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Master’s Compassion Saves Me Every Time I Stumble

March 1, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Seeking to improve my poor health I visited temples and worshiped Buddha statues. I also practiced many kinds of qigong. One morning in 1996, I went to the park to practice a qigong when I noticed a group of people meditating. Out of curiosity, I sat down and meditated with them. I felt a very warm and comfortable energy field. After they finished meditating, they told me they practiced Falun Dafa. I decided to practice.

I bought a copy of Zhuan Falun. As I read the book, the words spun and glittered. When I looked at the sky I sometimes saw many divine beings. I knew Falun Dafa was very special!

I behaved according to the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. I controlled my bad behavior and stopped cursing at and punching people. I learned to be a good person and an even better person. I've had many amazing experiences and I would like to tell you about them.

Police Plot Fails

Former CCP (Chinese Communist Party) head Jiang Zemin launched the persecution of Falun Dafa on July 20, 1999. We could no longer openly practice the exercises or read the teachings outdoors. Out of habit, local practitioners kept visiting the park every morning. They met and shared their experiences.

One day I went to the park as usual and noticed something was different. There were many more people and they were in groups of two. Instinctively I knew that most of them were plainclothes police. I asked a practitioner to go to the park's side entrance to alert the practitioners coming in. I went to the main entrance to turn the rest of the practitioners away. I later learned that the local police department, the State Security Division, and the police station had held a meeting that morning and planned to arrest any practitioners who came to the park. They were unsuccessful.

The director of the police station who coordinated the effort was furious. He swore and shouted, “This was top secret. Who talked?” One officer said, “We went there right after the meeting. There was no time to tell anyone.” The director said that he saw me talking to someone and thought I’d kept other practitioners from entering the park. He ordered the policeman in charge of household registrations to arrest me.

Police Officer Secretly Protects Me

I’d had contact with this police officer before. One day he came to my home and asked me why I practiced Falun Dafa—“Why didn’t I give it up even after I had been arrested several times?” I told him, “Before I practiced Falun Dafa, I smoked, drank, and played Mahjong for hours. I cursed at and beat my husband. I even beat my parents-in-law. None of my family members dared to do anything to stop me. Because of me, my family had no peace. After I started practicing Falun Dafa, I stopped smoking, drinking, and playing Mahjong. I respected and looked after my parents-in-law. My family became peaceful and harmonious. If you don’t believe me, you can ask my neighbors.”

He asked me some other questions. I didn’t know how to answer them and asked him to read Zhuan Falun himself. I lent him a copy and asked him to return it after he finished reading. But he kept it.

One day my neighbors were fighting with each other, and this police officer came. One of the neighbors thought he’d come to arrest me. The officer said, “Why would I arrest her? She's a good person.”

When the director of the police station ordered him to arrest me this time, he phoned my neighbor and asked him to pass the message to me. My neighbor told me to leave home to avoid the arrest, but I went to the park the next day as usual. I noticed a police car following me. I was not afraid but I left the park by the side entrance. I went home and packed a few basic necessities. I went to a relative’s home and stayed there for a month. This officer later called my neighbor and asked him to tell me that I could come home.

He often protected me secretly until he was transferred to another department.

Materials Vanish

After the persecution began, I took the initiative to deliver and help distribute truth-clarification materials. One day I brought back two large bags of materials from another city. Just before I reached home, I ran into the Party secretary and the community center director. They called out my name and asked what I had in my big bags, then they told me to open them. I begged Master not to let them see the materials. I told them that I was just carrying food—but they insisted that I open the bags. I slowly opened one of the bags, and it was empty!

Pond Turns into a Road

A local practitioner couple was taken to a brainwashing center after they petitioned in Beijing for Falun Dafa. Their daughter Xiao Hong asked me to accompany her to visit her parents in the brainwashing center. I asked Master to help us. I took Master's recent articles and some daily necessities, and Hong and I went to the brainwashing center. The receptionist would not allow us to see them. We waited until midday when the staff members were on lunch break. We went around to the back of the center. I put Hong on my shoulders and she passed the things we’d brought to the practitioners inside, through a back window.

The practitioners were excited when they saw Master’s recent articles, and their voices were so loud that the staff heard them. Several guards ran out and stood in front of the gate. There was a pond in front of us—we had no way to escape. The guards shouted, “You cannot get out!” Hong was so frightened that she wept. I told her not to fear even though I didn’t know how we would get out.

Just then a three or four-year-old boy appeared. I asked him how to get out. He didn’t say anything and began walking. We followed him. As we walked, the pond became a wide road. A middle-aged woman appeared on the road. I walked towards her and asked the way. But she didn’t say anything. We just followed her until the end of the road. A bus drove towards us and stopped. It seemed like that bus had come to pick us up. We got on the bus and returned home.

I was so thankful to Master for his compassionate protection!

Policemen Freeze

One morning I put up sticky notes that read, “Falun Dafa is good” on power poles and billboards. When I did the last one, it was not straight. So I peeled it off and was about to redo it. A police car pulled up alongside me and an officer shouted, “How dare you!” I looked up and saw four policemen inside the car staring at me. One of them said, “I would like to see how you escape today!”

I was frightened and my heart beat faster. A thought flashed through my mind, “Master is watching over me and I'm not afraid of you!” The four police officers were frozen inside the car, motionless. I hurried home.

