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We Must Look Within Unconditionally Even When Others Appear Wrong

Dec. 27, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Hebei Province, China

(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner who recently improved her xinxing.

I joined a Fa study group to study the Fa. Everyone first recited Master’s recent writing “Another Stern Warning” before we started to read Zhuan FalunWe studied the Fourth Talk that day.

When it was my turn to read the Fa, a mobile phone’s alarm clock suddenly sounded and the ringtone was especially loud. The sound obviously came from a mobile phone for the elderly. I stopped reading the Fa and everyone looked at one another.

Just then, practitioner Jing, in her late 70’s, said, “It is my mobile phone that is ringing.” I got up to help her bring the bag with the mobile phone to another room and closed the door behind me. 

Competitiveness Attachment

After returning and sitting down, I said to her, “I am telling you seriously not to bring a mobile phone to the Fa study site as this involves safety issues. We need to be responsible to the Fa and fellow practitioners.” Jing said, “My phone is not a bug.” Just then, my competitiveness appeared, and I said, “Master said that mobile phones are bugs, so it is a bug.” I thought to myself, “At this late stage, why is this practitioner still making such fundamental mistakes, not treating Master’s teaching seriously, and doing as she pleases?” I felt indignant.

After studying the Fa, everyone quietly got up and left. I was talking to another elderly practitioner when Jing approached us and said, “I always have my mobile phone with me.” The elderly practitioner and I exchanged a glance. Jing went on to say, “I need to ask another practitioner to help me make more amulets.” I said, “Since you know so much, you need to guard your speech.” I had yet to finish my sentence and Jing immediately said, “I dare to say anything!”

Both of us were speechless. After that, that elderly practitioner quietly shook his head and walked out. Before this, both that elderly practitioner and I had already warned Jing about guarding her speech.

Realizing One’s Wrongdoing

As I rode my electric motorcycle home, my grandson, a fellow practitioner, sat behind me. On the way home, my heart felt very uncomfortable as though it had been blocked by a large rock. What was wrong with me? My mind was a total blank. As I rode on, I came upon a dip in the road and could not avoid it in time, so I quickly put on my brakes. Due to inertia, my grandson flew off from my back and fell hard on the front left of my motorcycle, crying loudly. I helped him up and took a look. There seemed to be not much problem with him except for an abrasion on his arm. Thank you, Master, for protecting this young disciple! Due to my wrongdoing, I made Master worry.

After returning home, I reflected on myself: Where did I do wrong? With regards to this matter, it seemed that I did nothing wrong but as a cultivator, nothing happens for no reason. This matter happened due to my attachment. Master is making use of every opportunity to help me get rid of attachments so that I can cultivate myself.

I recalled what had happened at the Fa study site. At that time, my competitiveness, grudges, and fear all came out. I had this thought that I never wanted to see Jing again. Her mouth has no guard and her speaking without thinking is too scary. This will put everyone in danger. From this aspect, I also have the attachments of acknowledging the persecution and fearing the persecution.

Digging further, I also have an attachment to pride: “You are wrong and I am right.”

I recalled Master’s recent writing Another Stern Warning

“Of course, while you practice I do make use of others’ mouths to drop hints to you, as your spiritual development is something I, and not those people, arrange.” (“Another Stern Warning”) 

Master said, 

“Any and all attachments you have must be ground down, and it will take place through any of a number of scenarios where you will be made to stumble or do poorly, and from these come to new spiritual insights. This is how you will make it through and succeed.” (The Fourth Talk, Zhuan Falun

“It’s hard to grow spiritually if your life is full of comfort and ease.” (The Fourth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

Heartfelt gratitude emerged in my heart. Master, you are so benevolent. You are thinking for your disciple all the time everywhere, making use of all opportunities to help me improve my xinxing and elevate my level of cultivation. Thank you, Master!

Of course, I am not saying that Jing’s behavior is right. Master gave many lectures about guarding one’s speech and taking note of one’s safety. I think that emphasis should still be placed on this matter.

From my perspective, Jing’s behavior is actually Master borrowing her mouth to enlighten me: Why did she direct her words at me instead of the other practitioners? This is because I had such attachments and those words were said due to these attachments. They were meant for me to get rid of those attachments and improve in my cultivation. Therefore, I must look within unconditionally and improve in my cultivation level.

On the next day, when I was doing the meditation for the morning practice, which starts at 3:20 a.m., it really felt like what Master said in Zhuan Falun

“Instead, you should expect to experience a very pleasant sensation as you sit there, much like sitting inside an eggshell would be, where you’re aware that you are practicing but feel as if you can’t move a muscle.” (The Eighth Talk, Zhuan Falun

I knew that I had understood this problem correctly.

On the third day, during the one-hour-long version of the second exercise, a voice kept sounding in my head, “Do not run away from conflicts!” I understood that Master was enlightening me not to be detached from this Fa study environment. I still need to improve myself in this environment and share what I have understood from the Fa with everyone and exchange my thoughts with the fellow practitioners. The Fa study site is an entity. Everyone must be like what is explained in Zhuan Falun: “So your character is vital to all of this, and we stress that your entire person must improve and elevate.” (The Second Talk, Zhuan Falun

Through this matter, I felt that I seem to know how to cultivate now.

Thank you, Master, for suffering this hardship on my behalf. As a particle of Dafa, we must steady ourselves and look within whenever things happen. We just need to listen to Master and do what we need to accomplish our mission. Only through diligent cultivation and doing the three things we will be not let Master down for all that he has done for us.

Kindly correct me if there are any areas that are not aligned with the Fa.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!