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Practitioners in Taiwan Moved by China Online Fa Conference Articles

Nov. 27, 2021 |   By Xia Yun and Liu Wenxin, Minghui correspondents in Taiwan

(Minghui.org) The 18th China Fahui was held on the Minghui website from November 9 - 21, 2021. The articles written by Falun Dafa practitioners in China recounted their experiences while cultivating themselves and clarifying the truth despite being persecuted by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Many practitioners in Taiwan said they felt greatly motivated after reading the articles and expressed their admiration for their fellow practitioners’ faith and compassion.

Identifying Gaps

Ms. Wu Zihui, who started practicing Falun Dafa in 2020, said that she reads articles on Minghui every day, and was touched by the practitioners’ experiences. She identified her own cultivation issues and saw where she could improve. She saw how practitioners continued clarifying the truth to people in China’s hostile environment, which reflected their strong righteous thoughts and compassion. She said their behavior truly validated the Fa. She saw her own gaps and realized where she could do better.

“They validated the Fa, not themselves,” Ms. Wu said. She quoted the story in “Local Folks All Know That Falun Dafa Is Good,” in which a practitioner openly clarified the truth to the public, including a long line of people waiting for Covid tests. “She is amazing! She safeguarded Dafa without any consideration for herself, because she is altruistic. She only thought of saving people.”

Ms. Wu admitted that she was reluctant to talk to people about the persecution. She was afraid people would look at her strangely and she wanted to avoid hardship. “I forget that people reincarnated many times, waiting for Falun Dafa to save them. Practitioners in China have shown great compassion and altruism. At the risk of their own safety, they are determined to save people.”

Breaking Through Limitations

Ms. Liao Caining, who has practiced Falun Dafa for 18 years, said what she learned from the articles was that the strong wish to save people is key to breaking through one’s limitations, and overcoming the impossible. She admired those practitioners and saw where she had fallen short. 

In the article titled “Running a Truth-clarification Material Production Site for the Past Seventeen Years,” the author’s sister who is attached to cleanliness, could not stand the smell of the ink used to print messages on banknotes. She calmed down, tried not to be bothered by it, and eventually broke through this challenge. Ms. Liao was touched and said, “It’s hard for an everyday person to change their notions, but cultivators can eliminate strong attachments for the sake of saving people.”

The author of “From Not Knowing How to Turn on a Computer to Producing Informational Materials” only had an elementary school education. She overcame many challenges and learned how to use a computer and printer, how to make DVDs, and even how to edit and produce truth-clarification brochures. Ms. Liao was amazed, “She has a strong wish to save people and strong righteous thoughts. She assumed a great responsibility and her accomplishments are inspiring!”

Ms. Liao’s initial thought was that this practitioner was able to do all this because of Master’s blessing, but she immediately realized she was jealous. She said, “I also have difficulty using computers. I always pushed it away when other practitioners invited me to work on projects. I was afraid of losing face and wasn’t willing to learn. This article helped me find my gap and now I feel motivated.”