropriate.