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Young Practitioners Cherish the Sacred Predestined Relationships with Dafa

Oct. 8, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Minghui.org) I am a young Falun Dafa practitioner. The coordinating practitioner asked me to get to know other young practitioners in the local area. They had slacked off or were not diligent in their cultivation. He suggested to encourage each other in our cultivation, avoid becoming lax, and form one body. I felt that this task was unique and certainly agreed to help. 

My Home Became a Site to Unite Fellow Practitioners

Because I knew that this task was of great responsibility, I accorded my cultivation with stricter requirements. Only when I cultivated myself well, could what I said be effective. At the same time, I cherished those youth practitioners around me very much, because I had slacked off in cultivation in the past. I remembered that those days were gloomy and hopeless, I didn’t want to see them lost in the chaos of the world, and losing this fleeting opportunity after billions of years of waiting. I hoped that everyone could cultivate diligently. I was determined to awaken them and help them restart cultivation. 

First, I looked for the practitioners. I worked with a female practitioner of my age, and then with my husband – also a practitioner. My husband and I had a child to take care of, so we arranged to let him stay home to take care of our child on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays while I went out. My husband went out on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays while I stayed home. In the evening, my husband and I would send forth righteous thoughts for an hour to clear interference and evil factors that interfered with the young practitioners returning to Dafa. After sending forth righteous thoughts, we would briefly arrange a schedule for the next day. Sometimes we would communicate with each other to dig out our own attachments and shortcomings. 

We first met with two female practitioners. In addition to regularly going to their homes to study the Fa every week, we invited them to live in our home for three days. During these three days, we would cherish this Fa-study environment and didn’t want to miss any time. One of the female practitioners said that one night in a dream, she dreamed of a girl with medium long hair pulling her upstairs with a rope. She realized that the girl in the dream was me, and she felt that Master was encouraging her. It helped her to gain confidence in her cultivation. 

Once, she felt sleepy when she was studying the Fa at my home. Seeing that she could not break through it, she decided to kneel to study the Fa! When she became sleepy again when studying the Fa, she knelt down. She did not expect at the moment of kneeling down that her sleepiness would disappear instantly. Since then, she has never been sleepy again during the Fa-study. Her mother, a practitioner, said that her daughter’s cultivation state was completely different from before as if she had truly entered into cultivation. 

During the three days when the two practitioners lived in my home, I had a dream. In the dream, I took care of flowers growing in a pot and made sure I watered them. Later, two tender green leaves appeared. I realized that this was also Master’s encouragement. I knew that I did the right thing and it strengthened my confidence. 

More Encouragement to Other Practitioners Who Were Experiencing Tribulation 

There was a family of four generations. Except for the male head of the household, other family members all practiced Dafa. Our two families were far away, so we had to drive back and forth. The son of this family said: “They have to come all the way here every time. Let’s cherish it. We should have a family Fa-study group.” In this way, after about two or three months, this family formed the environment of group Fa-study.”

The hostess of this family and I had a close predestined relationship. She said that every time she felt a bottleneck in cultivation, I would come to her. We realized that Master sent me there. When she had difficulty getting over a tribulation, she cried. I promptly communicated with her about the attachments she might have, and we encouraged each other: “Cultivators must demand high standards for themselves, look inward unconditionally, thus pass the tribulation well every time.” When there was an experience exchange meeting, I would notify her in advance and pick her up. I would also send her Dafa booklets on a regular basis.

She was entangled in family trivial matters, and couldn’t lift her energy for a while. One day, when I went to visit her, she was not home. I guessed she went to her daughter’s store to help, so I went there to find her. There were many customers in the store at the time, and the two of us couldn’t talk much, so I sent forth righteous thoughts to strengthen her. After the store closed we walked home together. At a road intersection, we held our hands together as if there were a thousand words, but no one said anything. We only used our eyes to encourage each other. I kept asking Master for strengthening and adding righteous thoughts to her. I felt that she would definitely get better. Later, I heard that she also cried that night. I felt that when a fellow practitioner was experiencing tribulation, we should encourage them instead of putting blame, which was also an expression of kindness. 

A Practitioner’s Son Began to Study the Fa

In order to get to know the new practitioners, I invited them to my home for a meal, which was a way I often used. Because everyone would be relaxed during the meal, and when you communicate the other party would easily accept your point of view.

There was a veteran practitioner who had been cultivating for many years. Her son didn’t understand her, and would not let her mention Dafa in front of him. When this practitioner talked with me, she was cautious and she feared offending his son. She felt that when her son was a child, he saw how she was arrested by the police and taken in a police car. As a result, he suffered mentally, it was difficult for me to get acquainted with his son. 

One day, her son wanted to find someone to accompany him to choose a place for his wedding. The fellow practitioner took my husband and me to his son’s home. Her son heard that we were helping to find the wedding place, and kindly invited us in and served us tea. Because my husband and I were well-dressed, spoke well, was organized, and looked good as a couple admired by everyone. This left a good impression on him. 

Under Master’s arrangement, we forged a good relationship. Later we invited him and his wife to our home. For this gathering, we prepared a barbecue, prepared the food throughout the morning. We skewered it, and grilled it over charcoal. That was our first barbecue. Looking back now, I realize that every skewered food I made at that time was one step I took in my cultivation. 

After lunch, I clarified the truth about Dafa to him and shared my personal cultivation experience. I told him if I didn’t practice Dafa, my husband and I would be like other young people in society. We wouldn’t deal with conflicts properly, and we would eventually choose to divorce. Dafa made us change our fate. We talked for a whole afternoon. 

After lunch, I invited them to stay for dinner. In the end, I held a sense of being responsible for a life, and sincerely said to him: “Learn Dafa, Dafa is too rare to obtain.” What I didn’t expect was that he quickly accepted my suggestion. At that time, I felt extremely pleased. It took only a short period of time for a person with prejudice against Dafa to understand Dafa and agree to study the Fa. I really wanted to thank respected Master for his compassion. As long as Dafa disciples do it from their heart, everything will turn out well. 

That night when this new practitioner returned home, he studied the first lecture of Zhuan Falun. Since then, we formed a Fa-study group. He would come to our Fa-study group every week and sometimes he would study the Fa together with his wife at home when he had time. They often quarreled before, and since studying the Fa, the couple no longer quarreled. After his mother heard about it, she cried: “After so many years, the wish for my son to understand Dafa has finally come true.” 

Cultivate As a Whole Body During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, due to the lockdown of the whole city, there was great difficulty in waking people’s conscience. I was anxious for missing the youth practitioners. I didn’t know if they were in a good cultivation state recently. I broke through the lockdown of the community and went to the coordinator’s home. She was not at home, her husband opened the door for me. I left her a note saying: “What should we do during the pandemic? Please contact me using the internal mailbox.”

When she came back home and knew that I had been there, she was surprised at first. She didn’t know how I broke through the strict lockdown and came to her community. She scheduled a time and a place for us to meet. After meeting her, I felt the strength of a whole body.

One day, I learned that practitioner Ping who lived alone was not in a good state of cultivation and was often sleepy. I thought of inviting her to stay at my home. I went to her and explained my thought. She politely refused. It may be that her human notions were interfering with her. The second time, another practitioner came to my home and invited Ping to come over. After exchanging thoughts together, Ping quickly became sober and agreed to live in my home and participate in the group Fa-study. She lived in my home for two months. During that time, we practiced the exercises together in the morning, and after she got off work, we studied the Fa together in the evening. Her condition improved, her swollen face returned to normal in the second week, and her complexion became pink and white. 

On the day Ping came to live in my home, another practitioner met my husband in our community. When they met, they were very happy, just like two relatives reunited after a long absence. We sent forth righteous thoughts together that night, and Ping cried. She knew that all of this was Master’s compassionate arrangement. In this way, we were together every day to form a whole body. 

I exchanged thoughts with her in a way of encouraging her. What I didn’t expect was that during the process, my husband eliminated his fundamental attachments and became more diligent. We studied the Fa, practiced the exercises, and sent forth righteous thoughts every day, and everyone’s cultivation state has improved. 

Helping Other Practitioners Helps Myself

After doing these things, my biggest insight is: At first I just wanted to help others, but in the end, I found that I helped myself. Through participating in Dafa projects, my husband and I have improved our cultivation state. We practiced the exercises in the early morning, studied the Fa in the morning, and went out to awaken people in the afternoon. We talked to at least one practitioner who either stopped cultivation or was not cultivating diligently. At the same time, we eliminated many of our attachments.

A practitioner said about me: “She has a natural sense of responsibility in getting young practitioners back into cultivation.” In the process of doing it, I did not really feel that it was difficult. I knew that everything was smoothly done because of Master’s arrangement and reinforcement. I am a person with poor language skills, but whenever I do a Dafa project, I feel my wisdom like an endless spring. What I say is very organized and motivating. 

One night after finishing studying the Fa, the three of us were walking on our way home. The moonlight was shining on us. At that time, a thought came to my mind: in the near future, we will return to our own universes and we will no longer see each other, so now we must cherish this precious predestined relationship, cherish every practitioner around us, and cherish every sentient being.