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Lessons Learned from a Customer

Dec. 13, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) Last summer, a customer about 60 came into my store and said, “My son ran a business here, too. I heard you are running this store by yourself—that’s not easy. I want to buy some socks for my sister and her family and mail them to Guangzhou.”

I showed her what I had and also talked about Falun Dafa.

She said, “I’ve heard some things about Falun Dafa. Nowadays, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controls everything and it’s really evil. You need to be careful. Don’t talk about it to everyone so you can stay safe.”

I said, “You are very kind. May I ask if you follow any religion?” She replied that she believed in Buddhism and worshiped at a temple.

I told her, “I used to go to the temple, too, but I could not find my direction. Now, I have Master Li Hongzhi. He requires us to be good and to work diligently at our jobs. We also must be kind to others.” She smiled, paid for the socks and told me where to mail them, and left.

A month later, she came back and said, “My sister called and told me she did not receive one pair of socks in her package.”

“I clearly remember the ones I packaged for you. How can one pair be missing? They were good quality cotton socks. It's impossible!”

She replied, “I believe you, but she kept saying one pair was missing. I know you are honest. I feel really bad about this.”

I said, “My master requires us to be honest and kind. How can I take your money for something that has not been received? If you say one pair was missing, I will return what you paid since I don’t have that item available now.

“But I am telling you that God monitors our behavior.” I then refunded her 50 yuan.

After she left my store, I was very surprised at my reaction. I was still attached to that missing pair of socks and it really bothered me!

I thought, “What is wrong with me? It was just 50 yuan. Did I tell her about Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance? Were my thoughts and behavior in line with those principles?

“Where was my kindness? I doubted her and was greedy. I was struggling with my self-interests. I told her that God monitors our behavior. What will people think of Dafa practitioners if I say something like that?”

Master said,

“Remember that our practice doesn’t try to avoid the secular world, nor should you try to avoid or escape from its challenges. Rather, you are to practice while part of this world and stay alert to all of its pitfalls around you; to knowingly get shortchanged and be indifferent to it; to not fight with people when they try to take what’s yours; to keep your composure when people do things that are trying; and to, in this adverse setting, strengthen your will, perfect your character, and rise above all of the bad and worldly tendencies of thought that you are exposed to.” (The Eighth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I asked myself, “Did I do what Master said?”

I said to her in my heart, “I am sorry. I was wrong. I refunded your money, but my xinxing was not good. I did not follow Master’s requirements. I should apologize to you. I wish you the best! I appreciate this opportunity to see my shortcomings.”

To my surprise, she came back to my store again a week later. She said, “I am so sorry. My sister made a mistake. She found that missing pair of socks. You were right. I should apologize.”

I saw her smiling and was so touched. She explained, “It turns out my brother-in-law took them. Now I am here to return your money.”

I replied, “It’s great they found them. Actually, I did not do well when you were here the last time either. You don’t need to give the money back. Please keep it.”

She replied, “Don’t say that. You are running a business, and it is not easy. I should pay you.”

A year passed and she came to my store again, this time with her sister. She asked, “Do you remember me? This is my sister. She wanted to come and buy some things.”

“Of course I remember you,” I said. “Please come and sit. It is very nice to see you!”

“My sister came from Guangzhou and will be visiting for several days. She said that she trusts whatever you recommend.”

I asked her sister, “Do you know any Falun Dafa practitioners in Guangzhou? Do you know the truth about Falun Dafa?”

She said, “I know Falun Dafa. My daughter is in the United States.”

My original customer said, “Let me tell you one thing. I asked my grandson last time whether he believes Falun Dafa is great or if Buddhism is good. He told me that he does not trust Buddhism and said Falun Dafa is the best. I have thought about my grandson's comment. Falun Dafa is the best!”