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Overcoming Every Difficulty and Finding Ways to Save People

May 5, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) During the 2020 Chinese New Year, my family visited our hometown in the countryside. We planned to stay a few days and then return to our home in the city. But the CCP virus broke out and we were stuck in the countryside due to the lockdown.

I had some materials explaining Falun Dafa and the persecution with me but only enough to distribute for a few days, and the information was not specific to the epidemic. Due to the lockdown, I could not get materials from practitioners in the city. It worried me to see people deceived by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) propaganda, but it was difficult to talk to people in person. The words and pictures in our printed materials effectively expose the CCP’s lies, especially the materials with information about the epidemic. I realized I’d have to make them myself.

We had internet in the countryside but buying printing supplies was very difficult. I contacted many websites that sold supplies, only to find that they were unable to ship them due to the lockdown. What should I do?

Master told us,

“Find your shortcomings, and do better. You are the hope of humankind. Get your act together and be like the North American Dafa disciples who do not shrink back in the face of difficulty. Do not be blocked by human constraints. Do not be cowed by the evil, because history has been kept for your sake.” (“To the Fa Conference in France,” Team Blue Translation)

I came to the realization that we have the responsibility to tell people why the plague happened, to wake them up to understand right and wrong, and to tell them that Falun Dafa saves lives. I realized that difficulties can only stop ordinary people, they cannot stop Dafa practitioners who are walking the path to divinity. I encouraged myself not to be constrained by the difficulties. I firmly believed that with Master’s help, I would overcome these difficulties.

I recalled a dream I’d had a long time ago, while I was illegally detained in a detention center. In the dream, I was walking through a desert. There was no road but I kept walking forward. Suddenly, a road to heaven appeared in front of me and a voice said, “Even if there is no road ahead, I will create one for you!” This dream encouraged me during many seemingly hopeless ups and downs! Every time I remembered that dream, I felt grateful for Master’s compassionate protection and encouragement; I stayed diligent. I firmly believe that as long as I have the desire to save lives, Master will help me—things that seem impossible can happen!

Everything Changes When I Correct Myself

I contacted different supply companies and finally found one who agreed to ship the items through a special delivery channel. I was excited and placed the order. After a few days, I still did not receive it. I checked the tracking system and saw that the delivery was being repeatedly delayed. I contacted customer service and was given many reasons why they could not promise on-time delivery. I got angry and said some unpleasant things.

I calmed down afterwards and looked inside for the reason. I realized that the delay had underlying reasons and it was not the company’s fault. After I placed the order online and received the notice of shipment, I was happy and thought that there would be no more problems. I did not send righteous thoughts. I realized that the old forces took advantage of my loopholes to interfere with my shipment. I was embarrassed for blaming others for the delay.

After I corrected my thoughts based on the Fa, I found a different seller. They promised that I would receive the shipment in about a week. I placed the order and kept sending righteous thoughts. In less than a week, my shipment arrived. My family was surprised. I thanked Master for helping me. Looking at the supplies I said, “Let’s work together to save more lives!”

I then started making all kinds of materials about the epidemic from the information I had already downloaded. I gave the materials to our neighbors in the village and the results were very good.

I found that the small cards were very popular. These small cards had information about the epidemic and about Falun Dafa saving lives. I started to make more of them; I made them out of photo paper and used a children’s ruler and small blade to cut them. I made them colorful to fit in with the Chinese New Year, and all the villagers liked them.

Regaining My Initial State of Diligence

Everything that looked impossible happened due to Master’s blessings!

In few months, the villagers were allowed to go to the markets. I went there to distribute materials. I placed them in people’s baskets or handed them directly to people when circumstances permitted. I also posted the information on electrical poles.

There is also a local tourist attraction. After being stuck inside their homes for months, people went to the attraction to relax and several cars were parked along the road. I placed the cards on their windshields or on the ticket box window of the tourist area. Every time I went out, I brought materials with me and distributed them. I once again felt as diligent as I did when I first began practicing.

A practitioner from another area later told me how to make QR code cards. The cards looked beautiful and were waterproof, and this was in line with young people’s habit of playing with their smartphones. By simply scanning the QR code on the card with their phone, people can read the information about Falun Dafa, the persecution, and the epidemic. I tried and was eventually able to make the cards. I made a lot of them and gave them to local practitioners. They told me that the cards looked beautiful and people were pleased to accept them.

We face all kinds of trials and tribulations on our cultivation paths. Our challenges sometimes look overwhelming and we may feel helpless. However, we must remember that we are Falun Dafa practitioners in the Fa-rectification period, we are with the Fa-rectification, and we are assisting Master in the Fa-rectification!

Any feelings of hopelessness or helplessness are ordinary human notions and we must discard them. We have Master and we have Dafa. We are creating our paths in the Fa-rectification, leaving to history our testimony of Dafa’s mighty virtue and greatness.

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