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My Suggestions on Making Truth-Clarification Materials

April 8, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Hunan, China

(Minghui.org) I have been thinking about writing an article discussing misinformation in truth-clarification materials for a long time. But I put it off, out of laziness. I recently felt things had become more serious so I stepped out of my comfort zone and started writing.

I encountered strong interference. When I finished writing my article, the computer crashed and everything was lost. I got lazy again and thought about giving up. While sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw a big pen. I knew this was a hint that I should continue working on the article.

I print truth-clarification materials at a production site. Some local practitioners have been downloading materials from Dynaweb in recent years. They said these materials were more interesting than those on the Minghui website. Many everyday people like reading this type of content.

A few years ago, a practitioner asked me to print some of this Dynaweb content. I refused because the content was not serious and read more like a novel. It talked about a former leader. It also mentioned that practitioners were killed and their bodies were turned into meat for consumption. This may sound familiar to some practitioners, but I don’t want to talk about it here. I shared my understandings with this practitioner and suggested that we don’t produce or spread such materials.

A few years have passed, but nothing has changed. Practitioners are still producing these materials. I traveled to my hometown to visit my mother last year. She frequently talked about things like what happened to the former leader. I found that she had been reading those materials produced by local practitioners. There were quite a few copies in her home, most of which were about political matters.

Here are my opinions on this issue. Dafa practitioners during the Fa-rectification have the mission of awakening the conscience of sentient beings. In everything we do, we must prioritize the salvation of sentient beings. This is our starting point and foundation.

There is no doubt that shocking news can draw people’s attention, but we must be aware that not all news is true, particularly in this age of fake news. We may mislead people if we spread misinformation or unverified stories. And, even worse, they may lose their trust in us.

Although some practitioners are very good at analyzing news via their own social media channels, we only believe in Master. We must adhere to Master’s teachings. Even though something has been reported on those social media channels, we must be very cautious in spreading the information.

I have been producing truth-clarification materials for over a decade and have read all the Minghui materials I have printed. I think that Minghui materials are very reliable and truthful.

Practitioners at Minghui put a lot of time and effort into their truth-clarification materials, which are designed beautifully and well thought out. I have seen the low quality of some materials designed in my local area.

I don’t mean to criticize fellow practitioners. I recognize that those materials can also awaken the conscience of people. But if we are not careful, our behavior can have a negative impact on awakening the conscience of people. There have been a few cases that happened around me.

One local practitioner has a very good family environment. The family believes in Falun Dafa and is very supportive of the practitioner’s cultivation. The practitioner gave the family members a booklet that said the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was going to collapse on July 1. The family members were convinced by it.

As it turned out, nothing happened on that day. The family felt very disappointed and blamed practitioners for telling lies. This practitioner looked inward immediately and the situation calmed down. The practitioner never took such materials again.

My brother is a person who doesn’t care about politics. One day he said to me, “You practitioners keep saying that the former leader is dead. Why is it still not happening?” The misinformation made my brother not believe other things I told him.

Another local practitioner was talking about politics with her family and discussed a foreign leader being dead. It turned out that this leader didn’t die either. We must learn lessons and stay clearheaded.

These are only three examples that I know of. If practitioners spread such materials, what will people think of us? Are we awakening their conscience or destroying them? Do we just want to draw people’s attention without considering the consequences? Those who like to spread such materials should ask themselves if we are truly being responsible for sentient beings.

I would like to ask those practitioners who print truth-clarification materials to keep an eye on the content. Don’t make it more difficult to save sentient beings. I heard that some coordinators supported this kind of material. If that’s true, please correct yourselves and don’t make Master worry about us.

We should all look inward and reflect on what attachments have caused this situation. It wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t produce or spread those materials. Every one of us involved in this matter should look inward to find out what attachments we have. It has not been easy for us to come this far in cultivation. Master treasures us very much. We must treasure this epic moment ourselves.