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Making the Right Choice and Taking the Fa as the Master

Dec. 29, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) After the sharing article “Practitioners in Mainland China, Please Stop Online Fa Study (With a Comment from Master)” was published on Minghui.org, very few practitioners in our local area who joined an online platform for Fa study and experience sharing have taken much notice of the article, let alone withdrawn from the platform, which is still running as usual and even becoming more vigorous.

The extent to which they have gone awry is clearly seen from the topics they shared, such as “Two types of Fa-rectification, Salvation and Elimination.” A few years earlier, they also organized an activity to send forth righteous thoughts to save the king of Wuji Kingdom (Xi Jinping); after the breakout of the pandemic, they organized another online activity to send righteous thoughts to dissolve the plague.

Some practitioners in the online group started to reflect upon themselves after the publication of Master’s article “Stay Rational.” But soon, an individual with so-called “high enlightenment” talked about his own understanding of Master’s article, and most people in that group again agreed with him, thinking that Master didn’t refer to them and that they are the ones who are truly saving sentient beings with compassion, and the way they sent righteous thoughts online was right. So they kept sending forth righteous thoughts to dissolve the plague, and even tried to rectify the “God of Calamity.”

Master made it very clear in the article “Bear in Mind Forever,”

“From now on, nobody should tape record or videotape speeches given by any of the people in charge in different regions or by any disciples; even less can they be edited into texts or be spread around for people to read.” (Essential for Further Advancement)

However, they openly violate what Master told us by keeping recordings and their own chosen articles on the online platform and urging practitioners to listen to them, read them, and spread them to others.

Those posted articles did not come from Minghui.org. They may have been submitted to Minghui.org before, but never got published, or they had never been submitted at all.

These people do not pay much attention to Minghui.org, and some of their views are in direct contradiction to Minghui.org. They have gone their own way in doing things and urged practitioners to spend loads of time every day listening to their recordings, which promote their own understandings about Fa-rectification and cultivation. They think they have achieved a high level of enlightenment.

Some individuals go to various Fa-study groups to encourage practitioners to join the online platform. First, they would share an article from Minghui.org, and then ask practitioners to read their own articles such as “Who is the Savior” to promote their own views and understandings formed along an evil path.

One may wonder: What has caused these people not to even listen to Master and ignore the many reminders from Minghui.org, and yet still consider themselves Master’s genuine Dafa disciples?

In one sharing article published on Minghui.org, the author pointed out, “I understand from the Fa that those who have ‘enlightened’ along an evil path were arranged by the old forces. Some of them are truly muddle-headed and adamantly believe what they do is right, as if a mechanism had been installed in their head by the old forces, and they would appear in a certain state of mind at a certain time, and are going further and further along an evil path.”

The article continued to say, “Such people can interfere with practitioners who are not cultivating solidly and play a very destructive role in our efforts to save people. The ‘mechanisms’ arranged in their heads by the old forces operate actively. In fact, these individuals are very pitiful.

“One of the characteristics of this kind of individual is that they don’t look within or cultivate themselves. In other words, they don’t cultivate solidly. They may have been jailed and suffered hardships in the past, but that doesn’t mean anything and was probably arranged to pave the path of what they do today. No matter whether there will be such individuals in the future or others in another form of evil enlightenment, we must stay clearheaded and not be fooled. We must look at things rationally based on the Fa, from which we can find all the answers.”

For the past few years, practitioners who have been deeply involved in the online platform vigorously defend the platform, thinking their way of doing things is the most effective in assisting Master in Fa-rectification, and that their ideas are based on the perspective of Master’s Fa-rectification.

Fellow practitioners have shared with them many times, but with little effect. Their deviating way of Fa study and sharing has gradually formed a mechanism over time. Whenever fellow practitioners raise doubt about what they do, even with reference to good sharing articles on Minghui.org, they would always find some grand-sounding reasoning to justify their ways of doing things, thus going deviant further and further from the Fa.

They regard any different opinions as interference and would kick out practitioners whom they think have doubts about what they do by misusing Master’s teaching about “eliminating interference.” In the end, those who stay on the platform are basically people who agree with them, flatter them, and sing the praises of what they say and do.

Those who follow them think highly of a few individual practitioners, saying so and so had attended Fa-teaching classes given by Master in person, or so and so once suffered severe persecution by the evil as if they’ve accumulated great mighty virtue through it.

In fact, some of these individuals became “collaborators” while in prison or forced labor camps and helped the evil brainwash and torture other practitioners who remained firm in their faith. Nowadays, although they are very active in doing things, they have remained irrational and muddle-headed, and are laying out tribulations and troubles not only for themselves but other practitioners as well.

With immeasurable and boundless compassion, Master has time and time again exposed actions that undermined the Fa and offered opportunities to those who have engaged in those wrongdoings. They shouldn’t just get swellheaded simply because Master did not name them. I hope they don’t miss the very few remaining opportunities left for them to rectify themselves.

The above is only my personal understanding at this stage. Please kindly point out anything improper.

Editor’s note: This article only represents the author’s understanding in their current cultivation state meant for sharing among practitioners so that we can “Compare with one another in study, in cultivation.” (“Solid Cultivation,” Hong Yin)