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Miracle After a Car Accident

April 8, 2021 |   Narrated by a Dafa disciple from Shandong Province, China

(Minghui.org) I am 74 and follow the spiritual practice of Falun Dafa in Shandong Province, China. In April 2020, when I was on my way home after going out to talk with people about Falun Dafa, just as I was crossing the street a car suddenly swerved off the road and came straight at me. Without slowing down, it squarely hit me and my tricycle. With a loud “bang” I fell headfirst onto the road, and blacked out.

When I gained consciousness, I heard someone saying over and over again, “It's my fault, Grandma. It's my fault.” I slowly came to my senses and saw three young men in front of me who all looked petrified. “We are students and we came out to have some fun before school started,” one of them said.

The first thing I said was, “Don't worry, I am a Falun Gong practitioner and I won't blame you.” One of them held my hand and said, “Grandma, it's all my fault. I was reaching for something and looking down while driving.”

When they saw that I had a cut and a big bump on my forehead, they wanted to take me to the clinic to get first aid. I said, “I'll be fine. Can you please take me home?” One asked me again where to go, I said, “To my home.”

An elderly woman who was passing by said to the students, “She won't hold you accountable, she's a good person.” She knew that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner.

When they brought me to the entrance of the apartment building in which I lived, they saw I was in bad shape and was looking sallow. They were scared and wanted to take me to my son's home. I said, “If you take me there, do you think he'll let you go? Just help me get up the stairs to my place.”

When we got into my apartment, I clarified the facts about Dafa: “It is our predestined fate to bump into each other. If you had hit and injured someone else today, you wouldn't get away even by paying 20,000 yuan or more. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, and I won't ask you for money because my spiritual Teacher taught us to consider others first in everything we do. Besides, you didn't mean to hit me, you didn't want this to happen either.” They all answered, “Right, right.”

I then told them about a huge rock in Guizhou Province, formed 270 million years ago, that split in half 500 years ago. Inside were carved six Chinese words that said “Fall of the Chinese Communist Party.” I helped them to understand that finding the rock was not a coincidence because ending the CCP is divine will, and if they quit the CCP, they will save themselves. They all agreed to withdraw their memberships from the CCP.

I said, “You guys can go now and replace the headlight that was knocked off your car.” Before leaving, they told me to take care, stay home, and get a good rest. I said, “Please remember that Falun Dafa is good.” They said, “Thank you, Grandma. Practicing Falun Dafa has made you so strong. How can a person be okay after being hit like you were if not for Falun Dafa?”

A while later, a technician who repairs electric bikes in my community came to my apartment. He had witnessed the accident and was worried about me. He said, “You need to go to the hospital to be checked out in case an injury shows up later.” Well, that thought didn't even enter my mind. I told him, “You know that I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner. With Master Li's protection, I won't be in any danger. Thank you for your concern.”

The next day, my face was so swollen and bruised that I couldn't open my eyes. When I did the Falun Dafa exercises, I felt tearing pain in my left rib cage. I knew that the accident was meant to take away my life, but Master protected me and helped me pay off a huge karmic debt.

I studied the Fa and did the exercises every day without skipping a single day. After about 10 days, I almost fully recovered and was able to go out. The bicycle repair man was surprised to see me: “Wow, you recovered so quickly. Can I practice Falun Dafa too? Please teach me when you get a chance.”