(Minghui.org) The coverage of the U.S. election fraud has also led to the birth and growth of many self-media programs, including those run by Dafa disciples, both in Chinese and in other languages. From what I've seen on social media platforms, Dafa disciples' self-media programs stand out among other programs. They have even helped some people who previously had a negative view of Dafa to change their attitude.

Although the self-media run by Dafa disciples plays a positive role in clarifying the truth to ordinary people, I personally believe that as practitioners, we should not indulge in, follow, or even spread these programs. Dafa disciples' obsession with the content of these programs not only affects their own cultivation but also generates attachments that are exploited by the old forces and interfere with Master's arrangements for the progress of the Fa-rectification.

The media can be influential, especially in the current environment where the mainstream media is left-leaning and reporting negatively on Trump. The self-media programs run by Dafa disciples are fact-based and mostly pro-Trump. Their timely reports with well-reasoned analysis can easily resonate with Dafa disciples who are hoping for a turnaround for Trump and thus have prompted many practitioners to help spread these programs.

Before the January 6 Electoral College vote certification in Congress, programs predicting and analyzing the results were getting more attention. As I was writing this article, I received three related programs forwarded to me by a fellow practitioner asking people to share them on Facebook.

I understand that many Dafa disciples are using Facebook to clarify the truth, but I have also noticed that many Dafa disciples’ Facebook fans are fellow practitioners. Especially for some Dafa disciples who have recently moved from China to overseas countries, they basically rely on the Chinese media for news due to language barriers. These fellow practitioners have their own group or even multiple groups, and they are communicating and forwarding news to each other.

Self-media programs publish news related to the election and the people are speculating as to the final result. For example, the most popular issue recently has been how Vice President Pence would act during the electoral college certification process. The opinions expressed by the self-media programs included both positive and negative, and some were even sensational.

Some talked about how decent Pence is, saying that he never dines alone with women other than his wife; others revealed Pence's misdeeds when he was governor of Indiana and so on. I watched one of the programs in its entirety and found that the program host was popular, and the statement was well-founded. It was hard to disagree with the conclusion given by the host in the end.

If every practitioner-run self-media program has some viewers being Dafa disciples, how big a group of Dafa disciples will be together with all these programs? If everyone pins his or her hope on Pence, how big a field will this form?

This reminded me of what Master said in “Teachings From a Tour of North America” that Dafa disciples pinned their hopes on the former prime minister of the Communist Party of China. How similar the situation was then to the current U.S. general election.

Looking back, since November 4, the day the U.S. election fraud was exposed, how many people around Trump turned negative one by one, from the Attorney General to the Director of National Intelligence, and now the Vice President? As we followed all the news our mood was dragged up and down, to the point that we wished that Trump would use martial law and solve the problem once and for all. In my view, these thoughts have to be related to the influence of the media.

I once thought that Trump was a chosen one by the divine to fight the CCP on earth, but later realized that which one who is countering the CCP is not ordained by the divine? The old forces arranged the evil CCP in the world to destroy mankind, especially at the critical moment when Dafa disciples are assisting Master to rectify the Fa in the human world. Which character, whether it plays a positive or negative role, has no other correlating factor in the other dimension?

In fact, Trump, his election opponent, those committing fraud, and those fighting the fraud, are all actors in this historic drama, and even they themselves are in the illusion and just acting their roles according to the script. 

Only Dafa disciples are not among them. Master's teachings and the wisdom cultivated in Dafa let us know clearly that mankind has reached the final stage of the “destruction” period of the cosmos after going through formation, stasis and degeneration. This is also proved by the attitude from the local courts to the Supreme Court, which had ruled against the lawsuits seeking justice for a fair election.

The law was created when human beings could not be regulated by morality. However, the reality in the United States, a role model of rule of law, is that the law is now treated like garbage. When humankind has become depraved to this point, how can the order of mankind still be maintained in the eyes of the divine?

Master reminded us once again:

“The human world is now at the end of its latter days, and the degenerate and chaotic things that have come about in these troubled times are affecting society more than ever.” (“Greetings to the Taiwan Fa Conference,” Team Yellow Translation)

I believe that the most urgent thing for Dafa disciples at this time to do is to make it clear to all beings that the ultimate goal of communism is the destruction of humanity. Especially for westerners who have their Christian or Catholic faith, we need to help them see that the CCP is an evil specter, and that by destroying the faith and morality of human beings, it made people depraved beyond salvation so as to achieve the purpose of destroying Gods' creation – that's how evil the communist specter is. 

No matter what the outcome of January 6 was, no matter who becomes president on January 20, and no matter how the current situation in the human world changes, what Dafa disciples need to do remains the same, the truth they are clarifying remains the same, and I think we just have to follow what Master reminded us in “Greetings to the Taiwan Fa Conference.”

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind Dafa disciples who do self-media that while you work hard on your programs and spend a lot of time reading and investigating the news, please study the Fa no matter how busy you are. The wisdom you gain from Dafa is what makes your program lead ordinary people to see the essence of things from right and wrong and that is what makes you different from other self-media.

This is my understanding that I would like to share; please kindly point out any shortcomings.