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How I Was Protected Even When I Stopped Practicing Falun Dafa

March 12, 2021 |   By a Falun Gong practitioner in Sichuan Province, China

(Minghui.org) I was sickly before practicing Falun Dafa. I had to go through a C-section when giving birth in 1982. The excessive bleeding in the C-section caused endocrine disorders, which resulted in hyperthyroidism. Side effects of the surgery also included severe intestinal adhesions, frequent abdominal pain, herniated discs, and pressure on the lower extremities' nerves. I often had to rely on lumbar traction to relieve pain. The long-term lack of blood flow through the neck's blood vessels led to cerebral arteriosclerosis, ischemia, and chronic pain in the brain. Almost all my hair fell out due to long periods of sleeplessness and inadequate blood supply to the brain. 

I graduated from nursing school and was assigned to work at a mountain hospital in the county in 1979. After I got sick, the director of the hospital came to see me, and said that I should take a leave of absence.

My husband worked in a city. I came back and had stayed in the hospital for several months. But the situation did not improve. 

Practicing Falun Dafa

I started to practice Falun Dafa on May 4, 1998. I recovered from my illnesses within one week, and my headaches and stomachaches were gone. My health was improving day after day. Every Sunday, I went to the market to do the exercises and study the Fa with fellow practitioners. Life was so good. 

The Chinese Communist regime began its persecution against Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999. The factory chairman of the labor union called several practitioners to a meeting room and threatened us. Many practitioners stopped the practice. Some did not even dare to greet each other when we met. Under such pressure, I always believed in Dafa, and occasionally I clarified the truth of Falun Dafa to people. My workplace was far away from the city. 

Slacking Off

I had few contacts with fellow practitioners and was busy with work and household chores all day long. I slacked off on my Fa-study. My health was deteriorating. I could only see the top line on the vision chart with both eyes in 2011. I was diagnosed with diabetes. The doctor said I had to depend on insulin and medication for my entire life.

By 2013, my body was back to the state before I practiced Falun Dafa. I thought of starting to practice again. But I couldn't keep up with the Fa-study and doing the exercises. At that time, my husband had not yet retired, and my family had set up a small factory. I did all the household chores, such as growing vegetables, feeding the chickens and ducks, buying food at the market, cooking, and bringing up the grandchildren. Nine months later, my situation was worsening.

My hands and feet were shaking, and I couldn't even hold the chopsticks between my hands in 2016. I couldn't even stand firm on my legs when I tried to do the exercises. One day I closed my eyes to take a nap at noon. My husband gently pushed open my bedroom door, and put his hand in front of my nostril to see if I was still breathing. He was distraught.

Returning to Dafa – Believing in Dafa

On March 18, 2019, I was about to take a nap after lunch. Master's poem suddenly appeared in my mind:

“Lay down your human, mundane mind,The Fa gained, you now stand divine,Break free, and depart, these Three Realms,And ascend to Heaven with a Buddha Body.”(“Salvation Far and Wide”, Hong Yin)

I was shocked – Master Li (Dafa's founder) was still looking after me. Lying on the bed, I recalled everything I had experienced in the past few years, from beginning to end. I asked myself: “Why did I not listen to Master? Why did I hold onto human desires? I could not focus during Fa-study because I could not let go of ordinary people's things. I said I believed in Master, but I did not in reality!”

I knelt in front of Master's portrait and cried like a lost child seeing her parents again. I was sorry to all the sentient beings in my world, and I felt ashamed, as fellow practitioners had tried to help me. I told Master: I will entrust everything to Master from now on. I will put down life and death. I will practice and follow Master. 

I stopped taking medicine. I was afraid that my family would not understand, so I did not tell them. I threw the pills and insulin away. Fifteen months later, the fellow practitioner said I should let my family know. But I did not say anything to my husband. I was afraid he would be mad. 

One day my husband found out that I did not take insulin; he was so angry that his face turned black. He slapped me on the face. It was so hard that my tooth became loose. Since our 39 years of marriage, he had never hit me before. 

I thought it was time for me to let go of my attachment. I was afraid he would become angry, so I did not tell him that I stopped my medication. I did not do well with “Truthfulness.” I must pass this test. I knew I was a practitioner; I could not curse back or fight back. I must endure.

Slowly he got tired and stopped quarreling. I began to tell him about my change after I stopped taking medicine. He used the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP's) lies to refute me, but I patiently explained my reasons for six hours. Finally, I asked him: “Why do you believe in the CCP's lies? I am your wife. We live together every day. You can see my physical change. You don't believe the fact in front of you. You believe those lies?”

I continued, “The doctor said that people with diabetes and hyperthyroidism could not survive without medication. But I had not taken any pills during the past 15 months. Didn't Dafa create this miracle?”

I recounted my suffering in the past: I could barely walk, my hands shook so badly I couldn't use chopsticks, my body was swollen from my feet to my knees, I was blind in my left eye and had only partial vision in my right eye, I suffered from cerebral arteriosclerosis and insomnia, and my heart felt like a giant stone pressing on it. I did not do anything all day.

Now I was able to do the household chores. I asked him why he did not believe I'd recovered. This was the blessing from Dafa. I asked him, “Why do you not thank Master and Dafa? Is your attitude worthy of Dafa's Master? Do you have any conscience at all?”

I told him Dafa gave me a new life, and I was determined to practice Dafa. He said, “I was wrong. I will not bother you when you practice anymore. Please do well.” I passed this test. 

But he still wanted to check my blood sugar. I said I was tested seven times a day during my hospitalization, but, it worsened.

He said: “But, sometimes I also see that you have a small problem, minor pain.” I told him that it was to eliminate karma. Master could not eliminate all my karma. Some portion of the karma was left for me to test my xinxing and improve.

He squeezed my calves and belly with his hand (because my body is better and fatter now, I used to have no calves and belly at all) and said, “I've never seen you this healthy.” He smiled reassuringly.

I regret that I wasted so much time. Now I need to go out every day to tell the public the truth about Falun Dafa.