Dismantling a Poster That Slandered Falun Dafa

On my way to see a patient in the hospital in 2015, I passed a community display case and saw a poster defaming Falun Dafa. It was poisoning sentient beings. I visited a practitioner who lived nearby and we decided to remove it on a certain day.

But that day the practitioner didn’t come because of fear. I asked her to send forth righteous thoughts for me.

As I was walked towards the display case, I begged Master to strengthen me and help me get rid of that poster.

The case was tall and wide. The front was glass and was attached with screws. It would be hard to take the poster out. I didn’t bring any tools with me and I didn’t know how to remove it. I silently asked Master to help me. As soon as I had this thought, I heard a noise and all the screws loosened. I removed them, took out the poster, folded it up, and threw it into a waste bin.

Afterward, I went to the practitioner who was sending forth righteous thoughts and told her that I had finished the job. We thanked Master for helping us.

Master’s Compassionate Call

I understood the Fa only superficially—unfortunately I didn’t look within and cultivate myself when I ran into tribulations and hardships. I even dared to complain about those practitioners I felt didn’t do things well. I gradually relaxed and practiced on and off. Master didn’t give up on me and repeatedly and compassionately called me back to cultivation.

I would like to share my experiences in this regard and remind fellow practitioners who are complacent like I was just how precious Falun Dafa is. Once we get it, we should treasure it—otherwise we'll be filled with regret when this historic time is over.

Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions in a Brainwashing Center

Whether I delivered Dafa materials or distributed pamphlets, put up sticky posters or hung up Dafa banners by myself—thanks to Master’s protection, I always returned home safely. But when some practitioners were arrested and interrogated, they told the police that they got their materials from me. I was arrested and taken to brainwashing centers many times by the local police station, the State Security Division, the local police department, and the 610 Office.

Once when I was in the brainwashing center, I sent out this thought: “Negative elements have no effect on me.” As a result, the poisonous water and food didn’t harm me. One day a police officer cursed me and started to kick me. I said to him loudly, “Do not dare kick me.” His leg froze in mid-air and he couldn’t move it. Several former practitioners who were helping the CCP kept asking me where I got the materials. I pointed to one of these former practitioners and said, “She gave them to me. She drove her scooter to my home and brought me two bags of materials.” The guard looked at her. To my surprise, she nodded. Afterward, they no longer asked me about that.

One day the brainwashing center organized a “study and sharing” meeting. Those former practitioners were talking nonsense and I felt bad for them. So I said loudly, “Please listen to me.” I told them how I changed mentally and physically after I practiced Falun Dafa. I said, “The reason I started to practice was because of a Falun Dafa experience sharing conference in 1996.” I pointed to one of these former practitioners and said, “During the conference you said that you used to be rude and unreasonable. You often fought with your mother-in-law, your husband, brother-in-law, and sisters-in-law. Because you didn’t get along, you built a wall in the yard and separated yourself from your in-laws. After you practiced Falun Dafa, you dismantled the wall and got along with them. I was very touched by your story and started to practice Falun Dafa. Dafa turned you from a bad person into a kind one. Why do you badmouth Dafa now?” After I finished, her face turned red and she said softly, “You have a very good memory.” She lowered her head. She later resumed practicing Falun Dafa.

I pointed to another previous practitioner and said, “Do you still remember this incident? One summer you came to my home and we planned to go out. I was simmering bone soup in a pot. When I picked up the pot, the bottom fell out and the hot soup poured all over me. I washed myself off, changed my clothes, and we went out. When we came back, my body and legs were not burned. There were no blisters or injuries!” I asked that person if what I said was true. She nodded and lowered her head.

I told them many of my amazing cultivation experiences. Several previous practitioners awakened and started to practice Dafa again after they were released from the brainwashing center. During that time I was a determined Dafa disciple.

Master’s Compassionate Hints

I was arrested and detained in brainwashing centers many times. I developed a lot of complaints. My husband was implicated every time. He became thin and sickly. My neighbor told me that he walked up and down the street every day after I was detained in the brainwashing center, murmuring: “You could have lived comfortably. Why did you choose to suffer like that...” When I heard this, my emotions were stirred. All sorts of bad thoughts came to mind. I gradually stopped contacting other practitioners. I rarely studied the Fa or practiced the exercises. I just let the bad things wear down my determination to cultivate.

But our compassionate Master didn’t give up on me and gave me hints in my dreams. Sometimes I had good dreams while other times I had terrifying dreams. In one dream there was an earthquake and the buildings collapsed. It was terrifying. Master grabbed me up with his big hand and put me down in a safe place. I woke up and realized that I should continue my cultivation. I shouldn’t slack off. I told Master that I was sorry. Even though I resumed practicing, I didn’t want to contact other practitioners.

In my dreams, Master showed me another scene. I saw endless dead bodies—bodies stacked on top of more bodies. Some of them were wrapped with white ribbons. Some were bleeding. There was no space for me to move. Then hell appeared. A huge force pushed me down to look at it. On the first floor, people both young and old—even children—were being whipped. When I asked why, a voice told me that they did bad things. On the second floor, many people—men and women, young and old—were having their skin and tendons removed. They were all in excruciating pain. It was a horrifying scene.

I was so terrified that I woke up. I realized that if I didn’t cultivate in Dafa, I would have a dreadful end. I resumed practicing Falun Dafa. Thank you, Master, for your compassionate saving grace!

In the limited time remaining, I will study the Fa, practice the exercises, cultivate myself diligently, and become a genuine Dafa disciple. I will do the three things well and follow Master home!