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Achieving Breakthroughs By Following Master’s Arrangements

April 20, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Even though I was a lay Buddhist for many years I did not know how to cultivate, and I felt lost and confused. I told my coworkers that I planned to retire early and travel around to seek the Tao—I wanted to find a practice that would allow me to cultivate Buddhahood and practice qigong.

One day in late April 1997, I was fortunate to obtain a copy of Zhuan Falun. I was overjoyed because I knew this was what I had been searching for. I finished reading the book and it felt as if my thirst was quenched! I immediately found a practice site and my new life began. 

Besides my job and housework, I spent all my time on cultivation. I applied Dafa’s principles in my life, and I worked diligently without caring about personal gain. I won everyone’s praise. I told everyone about Dafa, and most of my coworkers read Zhuan Falun. They said, “Although we don’t practice (Falun Dafa), we’ll try to be as good as you.”

Clarify the Facts Wherever I Go

No matter how bad the persecution became, I persisted in clarifying the truth to people in person. I clarified the facts wherever I went. I told farmers in the market the beauty of Dafa and how Dafa taught us to be good people, as well as Dafa’s amazing effect in resolving illnesses. Some farmers asked me for truth-clarification materials with tears in their eyes. 

One day a young woman said to me, “You’ve told me something so wonderful, you don’t need to pay me for your purchase.” Of course, I wouldn’t accept her offer. 

One day I finished clarifying the facts to an old man, and I said loudly, “Please remember what I told you.” 

A young man passing by asked me, “What did you tell him?” I said, “Falun Dafa is good!” He became so excited that he bowed to me with his hands folded, and said, “Please, give me some materials.” Materials were scarce at that time. He left me his phone number and asked me to drop off a copy at his home when I had them. 

I teamed up with a fellow practitioner and we expanded our truth-clarification from the city to the countryside in all directions. We rode buses to the last stop and then visited all the villages along the bus line. 

One day, we got on the wrong bus which took us to a town we had not visited for many years. That quiet town suddenly became very busy and we were swamped by people who wanted to learn the truth. The warmhearted villagers expressed their gratitude by putting their hands together in front of their chests, and some even invited us to their homes. 

We knew Master Li (the founder) paved the way for us. All we had to do was stretch our legs and move our lips. Master prepared opportunities for us to establish our mighty virtue.

Village Elder: “I finally understand.”

One day we came to a very remote village on foot and saw an old man standing near the edge of his courtyard as if he was waiting for us. He was very happy to see us. He said he used to be a soldier and has some questions which bothered him for years. He asked, “Would you please come in and chat with me?” 

We agreed and told him that Falun Dafa is an advanced cultivation practice in the Buddha school and teaches people to be good. We told him Falun Dafa restores people’s morality, can resolve illnesses and has benefited practitioners physically and mentally. We also told him Falun Dafa is practiced in more than 100 countries and regions and is popular and respected around the world. 

We continued, “Nowadays, natural and man-made disasters are happening non-stop. People are breathing toxic air, babies are drinking toxic infant formula, and children are receiving toxic vaccines ... we are eating toxic genetically modified foods with fertilizers, which people in Africa who have a food shortage won’t even eat. But we Chinese people have been eating them for years. 

“The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) officials know they are toxic and won’t eat this food. They eat special foods that have no fertilizer or pesticides. They engage in graft and corruption using taxpayers’ money and do not care about the people. Now China has the highest number of cancer patients in the world. For an average family, a major illness can wipe out its entire savings.

“After the CCP began the Campaign to Suppress Counterrevolutionaries, the Land Reform, the Anti-rightist Movement, the Great Cultural Revolution, the ’6.4’ Tiananmen Massacre, and the persecution of Falun Gong ... the Party has caused the death of over 80 million Chinese people. 

“Why are the natural and man-made disasters occurring non-stop? Because the divine wishes to eliminate the CCP. If you have joined the CCP, the Communist Youth League, or the Communist Young Pioneers, you are a part of it. Quickly quit it to be safe, would that be okay?” 

He said, “I joined the CCP. Please help me quit it.”

The old man felt relieved and said, “I finally understand. Thank you for answering the puzzles in my mind.” 

We stood up and got ready to leave, but he asked us to hold on for a second and went to another room. He came out a moment later with two 50 yuan (USD$8) bills in his hand, and said, “I want to thank you. Here’s one for each of you. You have come a long way, it is not easy. Please take it.” We politely declined his money.

Coworker: “I want to save people too.” 

A coworker was transferred from an out-of-town location. I had previously clarified the facts to her, but she did not want to quit the CCP or its affiliated organizations. I mentioned it again. 

