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Saving Sentient Beings During the Pandemic by Ordering Takeout

Feb. 19, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa in Beijing, China

(Minghui.org) After the CCP virus (Covid-19) first broke out in Wuhan, it quickly spread to the whole country, and in early February 2020, lockdowns were implemented in multiple cities. As a result, face-to-face communication was greatly reduced. Before then, my main way of clarifying the facts was going out to talk to people. 

To save time, I began to order takeout meals and have them delivered. One day, a young deliveryman called and asked me to pick up my meal at the north entrance to our community. This entrance is always locked and can't be used. However, the gate is made of iron bars, which allows food to be passed through. Because there are no security guards at this entrance, it was a perfect place for me to talk with people about Falun Dafa. So every time I ordered food, I’d ask people to deliver it there. 

At first, before I finished talking, most deliverymen would put the meal down and leave in a hurry out of concern that they’d be late for their next delivery. Only a few people listened to everything I had to say. However, those people usually agreed to renounce their membership in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. 

Most delivery people were from out of town. They had no particular skills, were in their 20s, full of energy, and could ride a motorcycle. They were all centrally dispatched and required to wear identification badges. They were also required to be friendly to customers. They had to make deliveries on time, otherwise their performance score would be affected, and they could be fined. 

Master Li Hongzhi said, 

“...Yet Gods have set terms for saving people in the end timesThose who remain silent amid persecution will not be savedThose who assist the evil and defame Dafa are being eliminated ...” (“Choose once again,” Hong Yin IV

From this poem, I realized that the following three kinds of people have a very slim chance of surviving heaven's great elimination. 

People who have persecuted those who believe in gods or Falun Dafa practitioners. Because practitioners cultivate Buddha-hood, whoever persecutes or suppresses them has committed a sin against Buddha and will be eliminated.

The second group is people who can't tell right from wrong. They don’t know the facts about Dafa and refuse to learn them. 

Lastly, there are those who joined the CCP and its affiliated organizations and refuse to renounce their memberships. 

Based on people’s different social levels and attitudes, I used different approaches and different content in my truth-clarification to awaken their conscience. 

Young People Learn the Truth

Delivering food is a time-sensitive job, so I needed to quickly tell them the facts. In addition, since most of them came to the city from other townships or counties, their way of thinking was comparatively simple. Also, because they are usually young people, they are more open to the truth. 

So these delivery persons wouldn't leave too quickly, I would say, “Young man, please don’t leave in a hurry. Let me tell you an important message. I want to explain how to escape heaven's great elimination. Think about it: if you are to be eliminated, it doesn’t matter how much money you make, as you won't be able to spend it.” 

Normally this would catch their attention. Then I would say, “In a heavenly book, it says that a great elimination will happen and explains how to avoid it. But what kind of people will be eliminated? There are three kinds. As long as you aren't one of them, you’ll be safe.

“The first kind of person affected are those who persecute people who believe in gods and Buddhas. Because of what you do for a living, you don’t have the power to do that, so you aren't in that category.”

“The second person can't tell right from wrong, or what’s evil. Have you heard about the so-called ‘Tiananmen Self-Immolation Incident’? Is it true or false? People who practice Falun Dafa cultivate buddha-hood. They never kill lives. Think about it, self-immolation means killing oneself. Isn’t this killing? 

“People with a clear mind would realize that it was a hoax fabricated by the former CCP leader Jiang Zemin. So if you understand that Jiang is evil and Dafa practitioners are kind, you can tell right from wrong and you aren't in the second group either. 

“But you may belong to the third group of people. Who are they? Have you ever joined the Communist Party, Youth League, or the Young Pioneers?” 

By then, some people would start checking their cell phones and were ready to leave, because they didn't want to miss their next delivery or were indifferent about what I was saying. I would quickly tell them, “When we humans do things, gods are watching us. Even those things that happened in the past are recorded.

Encouraging them to Quit the CCP

“When you joined the CCP, you held up your fist and swore to heaven you would devote your life to the CCP. Please quickly take a stance with heaven and declare that you renounce your memberships with the CCP. As soon as the gods see that, the oath you made is nullified and completely wiped out. But if you don’t want to quit, you’ll be in this category of people. If you aren't in one of these three groups, won’t you be free from the great elimination? You surely will!” 

I’d then give him a pseudonym to use when quitting the CCP. In most cases, they were willing to tell me their last names. Then I would say, “Be careful when you ride the motorcycle. If you ever run into any danger, please say ‘Falun Dafa is good!’ Falun Dafa is the highest Buddha Fa, which will ensure your safety amidst the great elimination. If you have quit the CCP and believe that Dafa is good, it’s guaranteed that you will be safe and sound!” 

At this point, most people say: “Thank you!” Some of them even press their palms together (heshi) in a gesture of respect. When seeing this, I say, “Please don’t thank me. It’s our Master who has saved you. When you quietly recite ‘Falun Dafa is good’ you’ll receive good fortune.” Some drivers would then call out, “Falun Dafa is good!”

In order to reach more people, I started ordering lunch and dinner. I also went online and ordered fruits and other items to be delivered. Eventually, people I had already talked with showed up. In order to meet different people, I looked at how the delivery system worked. I realized that certain drivers were assigned to each restaurant and worked during the same time slots. I wrote down the names of about a dozen restaurants near my home, then divided lunchtime into seven 15-minute time slots and dinner into six.

I took turns ordering meals from different restaurants and at different times. I used my cell phone to track the delivery people's names and wrote them in a notebook. I did this to make sure I wouldn’t overlook anyone. 

From February to mid-May, I talked with all the delivery people from every restaurant—about 200 of them.

The west entrance was set up so people could exchange goods and was easily accessible. However, the locked north entrance was isolated and had been unused for years. Why did the delivery people choose it? And how did I come up with the idea of using this way to save people? I truly believe it was Master Li’s arrangement. 

The local police station called me on May 20, 2020, to say that someone reported me. They wrote up a case and put me under house surveillance. Two weeks later, I went out again, even though I was still being watched. As long as I could go out, I continued clarifying the facts to people and helped them quit the CCP.

Master is right by my side. He knew that his disciple wanted to save more sentient beings, so he made such an arrangement. I feel grateful for Master’s saving grace and his empowerment. I’ll do the three things well and accomplish my historical mission of saving sentient beings. 

For all these years, I have believed in Master and Dafa and always kept in mind my mission of saving sentient beings. I have overcome my fear and only worry about ways to help save people.