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Tribulations Fade Away When Righteous Thoughts Are Sufficient

Oct. 16, 2021 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Hubei Province, China

(Minghui.org) Another practitioner asked me to help her buy a phone card to make truth-clarification calls a few years ago. She told me where to buy it.

I went to buy the card the next day, but I did not pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts. When I got to the store, I saw a security camera and had a negative thought, “Better be careful not to reveal my identity.” I shuddered but did not reject the thought immediately. When that practitioner made a truth-clarification call, she was reported to the police.

Officers from the domestic security division and the 610 Office checked the camera footage and saw that I had bought the card. Two men came to my house and banged on my door.

They banged, shouted, and used all of their strength to yank on the handle of the metal door in an attempt to get in, ransack the place, and arrest me—this was what they had done when they took me to a forced labor camp previously. One of them was a police officer who had persecuted other practitioners many times. Unmoved, I just stood behind the door and sent forth righteous thoughts. They eventually left.

They then went to the office of one of my family members (a fellow practitioner) to snatch our house keys and then dragged my family member to the police station. Four men took the keys they had grabbed and returned to my house. Laughing smugly, they tried to open the door to my apartment. They discovered, however, that no matter how hard they tried, they just could not open the door. They started to curse and clamored about how they were going to get a locksmith to open the door. They then left.

Once they left, I could no longer maintain my composure, and memories of when I was tortured in the labor camp surfaced in my mind. I was scared of being persecuted again, and feelings of restlessness, helplessness, and strong negative thoughts arose in my mind, making me lose my cool. No matter how I tried to suppress the thoughts, nothing helped. My state was no longer aligned with the Fa, and I thought of leaving home to hide for a while.

My family member returned home and listened to what I was contemplating. He said, “There may be plainclothes officers within the complex or at the entrance of the complex, so you can’t leave right now. Furthermore, those people are still not sure if you are at home.”

The practitioner who had asked me to buy the phone card came to my house later. After sharing about what had happened, we exchanged our understandings about cultivation. She encouraged me to deny the persecution with my righteous thoughts and to send news of the 610 Office’s attempts to arrest me to the Minghui website.

The news was published on Minghui the following day, exposing their attempt in a timely manner. At the same time, I also felt reinforced by fellow practitioners’ righteous thoughts. I felt encouraged and gained confidence.

My family member left the house very early the next morning to give me ample time to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts. At 9 a.m., at least six men came to the house. One of them tapped on the door and said softly, “Please open the door. We only need to ask you a few questions and we promise that we will not harm you.”

I thought, “Why are there so many of you?” I did not respond and just sent forth righteous thoughts. They continued trying for half an hour. The neighbor across the hall was leaving, so they rushed over and asked her if I was home.

My neighbor said, “It has been some time since I last saw her. You all made such a racket here, which really disturbs people. Don’t you get tired?” (Actually my neighbor had seen me and we had greeted each other the day before.)

After the neighbor went downstairs, one of the officers lost his patience and started to bang my door with his fists. Another officer called a locksmith. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to stop his call and sought Master’s help. I then heard one of them exclaim that he had a stomachache and needed to go to the toilet. They finally left.

I tried very hard to calm myself down and look within for attachments. Apart from the negative thought that had come to my mind when I was buying the phone card, I realized I had been doing the exercises and studying the Fa less. I had also let go of my main consciousness when I sent forth righteous thoughts at midnight.

Despite identifying all of these problems, I still felt that something was wrong. I felt I was wrapped in something as I was looking within. I also felt that my heart seemed stuffed with a hard, heavy stone.

I felt especially uncomfortable. I was so scared that I called for Master to save me. Throughout that day, I felt time was especially long. After much effort, I finally managed to sleep a little very late at night. That night, I had a dream.

In the dream, I was meditating when someone dressed in a Taoist robe led a mass of black evil to charge towards me. Not far behind me, Master looked at me benevolently and very solemnly. The Taoist stretched out his eagle-like claws to catch me, but no matter how he tried, he just could not reach me.

At the same time, he saw that the mass of black evil which he was leading was being gradually cleared out and destroyed (this must have been the result of fellow practitioners’ righteous thoughts). The Taoist was so anxious that he could not stay put.

I told him, “You cultivate your Tao and I cultivate my Dafa. How have I obstructed you?” With a hideous look, the Taoist threw a pile of truth-clarifying materials that local Dafa practitioners had used to save sentient beings, such as discs and booklets, right in front of me with a loud thud.

He said, “This time, these should be enough to get you!” I stared at him and said, “These are what Dafa practitioners use to save sentient beings per Master’s requirements. That is definitely not evidence that you can use to persecute me. You have participated in the persecution and destroyed the life-saving materials. The crimes that you have committed are unpardonable, so you are destined to be disintegrated and eliminated.”

He got so angry that he wailed like a beast and flicked his whisk at me. Every strand of his whisk became a knife, and they came at me from all directions. I was so scared that I kept shouting for Master to save me. With that, I woke up.

I immediately enlightened that this was Master’s hint to me that I needed to send righteous thoughts and study the Fa more. As I recalled that Taoist’s hideous look when he wanted my life, I finally realized that I held grudges and hated those who participated in persecuting me.

I wished that they would incur retribution. I had not tried to cultivate and get rid of these attachments. I had no kindness or benevolence. I had never thought of them as poor beings who were being controlled by the evil to participate in the persecution.

At the top of every hour, I sent righteous thoughts to get rid of these attachments and cleared my own dimensional field. When I felt hungry, I ate instant noodles. I also studied the Fa a great deal. Just as I started studying Hong Yin III, Master opened up my wisdom and I wrote a truth-clarifying letter.

My compassion arose and my tears fell out of pity for those who had once persecuted me. I felt pity for them since they would not be able to be salvaged due to the karma they accumulated from their evil deeds. I also felt regret for not cultivating myself well, which had allowed the old forces to have an excuse to persecute me, implicating so many beings to commit such evil deeds. From the bottom of my heart, I wished that these people could understand the truth and be saved.

I no longer had any fear and was engulfed in positive energy. It was a warm and very comfortable feeling. I thought that if they knocked on my door again, I would read the truth-clarifying letter to them. I believed that Master would definitely watch over me. I put a mat by the door so that I could send righteous thoughts at close proximity.

I then returned to the bedroom to study Zhuan Falun. When I saw Master’s portrait, a layer of degenerate matter fell off my body with a thud, and the hard, heavy stone that had made my heart feel stuck disappeared. I was engulfed in a strong warm current from head to toe. I enlightened that the evil’s plot to persecute me had already been dissolved by Master. Those people would not come again.

By the third day, those men did not come. Master saw that I had looked within and was aligned with the Fa by letting go of my fear and hatred. He had helped me to resolve this tribulation in a benevolent way. Thank you, Master!