I explained why millions of Chinese already quit the CCP or its affiliated organizations, “When the Party is held accountable for its crimes, as a member, won’t you be implicated?” 

She finally understood and immediately asked me to help her quit the Communist organizations. I realized I had not clarified the facts to her thoroughly in the past and that was why she did not want to quit.

She said, “Now I understand that you are validating the beauty of Falun Dafa with actions. Falun Dafa must be very good.” She took out 100 yuan and said, “This is a small token of my support for your efforts.” I politely declined it. She said, “You are saving people. I want to save people too.” She refused to take it back. I had to accept it, so I donated it to the material production site. 

There was another coworker and her family to who I clarified the facts to. After they listened, they said, “We believe it because of you. If someone else told us this, we wouldn’t believe it.” I helped them quit the three major Communist organizations. 

Whenever I gave them truth-clarification materials, they would read them and then pass them on to their relatives and friends. They knew I was sending truth-clarification letters, so they gave me an entire box of postage-paid envelopes to help me. The family has been blessed several times and is very well-to-do.

Young Man: “I feel so good now.”

One day, I was waiting for a bus when a young man with a backpack sat down next to me. I said, “You are a college student, right?” He said, “Actually I work.” I said, “It’s not easy to make a living. Please remember, ‘Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!’ The divine will bless you with peace and health.” He thanked me. 

I said, “The persecution of Falun Dafa started in 1999. The CCP staged a self-immolation hoax to slander Dafa, and has been harvesting organs from living practitioners and selling them for huge profits. 

“Just like the ancient Roman Empire persecuted Christians and incurred four major plagues that resulted in the collapse of the Empire (a similar thing will happen to the CCP). Millions of Chinese have quit the CCP’s organizations and have stayed away from disasters.” I asked him, “Have you joined the Party?”

He answered, “I am a CCP member.” 

I said, “How about quitting it and be safe?”

He agreed. Then, he put his hands over his heart and said, “I feel so good now. What you told me is true. I grew up poor and my family could not afford the school fees. Where was the CCP? They have been taking taxpayer’s money but never cared about the people. Without the CCP, we Chinese would have had a much better life.”

I asked if he was able to surf the Internet, he said no. I gave him a USB with truth-clarification information on it. He accepted it happily. The bus arrived, and we parted ways. 

Master Always Protects Us

One day, another practitioner and I drove to an area to clarify the facts. It was overcast that morning as if heavy rain was about to pour down. Approaching the foot of a large mountain, we saw a ray of sunlight breaking through the thick clouds above us—the sky was filled with colorful clouds. 

That day I helped more than 40 people quit the three major Communist organizations. 

We left at dusk and took the same expressway back. When we entered the toll road, the toll bar automatically lifted. The practitioner wanted to pay the toll, but there was nobody in the booth. We switched to another lane to pay the toll for both ways, but the toll collector would not take the money because there was no record of our car in the computer. He checked it step by step, but could not find us. 

The other practitioner insisted upon paying the toll, and the toll collector had to print a blank note as a receipt. At this point, I realized Master let us travel in another dimension earlier that day. 

Sometimes we went to remote villages on foot to clarify the facts and came back really late. Master would arrange for people to give us a ride home. Sometimes when the road was rough, there would be warmhearted people who insisted on giving us a ride, and we would arrive home just in time to send righteous thoughts. Every time we went out to talk to people, we felt Master’s presence, protecting us.

The outbreak of the coronavirus this year had the entire country on lockdown. I was very anxious because there were still so many people we hadn’t talked to. Fortunately, our area was not hit heavily so I could still go out every day, but the streets were empty. Even if I could only save one or two people a day, I still wanted to do it. 

Gradually, the epidemic was behind us. I knew our great benevolent Master, with great sacrifice and suffering, has prolonged the window for all sentient beings to be saved as well as for our fellow practitioners who had not done well to establish mighty virtue.

After the virus began spreading, people seemed to have suddenly woken up. Those who did not believe in Dafa before ran to me and said, “What you practitioners say is true.” Some who refused to listen in the past now stopped me and wanted to listen to the truth. 

One day, I was waiting for a bus and heard someone calling me. She said, “I’ve been looking for you everywhere. The epidemic is so bad and I heard Falun Dafa can save lives. Please give me some more information so I can share it at our class reunion.” She left me her phone number. 

I am so very fortunate to practice Falun Dafa and become Master’s disciple. Falun Dafa is so wonderful. No words can fully describe my gratitude to Master. 

There are still many people waiting for us to save them. We will definitely cherish this rare opportunity to cultivate ourselves well, do the three things well, do our best to save more people, complete our historic missions, fulfill our vows, and follow Master home. 

This concludes my limited understanding. Please kindly point out anything improper.