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Looking Within After Reading Master’s New Article

Nov. 30, 2021 |   By Qingyuan

(Minghui.org) Master published the new article “Wake Up” on Minghui on November 19, 2021. My heart was heavy after reading it many times.

I feel that the latest Fa teaching touches upon a very serious issue this time: Dafa disciples have not cultivated well; the number of sentient beings saved is not enough; time is running out.

Master also talked about the issue of vaccination. In China, the majority of Dafa practitioners probably have not been vaccinated. Given Master’s new article, I need to take a new look at it.

My understanding after reading Master’s new article over and over is the key issue is not whether we get the shots or not, but whether we can look at the vaccination concern from the perspective of saving people. We shouldn’t allow our actions to cause misunderstanding among non-practitioners or block them from getting to know more about Dafa. We should also evaluate things from the perspective of cultivators, and not be influenced by our postnatal notions that should be cultivated away ultimately.

Master said:

“while others have adamantly refused to get vaccinated. In either case, you should stop and ask yourself whether you are living up to the title of 'Dafa Disciple.'” (“Wake Up”)

Why did I feel so heavyhearted when I read this from Master? Looking at myself, I feel that I am one of those that Master referred to that do not deserve the title of Dafa disciple. I also asked myself: “In the eyes of the divine, do I deserve the title of Dafa disciple all the time?” I don’t believe so.

When my human heart is triggered, when I am driven by emotions, when I can’t let go of attachments, when I don’t evaluate things from the perspective of a cultivator, and when I skip exercises because of laziness, do I deserve the title of Dafa disciple at those times? No, even I don’t think so myself.

Since the fear of not being worthy of the title of Dafa disciple is the cause of my heavy heart, I should try to correct myself according to the Fa, do what a Dafa disciple should do, be strict with myself, and meet the standard of a Dafa disciple at all times.

Master told us:

“Although there hasn’t been a Fa conference in quite some time, what I want to convey is no different, and is for the purpose of helping you to stay on the right course on your journey of spiritual development and to ultimately fulfill the vows you made before the dawn of history. You have made it through scores of difficulties on your journey, and shouldn’t be tripping and falling at the end. Even though from time to time there are people doing foolish things, the title of “Dafa Disciple” is something even divinities admire and wish they could have.” (“Wake Up”)

Master has given us the glory of Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period. We must fulfill the historic vow, correct ourselves in the Fa at all times, cultivate our hearts, evaluate things with the perspective of cultivators, and seize the time to save more people. That’s what we should do. As long as we are able to do that, we will be truly worthy of the title of Dafa Disciples and worthy of Master’s compassionate salvation.

This is my understanding at my level, and please kindly point out anything inappropriate.